5 Reasons Why Wallpaper Is Better Than Painting

By: John Garcia | Date Posted: October 14, 2021

There are many reasons why wallpaper is better than painting. Fast forward to the future, 200 years from now. Wallpaper is everywhere! The walls are adorned with beautiful patterns and designs that can be changed instantly.

Wallpaper completely dominates overpainting, because people have realized how much better wallpapering is than painting.

Why Wallpaper Is Better Than Painting?

Why Wallpaper Is Better Than Painting

Wallpaper is easier to clean because you simply wipe off any dirt or dust with a damp cloth; whereas when it comes to painting, you actually have to scrape off all of the old paint before applying new coats.

Wallpaper can also be replaced easily; simply take down the existing wallpaper and roll out the brand-new patterned paper on top of your wall! Wallpapered walls allow for much larger rooms.

Reasons Why Wallpaper Is Better Than Painting

1. Wallpaper is easier to clean than paint

Are you planning on painting your walls? Think again! Wallpaper is better than paint. The wallpaper will add more color to your rooms and will make the place look bigger and more spacious.

Wallpaper is also easier to clean, easy to change, and cheaper than wall paint. Wallpapered walls can last for a long time if they are taken care of properly; all while still looking good as new!

Wallpaper is easier to clean than paint. Wallpapers have smoother surfaces, which means that there’s less texture that needs cleaning.

It’s easier to get rid of dirt and dust from textured surfaces such as carpets or wood flooring; however, peel and stick wall covering ideas.

Today, wallpaper is becoming increasingly popular. Wallpaper is better than painting in many different ways. Wallpapering your house, apartment or room will allow you to upgrade the look of an outdated room without having to spend a fortune on renovations.

Wallpaper can be changed more easily than paint, which means that if you decide to change the look of your home again then it will be easier for you to choose another wallpaper instead of repainting your walls with yet another color scheme.

2. Wallpaper can be changed more easily than paint

Wallpaper can be changed more easily than paint

Wallpaper can be changed more easily than paint. Wallpaper is easier to clean, cheaper, and simple to remove. Wallpaper can also make a space look bigger and brighter as well as it being far less permanent.

Wallpapered walls give a room a whole new feel as compared to painting them as wallpapers can be put up in an hour or two, whereas the process of painting takes quite a few days depending on how much there is to do since you have to wait for the paint to dry before applying another layer.

Striped Wallpapers come in all kinds of styles, shapes, and designs so it should not be hard for anyone at all to find something they like.

If wallpaper needs removing because someone doesn’t like it anymore, it is far easier to remove wallpaper than paint. Wallpaper can be taken down in pieces, making it much simpler to haul away and leaving the walls in pretty good shape.

The wallpaper will not leave any mark at all if you carefully take it off and will not damage the walls either whereas painting leaves a very obvious stain on the wall when it is removed that has to be cleaned up with special chemicals, etc.

Wallpapering is also much cheaper than painting over since most wallpaper comes in roll form and only needs adhesive spread out thinly on the back so you can buy it in bulk and save money compared to buying paints of varying sizes for each color you wish to use.

3. Wallpapered walls will make rooms look bigger and more spacious

Wallpapered walls will make rooms look bigger and more spacious

Wallpapered walls are a great way to make your room look bigger and more spacious. Wallpaper enhances the architectural features of your wall, covering bumps, dents, grooves, and other blemishes on the wall that may be making it seem smaller or less interesting.

Wallpaper can also cover up old paint colors that don’t go with your updated color scheme. Wallpapers come in different finishes – matte, gloss, or semi-gloss – so use this as an opportunity to spice up any rooms you are decorating!

Wallpapers are mass-produced for commercial applications like offices where they will last for years with no personal attachment to them.

Wallpapers let in little bits of light through their patterns that can create shadows on your walls which makes rooms seem more spacious. Painting over wallpaper is harder because paper tends to tear very easily under pressure

4. Wallpaper is cheaper than painting

Save Money on Your Bills

Wallpapers are usually much cheaper than painting and adding new wallpaper to your room can really enhance the look and feel of a room. Wallpaper can be expensive, but there are ways around it.

Wallpaper sales happen all year. If you want to get a solid print with little maintenance, be prepared to pay more for it, especially if you choose one that comes in rolls (the ones that come on big sheets like fabric).

You can save money by choosing smaller patterns or lower budget patterns which might not last as long as an upscale patterned wallpaper will. Wallpaper is seen less often nowadays because of its higher price point due to the higher cost of production. Wallpaper has also lost some status over time since it has become more mainstream.

5. It’s easier to remove wallpaper when it is time for a redesign than paint

It’s easier to remove wallpaper when it is time for a redesign than paint. It turns out that removing wallpaper is harder than painting over the top of it.

It’s true that removing wallpaper can cause damage if done incorrectly, but sometimes redoing your wall with fresh paper isn’t what you want.

Your options are to sand the wall, strip the paper off yourself, or have a professional do it. Sanding It down may be an option for interior wallpapers, but not so much for exterior ones which are more likely to peel away in chunks rather than come off easily.

If you sand away all of the glue on your walls and then sand them again lightly before covering them back up with paint, have you really saved yourself much work?

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