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By: John Garcia | Date Posted: September 15, 2021

Are you looking for the best kitchen decor? You find it! The kitchen is one of the core rooms in the house. Many people don’t take the kitchen as seriously as the other rooms and sometimes make their kitchen messy. The kitchen will be the center of the house if there’s an event in our house, so many people will come to look out the kitchen.

Hence, it is better to be good. A few things can make your kitchen more tidy and beautiful such as linen tablecloths, vases, paintings, and also the mix and match between cookware and kitchen interior. Here are the tips for you to make your kitchen look amazing.

Choose Color Tone

First thing first, you must choose the color tone of the overall interior of your kitchen. Choose a neutral color that can be good with other colors such as white and black. You can choose the overall theme with one of those basic colors and then you can add the other color as an accent or you can add the same basic color but a different gradient, so it will balance smoothly.

You can start to do some simulation for your dream kitchen in a 3D application for kitchen design on your own or maybe you can call for help from a professional and don’t forget to tell your dream kitchen details. The pressure points for the kitchen are the wall, the island, the additional table and chair, the sink, and don’t forget the floor.

You can choose the basic color for all of them. For example, you choose white as the theme, so it will be good if all the items have white color, you can differentiate the white color based on the gradient, the pattern, or the texture. For example, it is good if you choose the marble one with a little accent of abstract pattern in the middle for the floor.

This thing also you can apply to all of the items like the island, it is the center of the kitchen, so you must take a look seriously at the island from what color is suitable, what materials you will use, and what will you put in that island.

The other eye-catching item in the kitchen is the sink and the drawer, the sink and the drawer you choose must be fully functional and also aesthetic at the same time. You can choose a neutral color for white themes such as gold or silver. The table and the chairs are also crucial for the kitchen because it is the place where the family or friends will gather.

Try to choose a wooden material or a metal one with a neutral color which is suitable with white themes such as brown, white, black, or gray, the accent can be added but not too much to make the kitchen feel classy.

Good Lighting

Kitchen Decor

If you already choose a good color combination, it will not help if the lighting is bad. Try to use natural light from the sun that will radiate the light into the kitchen will accentuate the color combination and make the kitchen look very beautiful in the morning and afternoon. Natural light also helps to create a healthy environment in the kitchen, so there will be no odor in the kitchen caused by fungi that live in moist or wet areas. Besides that, natural light also helps us to live healthily because the natural light of the sun can make our body convert the inactive vitamin D into the active one.

Additional artificial lights are also needed for the lighting in the evening. Lamping in the center with the unique cap will complete the overall look for a beautiful kitchen. Don’t forget to choose the LED one which has a brighter color of light that will make the kitchen look brighter and cleaner.

The unique cap also can add a vintage style to the kitchen, it depends on your style to choose what kind of center point you need in your kitchen. Usually, it also has a similar theme to the rest of the properties of the kitchen.

Mixing And Matching Properties

All of the properties in the kitchen must be combined well together from the functional and visual aspects. We can start with the additional properties on a desk. We can add tablecloths that look good but are also suitable for the kitchen such as linen tablecloths because they are soft and available in many beautiful colors.

It is also fully functional. After all, it is durable for daily life because it can be washed regularly without worries about materials breaking. So, it is very suitable for the kitchen because the kitchen has a high risk of getting dirty.

Besides the tablecloth, You can also add the vase with the fresh flowers on the table to sweeten the vibes of the kitchen. You can choose any of the flowers you like such as rose, lily, orchid, daisy, and many more. You can arrange those by yourself or you can buy them at the florist as a package and remember to make sure of the freshness of the flowers and the color combination. You can also add the freshener of the flower scent with the perfume spray in order to make the flowers not only good to look at but also good to smell.

It is also better if each cookware has the same color palette. The cookware also must have a good color combination with the kitchen. You can choose different types of cookware such as cast iron, ceramic, or copper. There are so many outer colors of that cookware that you can choose based on the color palette of your kitchen. It is an important thing in the kitchen because the cookware will be the center of attention if there’s an event to cook together with family and friends.


The kitchen will be the center of the attention of the house moreover if there is an event in the house for family and friends. You must choose the color tone for the kitchen first, try to get natural good lighting, and try to mix and match all of the properties.

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