6 Plumbing Problems You Should Let The Pros Handle

By: John Garcia | Date Posted: September 14, 2021

Plumbing is one of those things that should be left to the experts. There are so many different factors that can lead to plumbing problems, whether it’s old pipes or just the weather itself. Sometimes water leaks aren’t discovered for a while because there might not be any obvious signs immediately.

Even just one factor could mean you have some serious damage on your hands, and it would be best to let the professionals handle it before too much damage is done. Here are some common plumbing problems you should leave for the professionals – water leaks, clogged drains, frozen pipes, bad smells coming from your sink, or garbage disposals.

1) Water Leaks

This can be a more difficult problem to identify because there isn’t always an obvious indicator like a puddle of water or a soggy spot on the floor. Sometimes you might just notice an increase in your water bill, and it’s because there is a leak somewhere. A lot of people will try to do things like tightening some nuts and bolts around the house, but this isn’t going to solve the problem if it’s inside the wall.

The professionals at Maplewood Plumbing believe that one of the worst things that can happen with water leaks is that oftentimes, once a person is done fixing the leak on their own, there’s still a little bit of water left behind, that can cause things to rot like drywalls or even insulation. That’s only one of the reasons you should always leave this to the professionals they know what to look for and how to properly resolve it. A plumber will be able to determine if it’s a problem with your outside connection or something that might be inside the wall.

2) Clogged Drains

Anytime you have a drain in your house, make sure it gets clog-free from time to time. You can do this on your own with special products you purchase at the store as long as you follow the instructions carefully. Again, there might be some situations where you don’t even see it clog until the water doesn’t drain at all, and this is how you get a nasty mess around your sink or toilet. This is another case where it’s best to leave it up to the professionals because most of them have special cutting equipment that can cut a blockage down to size and remove it.

3) Frozen Pipes

If the weather changes drastically around your country, this means that the seasons can change from hot to cold very quickly as well. In some cases, your pipes might freeze if there isn’t enough insulation or as a result of an emergency shut-off situation. The best thing to do is to shut off the main valve so that you can assess the situation.

Make sure to get it repaired by professionals because water might have gotten into your pipes which, over time, can cause damage inside them and eventually create leaks. Frozen pipes are also very dangerous because an increase in pressure can cause them to burst at any time. That’s also why you should leave it up to the professionals because they know what steps to take in order to make sure you don’t get any leaks or bursts.

Plumbing Problems

4) Smells Coming From Your Sink Or Garbage Disposal

You might be used to the typical smell that comes from your sink when you do the dishes, but sometimes there might be smells coming from it that don’t smell so nice; this is one of those things that people think they can handle, but if you’re not careful you might end up making the problem worse. The same can be said for your garbage disposal.

A lot of things can cause a bad smell, such as solidified grease and food, so you should get these items looked at by a professional to make sure there isn’t something larger going on. One of the worst things that can happen is if your garbage disposal gets clogged and water begins to back up into your sink because this could lead to all sorts of problems like an overflowing sink or a broken pipe.

5) No Water At All Coming Out Of Your Faucets

If your sink, bathtub, or toilet isn’t working at all when you turn on the water, it’s time to call a plumber because this could be an indication of a bigger problem. You might have something clogging up the pipes, or it could be a problem with the mainline. Whatever it is, you won’t be able to fix it by yourself. You should leave this up to the professional plumbers because they know what to look for, they can fix it fast, and they can prevent future problems from happening.

6) Outdated Pipes

When old homes are being renovated into new ones, there are instances where the previous piping isn’t up to code and needs to be replaced. The corrosion levels might have increased, which is why you should always let the professionals handle this because they will ensure that your home is safe for people to live in. You can even think about adding a water filtration system with it as well if you want something done right. They also know how to prevent future problems like these because they will inspect your piping system and give you repair suggestions.

Plumbing Problems

Just by reading the above, you can tell that there are just too many things that can go wrong with your pipes which is why it’s best to let a professional handle plumbing problems. Not only do they know what they’re doing because of years of experience, but they also might even have the tools to fix your problem as well, which you won’t be able to find in a typical retail store.

If you’re experiencing any of these problems, whether it’s with your sink, disposal, or even with the toilet, it’s best to leave them up to the professionals so that your home doesn’t become damaged and you don’t run into any future problems like this one!

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