Searching For A New Home? Things To Check Before Purchasing

Buying a new home is exciting. It’s the perfect time to visualize what it’ll be like to live in your dream home and bring your belongings into that special place you’ve always wanted. But before you start envisioning your life with this new house of yours, make sure you do your homework first. Here are some tips on what to check before purchasing or signing any deals for a new abode.

Type of Home

The first thing you should check before purchasing a home is what type of home it is. Is it going to an apartment, a flat, a condominium, or a house? Does it have an indoor and outdoor pool, gym, and all the other modern amenities you require? If it’s a home, is it pre-loved or brand new? Knowing what type of home will be your perfect fit will make the decision-making process easier. Their internet will provide you with a lot of online sites that specialize in properties to suit your preference. You can go online and browse HDB resale flats or two-bedroom houses with a porch or even a studio apartment if that is your preference. Different houses may have different requirements on the types of roofing, floorings, and other building materials that are used. It’s best to check if your abode has any setback restrictions for specific types of construction or methods in order to avoid future problems with your new house.


The next thing you should check is the price. Most people forget to take this into account since they’re too excited about the home and just want to get it right away. But if you don’t know what a particular house or neighborhood is worth, then you might end up paying more than necessary. Keep in mind that properties with lower asking prices could be because of renovations needed or may even have hidden defects. So make sure to do your homework before taking on any offers from real estate agents. The price of any property can determine whether or not you should buy it. Houses in prime neighborhoods are priced at different amounts per square foot. If this is what you’re looking for, do your research to see how much similar houses in that particular neighborhood go for and decide if that amount is reasonable based on its location.

Size Of The Home

Another important factor to consider when buying a new home is its size, especially if you plan on living alone, as a couple, or as a family. A small-sized property for a family will result in much-wasted space. Even though homeowners always say that you can fit more furniture in smaller rooms, it’s actually not easy to decorate and furnish something properly if the space is limited. If you like the look of a cozy-sized house for yourself, but know you’ll need space for guests to visit or even for children, make sure to take their needs into consideration before signing any papers.

It’s also important to take note of your daily routine when choosing what size of home suits you best since how one spends their time at home differs based on everyone’s lifestyles. For instance, some people who are constantly outdoors prefer living near parks or greenery whereas others may enjoy having an outdoor grill area to entertain friends and family during barbecues. Others may want modern


Searching For A New Home

Before you even set foot in the home, make sure you research its location. It might be near your friend’s house or it may be near a beautiful vista you always wanted to see but if traffic is terrible in that area or there’s only one convenient store nearby, the location may not be as good as advertised. Once inside the home, take note of how far certain appliances are from where you’ll usually stay in the living room and bedroom. If they’re far away, then prepare to spend more on electricity bills than expected or bring along your treadmill while furnishing the house since extra walking will become necessary (but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing).

Health Concerns & Water Quality

Is your new place located near a factory? Is it near a busy road where high amounts of pollution are dumped every day? If it is, make sure to invest in an air purifier or get your house checked for mold and other potential health hazards that may affect you. If you’re unsure, call the local public health officials and ask what they think about this new location you’re eyeing on. Also, check if there are hospitals nearby because sometimes these places can be located in the outskirts of the city making it hard for you to reach them in time in case medical emergencies arise. You’ll drink water from this place every day so find out how clean the tap water is! Some people prefer drinking bottled water instead but with bottled water prices going up and the trash generated because of it, you might want to invest in a filtration system instead. Even if the water is deemed safe to drink by the local health office, periodically check your water quality and make sure to get your house tested by a specialized lab every 2 years or so.

Home Appliances

If your new place comes with appliances like washing machines and refrigerators, make sure they’re working properly before signing on that dotted line (or clicking that submit order button). If you don’t know how to use them or can’t find manuals for help then find someone who does before deciding whether or not to take these appliances with you. You’ll save yourself from future headaches when something breaks down all of a sudden without proper knowledge of how to fix it.

Home Safety

Check if there are fences surrounding the house because you don’t want burglars scaling walls and breaking into your home at night. At the same time, check for signs of termite infestation inside the house since these insects can destroy wooden door frames, floorboards or even entire houses so prevent this from happening by getting a pest control service every year before they have the chance to become an issue. Also, check exit routes in case you need to evacuate fast during fires or natural disasters. The last thing you want is not having enough time to escape when tragedy strikes!

Searching For A New Home?

When choosing what home to live in next, remember these few basic steps when deciding. Depending on your preferences and budget, keep in mind that the size of the home is relative so try looking at different sizes before finally making a decision. Also, consider your daily lifestyle when thinking about which location is right for you since some people love living near busy streets while others prefer living closer to nature. Lastly, make sure the water coming out of your tap is clean and drinkable by checking up on its quality every 2 years or so while simultaneously checking if all appliances are working properly before taking them with you into your new place.

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