How To React If You Have Serious Water Damage Inside The House?

By: John Garcia | Date Posted: July 7, 2022

Are you one of the unfortunate souls who have had to deal with serious water damage inside your house? If you have serious water damage inside the house, you must act quickly. Water damage can cause a lot of damage in a short period and can also lead to mold growth.

This blog post will discuss the steps you need to take if you experience water damage in your home. We will also talk about how to prevent water damage from happening in the future. Let’s get started.

How To React If You Have Serious Water Damage Inside The House?

Tips On How to Prevent Water Damage From Happening

Identify and Fix the Problem

The first step you must take when you have serious water damage in your home is to identify the problem. For example, if you have a leaky pipe, you will need to fix the pipe as quickly as possible. For instance, you can turn off the water to the house or call a plumber.

Once you have identified and fixed the problem, it is essential to stop the water flow. If you can’t stop the water flow, you will need to turn off the main water supply to your home.

Once you have stopped the water flow, it is essential to start drying out your home as quickly as possible. This will prevent mold growth and other problems.

Remove Any Standing Water

If you have serious water damage in your home, the first thing that you need to do is remove any standing water. You can do this with a wet/dry vacuum or by mopping the water with towels. If you are dealing with a larger space, it is important to hire a cleaning and restoration company to remove the water for you.

Remove Any Standing Water

As highlighted by the team behind ServiceMaster by Zaba, the company will have the proper equipment and experience to remove the water quickly and efficiently. They will then start the drying process to prevent mold growth.

If the water is coming from a broken pipe or appliance, be sure to shut off the water at the source before you start removing the water. You don’t want to make the situation worse by continuing to add water to the area.

Document the Water Damage

Once you have removed the water, it is important to document the damage. This will be helpful when you are filing an insurance claim. Be sure to take photos of the damage and any damaged items. You should also keep a list of all of the damaged items.

Ensure that every damage and item is accounted for in your insurance claim. This will help to speed up the claims process and will also help to ensure that you are reimbursed for all of the damage.

You can then submit this list to your insurance company. Please do this before a cleaning and restoration company arrives.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Call Your Insurance Company

The next step is to contact your home insurance company if your home is insured. They will send an adjuster to assess the damage and determine how much the insurance company will pay for the repairs. The adjuster will also give you a list of recommended repair companies.

It is important to note that you do not have to use the repair companies recommended by your insurance company. You can choose your own repair company.

However, if you use a recommended company, the insurance company will likely pay for a larger portion of the repairs. This should be one of the first steps to take as it can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Sort and Assess Your Possessions

Once you have contacted your insurance company, the next step is to sort and assess your possessions. This includes all the furniture, clothing, electronics, and other items in your home. You will need to determine what can be saved and what needs to be thrown away.

Any items that the water has damaged will need to be thrown away. This includes any items that have been soaked in water for more than 24 hours, as well as any food that has come into contact with the water.

You will also need to throw away anything that has been damaged by mold. This can be difficult, but it is important to remember that mold can cause serious health problems.

Find a Safe Start to the Cleaning Process

Once you have sorted and assessed your possessions, it is time to start cleaning. However, before you start cleaning, finding a safe place to stay is important. If your home is not safe, you will need to find a hotel or other temporary housing.

You should also contact a cleaning and restoration company to help with the cleaning process. These companies will have the proper equipment and experience to clean your home quickly and efficiently. They might even give recommendations on how to prevent future water damage.

Clean, Repair, and Restore

Once you have sorted and assessed your possessions, the next step is cleaning, repairing, and restoring your home. This includes damaged walls, floors, ceilings, and other structural elements. You will also need to clean and repair any damaged furniture and appliances.

This is the step where a cleaning and restoration company can be very helpful. They will have the necessary equipment and experience to quickly and effectively clean and repair your home.

Clean, Repair, and Restore

Prevent Future Water Damage

Once your home has been repaired, it is important to prevent future water damage. This includes fixing leaks, repairing damaged pipes, and replacing old appliances. It would be best if you also considered installing a sump pump to help protect your home from future flooding.

Taking these steps will help ensure that your home is safe and protected from water damage. You can either do it on your own or hire a professional to do it for you. Either way, it is important to take these steps to prevent future water damage.

Water damage can be a serious problem, but you can take steps to mitigate the damage and prevent it from happening again. The most important thing is to act quickly and contact your insurance company as soon as possible.

From there, you’ll need to sort and assess your possessions, find a safe place to stay, and start the process of cleaning, repairing, and restoring your home. A professional cleaning and restoration company can greatly help during this process.

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