Benefits of Suburban Living Over the City Life

By: John Garcia | Date Posted: February 23, 2023

Are you on the fence about moving to the suburbs? If so, you are not alone.

Many people are torn between the city and the suburbs, not quite sure which to choose. If you are looking to make the move, then you need to measure the benefits of suburban living. Well, there are many advantages to living in the suburbs. The question is, are they better than living in cities?

To answer this question, we will discuss the key benefits that might make you think twice about staying in the city. Keep reading to learn why suburban living could be the perfect fit for you.

5 Benefits of Living in Suburban than Living in Cities

Among the many advantages of living in the suburbs, the following trump the advantages of a city lifestyle.

  1. More space for less cost

Many suburbs offer more bang for your buck in terms of square footage. This can include larger yards and larger homes. You may even have access to amenities like pools, parks, and playgrounds that would be hard to find in urban living.

Suburban homes tend to have more bedrooms, allowing you to have a family while still having plenty of room for everyone. These larger properties come with added bonuses like access to local green spaces and a relaxed atmosphere. Everything makes it easier to find more livable space with a smaller price tag.

  1. Close to nature

Close to nature

One of the main benefits of suburban living is that you remain close to nature. Many suburbs have green spaces, parks, trails, and lakes that are perfect for outdoor activities. Suburbs are also often located in areas with light pollution.

Additionally, being close to nature means easy access to natural resources like fresh vegetables and seasonal flowers. Having access to fresh air and natural settings is a great benefit of suburban living, especially for those looking to embrace a healthier lifestyle.

  1. Good value for money

Often, suburban living is more affordable than living in the city. Depending on your location, you can get square footage for your money when compared to an urban area. This is especially true when purchasing a home as opposed to renting one.

In some cases, you can get a bigger house for much less money than what you would pay in the city. Moreover, you may be able to benefit from lower taxes and other incentives that are offered in suburban areas. This makes suburban living an excellent choice for people who want to save some money.

  1. Friendly neighborhood

When you move to the suburbs, you can expect to find friendly and inviting neighborhoods. Most suburban areas are made up of families with similar backgrounds and interests, which makes it easier to make new friends.

You will find a tight-knit community that is ready to lend a helping hand. It is not uncommon to find residents of the same neighborhood gathering together at events and festivities. This is how neighbors look out for each other, creating a sense of security and belonging.

  1. Easy to commute

Easy to commute

In larger suburban areas, there are many options for commuting. Usually, public transportation is more accessible in the suburbs, with multiple bus and train lines available.

Often, large highways connect suburban communities with major cities and other locations. This makes reaching their destinations quickly and reliably easier for those who must travel. Additionally, many suburbs offer bike paths and trails for commuters who prefer to cycle.

The Best Locations in the US for Suburban Living

If you want to enjoy the benefits of suburban living, many cities and towns across the country offer great suburban lifestyles. The best are listed here,

Colorado Springs

  1. Colorado Springs, CO – It offers affordable housing, natural beauty, and quick access to Denver. Therefore, Colorado Springs is ideal for those who want to enjoy the suburbs without sacrificing city life.
  2. Seattle, WA – Seattle is a booming tech hub with an abundance of outdoor activities and stunning views. It also offers some of the most affordable suburban living in the US. You may find a home for around $831,102 (according to Zillow).
  3. Austin, TX – This place is known for its friendly, laid-back atmosphere. This makes it a great place to settle down in the suburbs. You can always find something to do since the city boasts a vibrant music scene.
  4. Raleigh, NC – This is a vibrant city with plenty of culture and entertainment options. Furthermore, the area has a strong job market and great schools. So, you might consider this place to raise your family. You can expect to find a home for around $412507, from Zillow’s statement.
  5. Portland, OR – This is a thriving city with plenty of job opportunities and culture. It is close to mountains and natural beauty. For those seeking peaceful suburban living, this can be a fantastic option.
  6. Reidville, SC – Among all the locations, Reidville, South Carolina deserves a special spot. Many people look for homes in Reidville to enjoy a diverse living experience. Reidville boasts a number of excellent houses that are currently listed for sale, making it a great location for anyone interested in purchasing a property.

Suburban living has its own unique benefits, from a lower cost of living to additional privacy. It is certainly a great option for those looking for a peaceful and quieter lifestyle. It also enables a strong connection with nature and your neighbors. With the right location in the US, suburban living can be an attractive option for many.

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