Debunking the Most Common and Best Home Remodeling Myths

By: Jan Hajek | Date Posted: August 10, 2021

Homeowners remodel their homes for various reasons. Some people want to keep up with the latest and best home remodeling trends. Others do it because their homes are getting too old and need a little fixer-upper or because they are looking to turn their home into a rental property.

The more enterprising folks remodel their homes to sell them for a profit and make a killing. Given that the average return for a kitchen remodel is between 53.9% to 77.6%, that doesn’t seem like such a bad idea.

A home remodel is a huge investment, and it would be a shame if all your hard work and effort went to waste. However, with so much misinformation and remodeling myths going around online and within our social spheres, it’s easy to make a few house remodeling mistakes by following the wrong leads.

Today we’ll be debunking some of the most common home remodeling myths that have led many homeowners astray.

Always Go for the Lowest Bidder

Home remodeling is expensive, and most homeowners look for any means to cut costs. However, going for the lowest bidder when choosing a contractor may not be such a good idea. While most people argue you’ll essentially get the same services that the highest bidder offers, this is far from the truth.

In most cases, you’ll end up getting what you pay for. A better approach is to make a budget and find a reputable contractor that falls within your budget. Premise your decision on value for money and not the lowest quote available.

All Remodeling Projects Increase Your House Value

Not all remodeling projects increase your house value. Keep in mind that whatever remodel you undertake must appeal to potential house buyers. If they don’t, the renovations add nothing to your house value.

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Instead of focusing on trends, concentrate on making the house more practical and functional. Also, ensure you repair everything that needs fixing because broken items hurt your house value. If you’re stuck, you can always ask for help from a real estate agent to help you make the right remodeling decisions.

You Can’t Go Wrong With Luxurious Options

Few things are as relaxing as taking a bath in a luxurious bathroom.  However, don’t get carried away with the luxury aspect and forget that your bathroom must be practical too.

Do your best to try to find a perfect balance between functionality, beauty, and luxury. These showers are a perfect example of sophistication, functionality, and luxury.

You Can Save Money By Going It on Your Own

Most people think that they can save a ton of cash by going the DIY route. This wouldn’t be far from the truth if you had the prowess and experience of a certified contractor. However, since you don’t, your DIY remodeling project will probably cost you more than you think if you do it yourself.

It’s good to be realistic about your DIY capabilities. If you haven’t built a considerable DIY skillset, you best leave the remodeling to the pros. Otherwise, the results may be worse than underwhelming.

Stay Deaf To the Best Home Remodeling Myths

Pay no heed to these and other house remodeling myths that’ll only do you in. Instead, only focus on the best home remodeling tips that guarantee outstanding results. Also, remember to always go with the pros when remodeling unless you’re absolutely sure you can handle the job on your own.

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