How to Create an Ideal Bedroom for the Student in Your Household

By: Alex | Date Posted: May 17, 2021

If like many families, you have one or more students spending more time at home these days due to the global pandemic, you’re probably looking for ways to get them to study. It can be an uphill struggle when their routine is changed, they do not have their usual support group around, and you are a parent trying to work out how to be a teacher, too. Firstly, you can start with getting college homework help online yourself, so you will have experience working with experts and know some possible ways how to find an approach to your bedroom for the student.

One way to support your students is by arranging a suitable bedroom that promotes productivity. Children require a quiet space for focus, organization, and storing their school essentials separately from the rest of the household. It does not have to cost you a bomb to do some rearranging and redesigning, though. Follow a few practical tips to transform a blah bedroom into a work haven for the child or teen in your home. It is just a note to make sure nothing is distracting around their work area because kids tend to get distracted while trying to do work.

Create a Useful Workspace

The first thing to address is creating a functional workspace. Hopefully, the room is big enough to hold a decent-sized desk that can fit a laptop or desktop computer, printer, books, and other items. If there’s too little area for this, see if you can incorporate a fold-out desk into a bookcase or shelving, etc., or dedicate a chest of drawers or a dresser top to act as workspace if needed.

Add an adjustable, ergonomic chair with good lumbar support for your young student to sit in, plus as much storage as possible to contain stationery, books, projects, and the like. They will be happy to have their own space with things that they like and things they may be helped pick out for their room.

Upgrade Your Child’s Bed

Proper sleep is essential for students of all ages, so to help them focus and be more productive, it pays to upgrade their bed frame and mattress. Invest in a quality frame that gives plenty of support as a base and buy a new mattress that they find comfortable and conducive to sleep. Have them try beds at the store or, if you are ordering a mattress online, be sure to select one from a store that allows refunds or exchanges if the style does not suit.

It pays, too, to add a mattress topper for additional plushness. Plus, be sure to fit out the new bed set up with quality, breathable linen that is soft against your child’s skin and matches their style preferences, design-wise. A good pillow is another essential. Help them find a product that suits their size and sleep style, such as those designed for side, back, or stomach sleepers.

How to Create an Ideal Bedroom for the Student in Your Household

Consider Temperature, Air Flow, and Air Quality

Another step to help your students is to ensure they have a bedroom that is temperate year-round. Increase their comfort levels and ability to concentrate and sleep deeply by installing a ceiling fan or reverse-cycle HVAC unit in their room. Another option is adding a plug-in electric heater or fan.

Plus, we all focus better when we have some fresh air coming into our workspaces. As such, please encourage your child to open the window(s) in their room when the weather permits. You can also buy some indoor plants to house in their room for a nice look and feel and air quality improvements. Research the different indoor air pollutants, so you know what to watch out for and reduce where possible.

Install Lighting

Students must have decent lighting to work by, either reading, writing, typing, or completing other tasks. You do not want them to strain their eyesight and must deal with headaches. If there is not much natural light coming into their bedroom via windows or skylights, add plenty of overhead and directional task lighting to give them the illumination required. If they do have windows or skylights, position their desk under or otherwise near these features to maximize the light they can use.

You can also buy some lighting that is not harmful to the eyes, but effective enough to have students be able to see what they’re doing, whether it be listening to music or doing homework, there should be a decent amount of lighting for them.

Add Some Seating

Kids often must complete group projects and like to get together in small study groups, where permitted, to discuss and assist each other with assignments and other work. Therefore, it is helpful to have enough seating in student bedrooms to host a few of their peers throughout the year.

See if you can create a sitting area in your student’s bedroom that fits some chairs, ottomans, plush cushions, or other options for communal study periods. At other times, your child can utilize this part of their personal space for quiet reading, journaling, thinking, etc.

To encourage the student in your life to give their best academically, set them up with a room that is conducive to optimal sleep, rest, and work. Seek their input on design choices, particularly regarding colors and furniture. Assist them in decorating a bedroom and even allow them to make some of the decisions they want to feel like they contributed and be happy to spend time and study month after month.

Students need encouragement to keep on going and succeeding in life. They don’t always need help, but sometimes they do, and that’s where you come in. Follow these tips to create a great working and hanging out environment in their room, so you know that they are enjoying their time there, but also keeping up with assignments and knowing when to go to bed to get an adequate sleep schedule, since school will be a somewhat newer experience, especially if they are going into college or even high school.


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