5 Common Plumbing Problems You can Face in Your New Home

By: John Garcia | Date Posted: July 29, 2022

Are you looking at a home with an older plumbing system? Most homes before sale are often inspected by experts. To prevent future problems, inspecting the plumbing system before buying the property is crucial. You’ve probably heard horror stories about how much it can cost to fix a leak in your home’s plumbing system.

If you’re planning on buying a home, you want to make sure that you’re familiar with common leaks so that you can look for them the next time you go house hunting. Here you will learn the five most common problems with the plumbing system in your new home.


One of the biggest problems with plumbing systems is leaks. If you’re looking at a home with leaking pipes, you need to make sure that you find out why the pipes are leaking before you buy the property.

This will help you save from expensive repairs later. Pipes can develop leaks for several reasons. After a home inspection, homeowners can usually determine exactly what the issue is.

One of the common problems that you have to look out for is brittle pipes, especially near exterior walls, where there are more likely to be extreme temperatures. The plumbing system can have several issues, including major damage to pipes or drainage systems.

Many small leaks can turn into large ones over time, leading to major repairs. Leaks in your plumbing can be a big problem. They can cause damage to the walls and flooring of your home.

Therefore, it is important to diagnose what causes the leaks and address them immediately. Call out to professionals such as Warrnambool Emergency Plumbing service to come and fix it.

Slow Drainage

Another common problem with plumbing systems is slow drainage. If there is slow drainage from the bathtub or kitchen sink, make sure to check the faucet first. If you hear a gurgling sound or something bigger from the kitchen sink, your drainage system is probably experiencing a plumbing problem. Sinks are known to start making noises when there is something wrong with them.

Make sure that the faucet isn’t clogged up. If all the water drains out slowly, you have a blockage in the drainpipe under your sink. Use some paper towels if you need to clear the water stream and ensure water can drain freely out of the faucet.

No one wants a slow drain. It can cause a big mess and leave you with an out-of-service drain for days. Luckily, slow-draining toilets, sinks, and bathtubs are, most of the time, easy to deal with. Next, check the drain pipe under the sink. If there is a sign of damage, immediately call a plumber.

Issues with Water Heater

The water heater is an essential home appliance. It’s used to heat water for bathing, cooking, cleaning, and laundry. However, sometimes these appliances fail. Water heater troubleshooting is a relatively painless process. Most issues can be found within these three categories:

  • Leaky water heater
  • Inadequate hot water due to malfunctioning of the tank or issues with individual elements
  • Failure of the sediment valve

Water heaters are one of the most important and widely used appliances in your home. No one wants to deal with the consequences of a broken water heater or a non-functioning water heater.

Fortunately, experienced plumbers can easily repair your water heater. They can detect a problem before it becomes a total disaster and help decrease the frequency of issues by properly guiding you on how to use your water heaters and installing new energy-saving features.

Broken Toilets

Broken Toilets

If you find that your toilets are not working, you might need to call a plumber immediately. This can help in certain situations, but there could also be several other reasons why it is happening. One reason for this is that the toilet has been leaking and needs to be fixed by a plumber. Another possible reason could be the flapper valve inside the tank, normally caused by corrosion.

Of course, there are many other reasons why a toilet can malfunction. However, most of these issues can be easily fixed without needing a plumber. While there isn’t anything too complicated with a toilet repair, you can make the issue worse if you don’t know what you’re doing. You might need to call a plumber to fix things as soon as they break down so that you can avoid having an unsightly toilet or a health hazard in your home.

Clogged Drains

Clogged drains can be a problem for homeowners. They can cause water to overflow, which can create some costly damage. It’s essential to take care of the clog as soon as possible! If you have ever had to deal with a clogged drain, you are aware that it can get very frustrating.

The good thing is that unclogging a drain can be relatively easy to do if you have the right tools. All you need to do is unclog the drain using a plunger. To unclog the drain, first, remove any debris that’s blocking the drain. Then, use the plunger to push the blockage through the pipe. Once the blockage is gone, flush the drain again. It’s an easy process that won’t cost you much time or money.


As a homeowner, you spend a lot of time focused on how your home looks from the outside. You probably worry about curb appeal and making sure everything on the inside is in order. When you think about the plumbing in your home, you probably don’t think too much about what goes into and behind the walls to make things happen. There are a lot of plumbing problems that can come up in your home. Good thing there are reliable plumbers out there to help you with them.

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