What to Do With Outdoor Patio Furniture during winter?

By: John Garcia | Date Posted: January 26, 2022

Outdoor Patio Furniture during winter

In just a few months outdoor patio furniture will be obsolete as the outdoor party season ends and most people begin to store their outdoor living gear away for another year.

Outdoor patio furniture is often quite pricey, so this doesn’t mean it should be abandoned in a dark corner of your garage or shed for all of those many winter months ahead.

If you have outdoor furniture that you don’t want to put into storage, consider these ideas on what to do with outdoor patio furniture during winter

1. Use it as a centerpiece inside your home.

This is not only perfect if you live where temperatures drop drastically throughout the fall and wintertime; but also an affordable way to dress up your home for those holiday seasons approaching and through the winter holidays.

2. Create a mini outdoor garden in your home.

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Many outdoor furniture sets come with matching outdoor cushions and outdoor decorations – which, of course, only goes to enhance the look you’re going for; but it’s also something that can be purchased as an afterthought if need be.

In any case, place some outdoor pots or small planters on top of those outdoor tables and fill them with soil and green plants from the outside. Put outdoor candles or lanterns around those pots so they can light up those greenery areas once night falls over your home.

This actually looks very elegant and will give guests the impression that you have a lovely little outdoor courtyard all cozy inside your home!

3. Use outdoor patio furniture as outdoor winter décor.

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That outdoor table that comes with your outdoor patio set can actually become another home for all of your outdoor décor. Bring it all indoors and place outdoor string lights, outdoor candelabras, outdoor pinecones, outdoor pumpkins, and any other outdoor decorations you wish to store for the winter months to come inside that outdoor table (make sure to give them a good scrub before doing so).

Now you will have an immersive indoor/outdoor living room space! Outdoor heaters are also excellent if you plan on keeping your outdoor patio table outdoors, but make sure they’re off when guests arrive or at least well hidden to prevent injury (and inhaling carbon monoxide fumes).

4. If you are anything like me, then your outdoor patio furniture was one of the first items to be brought in out of the weather for winter.

The outdoor tables and chairs have all been covered with outdoor table covers.  Tables have been wiped down and put away until spring finally comes around.  You may even have some outdoor heaters to help melt off any snow or ice that has accumulated on them overnight.

Unfortunately, if you live anywhere where it snows and temperatures drop below freezing, outdoor patio furniture is not going to survive the winter outdoors.  No matter how well they are covered or what kind of heating system you use, there is still a good chance that could break during the cold months.

This leads to you having to buy outdoor patio furniture each year.  It can be very frustrating when you consider that outdoor tables and chairs are not cheap.

However, there is an alternative to this problem that will save you money.  You can store your outdoor tables and chairs inside for the winter; all you need is a little extra room in your garage or shed.  A sunroom would work great for this since it has high ceilings and gets enough natural light so plants can grow indoors without artificial lighting.

How to Protect Outdoor Patio Furniture during winter

If you decide to bring outdoor patio furniture inside, then there are a few things that you need to do first before putting them in storage.    You need to clean outdoor table covers and outdoor patio furniture before storing them.  Be sure to remove all dirt, grime, and pollen from outdoor tables and chairs.

You also need to make sure outdoor patio furniture is completely dry before bringing it indoors.  If you do not dry outdoor tables and chairs properly, then there is a good chance they will develop molds that will ruin the upholstery on outdoor tables and chairs.

You should never bring wet or damp outdoor patio furniture indoors because the reverse can happen as well; indoor air can cause outdoor furniture cushions to mildew and rot if left in humid conditions for too long.

Luckily, there are other ways to keep your outdoor patio furniture.

Luckily, there are other ways to keep your outdoor patio furniture.

1. Outdoor Patio Furniture as Indoor Décor

Now, if you just can’t part with your outdoor tables and chairs during the winter months, then consider turning them into indoor décor. If you have pieces that match or complement your indoor furniture, it will hardly be noticeable that you are using outdoor items.

2. Outdoor Furniture for Guests


While your guests probably would not appreciate sitting outside on an autumn or winter night, they may enjoy sitting around your outdoor patio set during the spring and summer months. If you keep all of your outdoor chairs covered with indoor chair covers, there is no reason why you can’t keep them outdoors during the warm months.

In fact, you could even use your outdoor patio furniture as a focal point for entertaining guests outside or impressing guests by serving drinks and appetizers on an outdoor patio.

3. Outdoor Furniture Storage

A simple way to turn your outdoor tables and chairs into indoor décor is to bring them inside and store them for the winter. When they are not in use, place your outdoor tables and chairs beneath a covered porch or garage.

Outdoor furniture storage is one of the best ways to protect your outdoor patio set during the harsh weather conditions that come with fall and winter

4. Outdoor Furniture Repair

Use treated lumber and hardware thats designed for outdoor use 1

If your outdoor table is made of wood, then you are in luck. Wood furniture can be easily repaired during the winter months. If you have a scratch or dent in your table, all you need to do is sand the area down and repaint it with oil-based paint that matches the original color of your table.

You may also want to paint the area around your scratch or dent because this will help prevent it from catching water and getting rained on during spring and summer. If you have a damaged leg, then you can easily construct a new one.


If you are thinking about outdoor patio furniture, think of all the extra space that outdoor tables and chairs provide.  Instead of having to go out and buy new outdoor patio furniture or rent it, why not use your outdoor table set as an indoor living room instead?  This will give your guests the impression that you have a lovely outdoor courtyard indoors which is perfect for getting together with friends over a pot of coffee during winter

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