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By: Jan Hajek | Date Posted: January 28, 2021

Are you confused about the type of coffee grinder you should buy? There is no need to worry more. We are here to help you choose the best coffee grinder that fits your needs well.

The selection of a coffee grinder will depend on the budget you have, the type of coffee you like, and your preparation techniques. Many other factors also influence your choice for a coffee grinder including the time you can allocate for coffee preparation, your lifestyle, and the effort you are willing to put in the coffee grinding and brewing.

Here is everything you must know before you make a decision:

Your Coffee Needs

Coffee drinkers are often particular about their coffee. You must have a favorite bean and roast and the specific way you like to brew it if you are a true coffee lover. You must have invested in your home coffee setup, and you may own an Aeropress, espresso machine, French press, pour-over, or any other coffee brewer. Regardless of the brewing method you are using, another crucial factor affects the taste of your coffee, and that is ‘the grind.’

So, why the grind is so crucial for coffee enthusiasts? This is because the grind determines the beans’ area exposed to the water while you are brewing them. The more the surface area of beans is exposed while brewing, the more their flavors get infused in the water. Therefore, there is a certain level of extraction for each coffee enthusiast to satisfy the taste buds.

The coarseness of the grind depends on the method which you use to brew your coffee beans. Whatever your favorite brew is, you will require a uniform-sized grind to produce a blended taste. If you live alone or in a neighborhood where noise is not an issue, you can use an electric one. If you prefer a quiet coffee grinder, then manual ones are a better choice.


Manual Coffee Grinders

True coffee lovers will always appreciate the satisfaction they get from grinding their coffee manually. Manual burr coffee grinders come with a swivel arm, which you can operate manually to rotate the burrs and grind the coffee beans.

The manual burr grinders have an ergonomic design to make prolonged grinding relatively easy. Most people feel that they are a lot more durable than some of the electric grinders available in the market. So we can say that if you want your investment to last for a long time, it is better to invest in a manual coffee grinder.



  • Manual coffee grinders give good performance in terms of consistent, uniform grounds.
  • They are lightweight and portable.
  • They are more durable and simple to use.
  • Manual coffee grinders cost less.
  • They are less expensive than electric grinders.


  • Manual coffee grinders take a lot more time and effort.
  • They grind a tiny batch at a time.

Electric Coffee Grinders

Automatic and electric grinders have their value. Not everyone can afford to spend ten valuable minutes from their morning routine just grinding the coffee. The automatic grinders are designed for efficiency and convenience. They also produce more consistent results and save a lot of time and effort, especially when you want an excellent grind. If you are a coffee addict and drink multiple cups of freshly ground coffee, electric grinders are a better choice.

electric coffee grinder


  • They give an excellent performance.
  • They make the task of grinding coffee very easy.
  • Electric grinders from reliable brands are very durable.
  • They offer various grind size settings.


  • If you buy a cheap one, you may be disappointed.
  • Some electric grinders are poorly built, and therefore they are not durable.
  • They are too noisy.
  • They increase your expense of electricity.
  • Reliable brands are costly.


Manual vs. Automatic Coffee Grinder – Which one is better?


As far as pricing is concerned, high-end electric coffee grinders are more expensive than their manual counterparts. If you have a limited budget, you can start with a manual one. They are much more durable than cheap and poorly built electric coffee grinders.


When it comes to the sound of grinding the coffee beans, electric ones are much noisier. If you are looking for a quiet coffee grinder, manual coffee grinders are a better choice.



Manual coffee grinders weigh less and are easily portable. You can carry them anywhere while you are traveling to make your coffee. Another added advantage is that you don’t need an electric connection to operate them.



Experts believe that hand-ground coffee has a much better taste. Automatic grinders have a breakneck speed than the hands. The automatic grinders produce a lot more heat, and they affect the flavor of coffee beans. So we can say that the hand grinds enhance the flavors.


The Brewing Method:

The coarseness of the grind depends on the methods you prefer for brewing your cup of coffee. Here is a table that will help you decide which type is perfect for your brew.



Extra fine Turkish coffee Electric
Fine Espresso, mocha, Aeropress Electric
Medium Cone-shaped pour-over brewers, flat bottom drip machines, siphon coffee, Aeropress Manual/ Electric
Medium coarse Chemex, café solo brewer, clever dripper Manual
coarse Cold Brew Coffee, Cowboy Coffee Manual


Manual vs. Electric Coffee Grinders – which one should you buy?

There are pros and cons of both types of coffee grinders. Manual grinders are better if you have an issue with noise and you want a quiet coffee grinder. Manual ones are relatively cheap and are best if you are tight on a budget. They are best for press, drip, or siphon brewing. If you want freshly ground coffee, you can easily carry a manual coffee grinder with you, even if you are traveling.

If you have a very tough routine and are always in a hurry, manual grinding is not your piece of cake. Especially if you have no issues with noise, it is better suitable for espresso or a Moka pot.


Blade vs. Burr

Coffee grinders come with two systems; blade or burr.

Blade grinders chop the beans with their blades, leaving lumps of variable sizes. When the beans are not ground uniformly, they do not produce desirable flavors because their extraction is not carried out equally.

Burr grinders grind coffee by a set of rotating burrs. In this way, they produce even grains, which give an enhanced, rich flavor.

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Deciding the best coffee grinder for your needs largely depends on your preference as well as your lifestyle. Freshly ground coffee has its charm. Now when you have an idea about coffee grinders, it is easier for you to choose the right coffee grinder so that you can enjoy a perfect brew every day.



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