Common Plumbing Problems That Need To Be Fixed Fast

Your home’s plumbing is arguably its most important feature. Without properly working plumbing, you wouldn’t have access to drinking and bathing water, nor would you be able to heat your home, since radiators are heated using hot water.

Because we rely so much on our plumbing, it’s not uncommon for it to fail or develop problems. Any system used as much as our homes’ plumbing systems breaks from time to time.

This post will explore some of the most common plumbing problems homeowners experience, which needs to be fixed as soon as they are identified.

Water Pressure

If your home’s water pressure begins to drop, you need to contact a plumber. The first indication that you are experiencing low water pressure is a drop in the intensity of the water that’s released from your tap. While low water pressure won’t cause any damage to your home, it can significantly affect your quality of life. Tasks like brushing your teeth, showering, doing dishes, and doing the laundry will all become much longer and more complicated. A plumber will be able to repair your home’s water pressure very quickly, perhaps even in less than an hour.

Leaking Pipes

Another problem that needs to be resolved immediately is leaky pipes. While leaky pipes might not seem like an emergency, they certainly can become one if they aren’t tended to immediately. The reason that leaky pipes can become an emergency is that leaks tend to get worse over time, not to mention that when your pipes are leaking, it’s very likely that your home will sustain water damage. Excess water pooling underneath pipes can also lead to the growth of mold, which can be very bad for your and your family’s health. Leaking pipes should be fixed as soon as they are identified.

Boiler Pressure

Low boiler pressure can be very problematic since it can cause your home’s boiler to shut off and not work. Low boiler pressure usually occurs when there is a leak in one of your pipes or if you leave a tap running. Low boiler pressure can be easily remedied. All you need to do is identify the leak, shut the radiator off (because it’s usually on a radiator), and then release your boiler’s pressure valve. Ideally, your boiler’s pressure should sit between 1.0 and 2.0, so don’t turn it up too high.

Boiler Pressure

Slow Draining

Slow draining is a problem that you can probably fix yourself, although if you aren’t having any luck fixing it, you may need to call in a plumber to do it for you. The most common reason that people’s sinks and basins draining slowly is that there is a blockage somewhere in the pipe below. The easiest way to unblock a pipe is to apply vinegar or some kind of acid to the pipe. You can buy specialist pipe cleaning chemicals. An alternative is to use a specialist pipe vacuum, which you can order online. Hiring a plumber might be cheaper than buying one of these devices.

Garbage Disposal

If your house has a jammed garbage disposal, then you’ll probably have to unjam it every once in a while. You can unjam your garbage disposal yourself using a metal pipe, but you mustn’t put your hands into it. Because garbage disposals have blades, if you put your hand into them, then you could end up cutting your hands and hurting yourself. You can also contact a professional and ask them to unblock your garbage disposal for you, which is the safest option if you are apprehensive about putting your hand inside of it.

Dripping Faucets

Dripping faucets can be a big problem. Over time, dripping faucets can lead to lots of water being wasted. It’s also worth noting that if you have any wooden surfaces being dripped upon, they could begin to rot because of the drip. You must act fast to prevent this from happening. You can replace your faucets, although if you need help, you can hire a plumber to do it for you. It’s worth noting that a plumber will charge a ridiculous amount of money for the job to be completed, so it’s easier to do it yourself.

Leaking Toilet

A leaking toilet can also be a big problem because it can lead to water leaking and getting underneath your home’s floorboards. This can lead to rot or the formation of mold. If your toilet’s running, the cause is probably because a pipe burst or is not attached underneath your toilet. This can be easily remedied as long as you act fast. You must act quickly so the problem can be resolved and prevented from happening again. It will get worse if you leave it and do not tend to it.

Running Toilet

A running toilet is a toilet that runs even when it’s not being used. A running toilet can be very annoying, though it’s not much of a problem in terms of damage. The worst thing that you will have to contend with if your toilet runs is a high water bill. Because of the rising cost of energy and home bills, it is a good idea to get this addressed by a plumber rather than leaving it, since leaving it could lead to you having to pay a lot of money in monthly energy bills.

Boiler Breakdowns

Boiler breakdowns are very common and can be caused by a broad range of things. You must get a plumber out immediately to repair your boiler so that the problem doesn’t get worse. Paying for a new boiler can be very expensive. The cost of a new boiler, coupled with the ongoing cost of living crisis, will likely be far too much for many people. A plumber should be able to fix your boiler’s problem very easily.

If you are a homeowner and notice any plumbing issues, you need to reach out to a plumber and have them come in to make repairs immediately. The longer you leave plumbing issues, the worse they will become.

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