5 Ideas to Help You Create the Ultimate Man Cave

Americans like things big and their homes are no exception. The average American home is about 1,600 square feet. Although home decor often falls in the feminine domain, men love a place to call their own.

What is that place? A man cave!

A man cave is a perfect space for hosting the guys, watching the game, or relaxing with an adult beverage after work.

Are you the lucky guy with an extra room, basement, or garage waiting for its man-cave reno? Keep reading for five-person cave ideas to help you create the ultimate guy’s hangout.

1. The Home Theater

No man cave is complete without a big-screen TV. Go as big as the biggest wall!

Use the screen for virtual golf, watching your favorite teams, and movie night with the guys or your family. Include some movie-theatre lounge chairs or a big couch, and leave room for swinging your favorite club.

Speaking of movies, if that’s your thing, check out these inflatable movie screen rentals. You can host a movie night the neighborhood will never forget. Don’t forget your own popcorn machine!

2. The Wet Bar

If you and your friends imbibe in a cold beer or a cocktail now and then, consider a beautiful bar. A wet bar with a small sink, under-counter fridge, and ice maker is a big hit when it comes to movie night or game day.

Don’t forget a small microwave for warming up the game-day food! Of course, this man cave wouldn’t be complete without a big-screen TV as well.

Don’t forget some cool beer signs along with some bar stools as well as a couple of comfy lounge chairs. Man cave furniture must be comfortable!

3. Wine Cellar

Is wine your thing? A wine cellar complete with a tasting setup is a great idea for an elegant, more sophisticated man cave.

A traditional wine cellar complete with vintage stones really speaks “man cave.” An old dank cellar works best for this man cave. You’ll impress your friends when they see how you’ve turned the worst room in the house into the best.

4. Poker Face

Is poker and game night your thing? How about a classic poker table with a casino theme?

A pool table makes a nice addition to a traditional game room. A bar goes well in this man cave, as well as some retro arcade games. As with the other man caves, don’t forget the wide-screen TV and comfortable seating.

5. For the Band

Is jamming your thing? Try a small stage at one end of the room with a huge U-shaped sectional couch facing it.

Hang your guitars on the stage wall. Use spotlighting and decorate the walls with old vinyl records. You’ll need a great sound system, and don’t forget the wide-screen for watching your favorite concerts.

The Best Man Cave in Town

Make yours the best man cave in town! Whatever theme you decide on, make it your own. Decorate with photos, pictures, or old memorabilia. Go wild with color, or keep it subdued. This is your place to express yourself.

Just don’t forget that wide-screen TV! Looking for more ideas? Keep reading the blog!

Thank you for reading!

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