Land Clearing 101: 4 Essential Tools for a Clean Finish

Many property owners struggle to find ways to increase the property value of their land and their homes. As Real Property Group explains, many people focus more on the esthetics of building on their land, but they forget about the incredible boost in property value by simply clearing the ground in the first place.

Land clearing makes your property feel more inviting and accessible, which is the best way to increase curb appeal. This leads to your land being more valuable and overall more appealing.

That being said, you need to have the proper land clearing tools to do the job right. The problem is, what are the best tools for clearing overgrown land, and how can you ensure you know how to remove your land safely and properly?

We know land clearing is a major problem in real estate, so we created this article to solve these problems once and for all. So keep on reading to learn more.

What Is Land Clearing?

Land clearing is the process of removing all unnecessary debris from your property to create a blank canvas for construction and new land ownership. This is usually done for land development projects, construction projects, and property improvement.

Some of the debris you need to remove are:

  • Tree stumps
  • Full trees
  • Bushes and shrubs
  • Rocks and boulders
  • Evening out the grade of the land

Land clearing increases your home’s curb appeal, which can help you sell your home for more than 7% higher than other homes in your area without an improved curb appeal.

How to Clear Your Land Safely

Now that you understand the benefits of land clearing, you need to know a few more important steps before you purchase the right land clearing tools. The first and more important step is, of course, safety.

When clearing land, you need to have the proper safety measures to reduce your risks of injuries to people or the property or land.

Some of the significant risks involved with clearing land are:

Damaging Property

If you are working anywhere near a building, you are at risk and responsibility for any damage to nearby structures. There are specific ways to fall a tree to avoid hitting any facilities, which may require you to hire a professional to do that part for you.

Personal Injury

When dealing with any land clearing tools, you need to have your personal protective equipment (PPE) on. This includes steel-toed boots, safety glasses, a hard helmet, proper clothing, and earmuffs.

Ensure you are not wearing any loose clothing that can get caught in any machinery and that you are away from any pinch point locations to avoid serious injury.

Underground Utilities

Exposing underground utilities can be extremely dangerous, especially if there are confidential electrical sources. Do your best to investigate the land before digging too deep, and use the appropriate tools to check for power and telephone lines as you go.

Machine Malfunction

A machine malfunction is a hazardous and potentially fatal experience. Searching for land clearing tools, check to see the safety rating on the devices you are looking for. Visit this company for land clearing equipment to ensure you purchasing high-quality tools for added safety.

The Best Land Clearing Tools

Now that you understand more about land clearing in general, it’s time to get to the fun part-the tools! Digging holes and using heavy machinery is a satisfying experience for many, and using the right tools will help you enjoy the experience that much more.

Tree Shear

Before you can think about evening out the grade on your land, you need to remove the unnecessary trees and shrubs that are in your way. This is quickly done with a specified tool called a tree shear.

A tree shear is designed to remove trees effortlessly, thanks to its dual knife configuration. These handy machines can move quickly up and down slopes across the gully and remove multiple trees in one go.

This tool is specifically designed to precisely remove a thorny tree while preserving a good tree right beside it. This is great if you want to keep trees on your property for privacy and added value.

Stump Hog

Removing giant stumps is perhaps the most frustrating part of land clearing, especially if you do not have the right tools. A stump hog is like a bulldozer on steroids, as it has the ability to knock down even the most stubborn stumps on the land.

The stump hog has a sharp blade that can cut through roots, knots, and the most challenging wood. Go for the SH270 for smaller stumps or the SH400 for the more giant stumps.

Mulching Tractor

If you were to combine a tornado and a hurricane with the best land clearing tools, you would have a mulching tractor. The mulching tractor is a force of nature and can destroy the toughest stumps and trees in its path. It contains an oscillating all-steel undercarriage and selectable float control to enhance productivity with effortless control.

By purchasing a high-quality mulching tractor, you will have a rear-facing camera and tinted polycarbonate windows to get the job done and look good doing it.


If there are pesky boulders and rocks all over the property, it can become frustrating to get your land clear enough. This is where bulldozers come into play and effortlessly bulldoze anything in their path.

By investing in a good bulldozer, you can remove more shrubs and boulders in a shorter amount of time.

Learn More About Land Clearing Tools

Land clearing takes time and a lot of effort; however, with the right land clearing tools, you can get the job done easier and much quicker.

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