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House Smells Musty After Rain: Causes And Solutions

Different houses often have different smells which reflect the nature and lifestyle of their occupant. Sometimes, environmental factors such as the weather could exacerbate the issue and make the house atmosphere become unbearable. That is why your house could emit unpleasant odors during season change or after heavy rain. In the usual case, there are […]

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How to Make Homemade Roach Killer (Simple Recipes)

Having cockroaches around is a sign that you have a sanitation problem. Cockroaches crawl in the dirtiest places you can ever imagine. Given this disreputable fact, imagine cockroaches crawling on your kitchen and over your utensils and food items. That isn’t very pleasant! The easiest way to get rid of them is to ask for […]

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7 Easy Steps on How to Fix a Stuck Shower Diverter

You are taking a shower and then you notice that water is barely coming out from the shower head. If ever you experience something like this, I am telling you, there is something wrong with your shower diverter. You may ask, “What should I do? I barely know anything about plumbing!” Well, here is good […]

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