7 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Roofing Company

By: Jan Hajek | Date Posted: August 18, 2021

The roofing contractors’ market size in the US is $51.9 billion as per the 2021 revenue.

This marks a 2.2% market growth between 2016 and 2021, and it does not show any signs of slowing down as more contractors join the sector.

The high number of roofing contractors coming up makes choosing a roofing company to repair or install your roof a daunting task. Here is a compilation of top factors to consider during your selection.

1. Consider Reputation

The reputation of a roofing company determines the reliability and quality of residential and commercial roofing sergices offered. If they are reputable, you can trust them to meet your expectations without supervision.

Conduct background research to understand what their previous customers have to say about the company’s trustworthiness.

Start by reading online reviews on their website or local review websites.

If you find more positive reviews than negative ones, there are high chances that you can trust the provider. The vice versa should raise red flags.

Other than reviews, you can establish the reputation of a roofing company through recommendations from family, friends, and colleagues.

Let them share their experiences with different providers, then select the most recommended or one that meets your needs.

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2. Is the Roofing Company Certified and Insured?

The suitable professionals should be certified and approved to offer residential and commercial roofing services.

If they are accredited, they have undergone evaluation by authorities and met all the qualification criteria.

Therefore, you can trust them to offer quality services to meet your expectations.

Besides credibility, a license makes it easier for you to report the contractors if they fail to fulfill their part of the contract.

Ensure that the roofing company has the license at hand or displayed on their site for proof. Do not just take their word of mouth for it.

Insurance is also as critical as the license. Accidents may happen, and the last thing you want is to incur further expenses to repair and replace the damaged properties.

Hiring an insured company gives you peace of mind knowing that whatever happens, you are financially secured.

3. Cost Is Paramount When Choosing a Roofing Company

Cost plays a significant role when selecting a service provider, and this case is no exception. Start by setting a budget depending on how much you can comfortably afford to spend on roofing.

Then invest your time in comparing roofing costs by different providers to determine the average market price.

Roofing companies offer varying service prices that depend on numerous aspects. For instance, the type of roofing materials and quality of services will dictate the total cost.

In most cases, low prices can be a turn-off as they are associated with inferior services. The reason being, it could be a way for inexperienced contractors to lure unsuspecting customers.

It would be best to pay more for quality services than go for the cheapest services that will demand repairs in no time.

Keep in mind that a high price does not always guarantee high-quality services.

Therefore, let other factors such as the experience and reputation of the contractor help you make the best choice.

4. Experience

For how long has the company been repairing and installing roofs? It will help if you choose a company that has been in the market for many years.

This increases the chances that they are knowledgeable about residential and commercial roofs.

If they are experienced, they possess the necessary skills and expertise to offer the best quality services.

The contractors can offer sound decisions on roofing material selection to meet your needs.

What’s more? Choosing experienced roofing contractors minimizes the chances of mistakes and property damages.

They come equipped with the right tools for the job. And this, combined with their extensive expertise, ensures that they do the job right.

5. Select a Local Roofing Company

Local Roofing Company 1

Local roofing contractors are familiar with both national and local building codes; hence, compliance is guaranteed. Moreover, their proximity to you means they can respond to issues fast.

The experts will get to you whenever you need them, and they will never bail on you in cases of emergency repairs.

Even better, with local contractors, it will be easier to evaluate the providers and determine their reputation.

You can ask for recommendations from your neighbors, family, and friends based on their experience and thoughts on services offered by the roofing company.

Besides, if there are trust issues or something goes wrong during roofing repair or installation, you can easily reach the contractor to fix it.

6. How Is the Company’s Communication and Customer Service?

Communication is the key to establishing the commitment of the roofing company. Lack of proper and timely communication may result in project failure.

Did the contractors return your calls on time? How long did they take to send the necessary documents to give you an overview of their services?

The right contractors should be proactive in answering inquiries. They should follow up on services to show their appreciation and commitment to your project.

The professionals will update you about the roofing project and clarify where you have doubts.

You can quickly judge a company’s customer service based on your first encounter with them. Check if their communication team was prompt to get back to you and answer your questions comprehensively.

If not, walk away and look for other roofing contractor options.

7. Does the Company Offer Warranty?

Even the best roofing contractor in the game can make mistakes. Things could go wrong during roof installation or repair.

And to avoid extra expenses or mishaps on your side, you should choose a contractor that provides a warranty.

This gives you the chance to have errors rectified at no extra cost.

Other than improving your confidence in the company’s roofing services, a warranty shows customer appreciation.

Get Quality Roofing Services with the Best Contractor

Whether you wish to install a new roof, repair, or replace the existing one, you need the right contractor for the job.

Do not rush to hire the first option that comes your way or let low prices lure you.

The above tips for choosing a roofing company will ease your search for the best service provider. In return, you are assured of quality services to match the value of your money.

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