Outdoor Blinds add huge benefit to an outdoor area throughout the year

Whether you have a Veranda, Patio area, or Pergola in your garden, it makes sense to maximize the space and make it more versatile and functional.


The outdoor blinds pictured were made in Adelaide, in South Australia. Outdoor blinds are a top-rated home improvement product in Australia, which other countries are starting to pick up on and bring to market.


Benefits of Outdoor Blinds

They are unique because they allow you to roll down the blinds with a remote or manual winder, which makes them adaptable to any environment. Open them up, and the kids can play in a larger space, or if the sun is low, win the sky, and you need some rest bite, then wind them up. 

The semi-transparent material is ideal to see through from the inside and near impossible to see through the other side, making them especially good for privacy.

In this garden, you will see just how much of an impact and separation they create from the rest of the park and outside space. A whole new area is possible with complete control over the light and wind. Rain no longer a problem.

One huge advantage in Australia’s hot summer weather is the pesky insects that come in to disturb you when you are having a meal outside or have some excellent wine or sugary drinks. Mosquitos, flies, and all sorts of insects are kept away with the outdoor blinds. They are not able to pass through the tiny holes of the blinds, which means your 

Outdoor blinds help your outdoor space be protected by the weather all year round, whether it is hot sunshine through the summer months or winds and rain through the cold summer months. You know you will always have an outside escape perfect for the time of year.

Outdoor Blinds 1

PVC or Mesh Outdoor Blinds?

Whilst PVC blinds are ideal when you want a waterproof seal. They are not so good when you require a sun-proof room. The PVC being transparent means you have a problem with sunshine coming through and making the room extremely warm. Much like a greenhouse, the PVC blinds during the summer will cause a lot of warmth! However, they still create a barrier and are a valuable addition to any home, especially in colder or wetter climates. 

If you want the blinds for an all-around solution, then we would highly recommend the mesh. They also stop 99% of the rainwater, as even the holes in the blinds are too small for the rain to do anything but trickle down the material. The blinds stop the sun’s harshest and are even an ideal material to watch an eclipse through! This material is tried and tested in the Australian Outdoor Blind market. With the weather being from one extreme to the other, you know you will be getting a very versatile product that is strong and durable enough for all seasons.

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How do you operate Outdoor Blinds?

The types of control systems include a simple manual winder or pull down. Complete electronic blinds mean you can use a remote control to operate the blinds, which is a trendy option. The battery is also possible, with a mains connector for the control pack. 

Is it possible to partially open the blinds?

Yes, you can partially open outdoor blinds, allowing you to leave them halfway up or down and have more control over creating the perfect environment.

Can outdoor blinds be used on balcony areas?

Yes, they are frequently used on balconies and apartment areas. Preventing the harsh glare in the afternoon.

How do you wash outdoor blinds?

PVC Blinds require more maintenance than mesh blinds because they tend to show a lot of dirt. 

To wash the PVC blinds, it’s best to use a hose and rinse it down thoroughly before cleaning and washing off dirt and debris by hand. Use a mild soapy solution that is diluted with lots of water.

Be wary of using brushes as it’s possible to scratch the surface of the PVC. It’s a good idea to wipe them dry with PVC blinds to avoid watermarks from ruining the view. Use a dry cloth or paper towels to dry all the water on the blinds.

Mesh Outdoor Blinds are easier to clean than PVC blinds. Mesh blinds are manufactured using a high tensile polymer with high abrasion resistance making them less susceptible to Descartes and damage during cleaning.

Use a soft cloth or sponge with cold soapy water, you a hose to rinse the blind after cleaning and dry in the sun. It’s important not to roll up the blind when it is wet as it will be heavier and would cause more resistance on the motor. The blinds are less flexible when wet and could cause damage to the blinds over the long term.

It’s also a good idea to clean bird droppings off the blind as soon as possible as they contain chemicals that can discolor the blinds. Be sure not to use a high-pressure cleaner on the blinds, resulting in damaged or sagged blinds.

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Where can we buy Outdoor Blinds?

The outdoor blinds featured here are from Open N Shut-in Adelaide, South Australia. However, it is a good idea to check your local area for “outdoor blinds near me.”

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