How to Use Instagram to Sell Your Home?

By: Jan Hajek | Date Posted: November 23, 2020

Use Instagram to Sell Your Home, In recent years, Instagram has become the most reached and engaging social media platform. One can say that in today’s digital world, Instagram has achieved a vital standing among various businesses and brands.

It has become a place where every business whether small scale or a big giant, tries to nurture stout relationships with their potential clients and peers.

If you are an owner of a real estate business and want to use Instagram as a marketing tool, GetInsta helps you in this regard. But, before selling your home on Instagram, you need to create an account on it.

Also, have to learn some basics of Instagram, do not worry; GetInsta is here with some of the best tried and tested hacks that will help you get free followers for Instagram and boost your real estate business sales.

Research conducted in previous years found that 75% of the real estate buyers and sellers use third-party applications or various websites to sell homes and buy homes. The results indicate a progressive potential factor: buyers and sellers usually meet on social media to buy or sell homes in the recent era.

In this specific scenario, Instagram is rapidly fetching real estate business’s attention to share their listings and discover new and potential sellers and consumers.

A real estate Instagram account or selling homes on the Instagram account is like a combo of the business’s lead generator and portfolio.

We have created a precise guide for everyone who wants to know how to use Instagram to sell homes or how to boost their online real estate business on Instagram like an expert.

As we all know, Instagram is all about videos and photos that make it a perfect showcase to display photos and videos of the property. Along with that, the features like IGTV for live videos and stories for 24 hours enable the business profiles to advertise their real estate homes to maximum extend.

So, let’s get started:

Step 1: Create an Instagram Account

Create an Instagram Account

The first step is to create an account on Instagram. There are three kinds of accounts on it. One is for personal use. Such accounts are mostly private. The second is the creator account that is often used by Instagram influencers.

They usually create their content and do collaborate with big brands. The last type of account is a business account that is the most suitable for retailers, brands, and businesses. So, while creating an account, choose your relevant account type that is in this case, will be a business account.

Account creation on Instagram is simple; within a few clicks, you will create your account. The pro tip here is to create a short and sweet bio that will describe your business type. As you are making an account to sell homes, you should mention this thing in your bio. Along with that, you can also add where you are located and in which location you do real estate business. It is the most crucial step so, keep it clear, comprehend, and simple.

Step 2: Always Make Your Sell Home Post with Quality Content

Sell Home Post with Quality Content

After creating a business account to sell homes, the next big and alluring step is to publish some content about your business. Before posting any content on Instagram, do some prior research about it. For instance, what should be the relevant pictures for the post? Pictures should be of high quality; they should be clear.

If you are using online pictures, make sure they should be copyright free, and last but not least, try to use original pictures of the homes that you will be going to sell on Instagram. If you want to post videos, they should be original and of good quality. All these minor things will sum up into a big deal. So, do proper research before posting anything on your Instagram business profile. Good and well-researched content will attract potential buyers and sellers.

If you do not know how to take good pictures and invest in some photography courses, they will pay you back soon. Do remember, for good quality pictures, you do not require any expensive camera. Many smartphone cameras are enough to get the best photos; you only need to learn some techniques to take high resolution and clear pictures with a smartphone camera.

How to Use Instagram to Sell Your Home?

Step 3: Use Hashtags for the Posts

Hashtags are the most powerful feature of Instagram. If properly researched and used, it will help your post get maximum reach, engagement, and interaction.

If you write any #sellhome hashtag in your account’s search bar, you will see a swarmed result of showing similar hashtags will save millions of reach and engagement. Use hashtags with millions or billions of views; these will allow your post to boost within seconds.

One more significant aspect while writing hashtags in your post is that you always write to them without spaces, and it is recommended to write them below the content of the post. Hashtags should be the last part of your sell home post.

Step 4: Use IGTV Frequently and Make Instagram Stories Daily

IGTV and stories are an instant analytics tool for Instagram. Because these features of Instagram allow you to see how many people are watching your live videos? How many of them are interacting in real-time via emoji? And how many of them are commenting on your IGTV live streaming.

Along with that, Instagram stories allow you to see how many people have seen your store within a time frame of 24 hours.

You can instantly replay to the buyer and seller engagement on IGTV streaming. It is more like you are communicating with huge masses simultaneously.

Wrapping Up

With these tips and strategies, your sell homes or real estate business is fully ready to initialize. Use the above-mentioned tools and techniques, and you will get your desired leads and sales on much used social media platform, Instagram.

Thank you for reading!

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