Selecting The Right Custom Shade Sails for Your Outdoor Arena

How to choose custom shade sails? There are so many reasons now to get quality shade sails by your side. Sometimes, you are using them to cover your outdoor patio area, and then you can use the same sail for covering your driveway. Some of these shade sails can really turn out to be a great investment for your property. So, without wasting time, it is important to work with the best team of experts, to help you create the sails you have been wanting for so long. If you still think about the right type of material to use for creating your sails, it is recommended to visit Yard Sail.

The Best Shade Sails In The Industry

At Yard Sail, we know that there are many custom shade sail options available in the market, but finding the best one can be a real challenge. If you want to use the sails for covering your outdoor patio area, or if you want to use it as a parking shade sail, we can help you pick the right design. Do you still think about the right type of material to use? We can help you select between vinyl and nylon fabrics, which are the best options in the industry.

Customizing the standard shade sails:

Now the best thing is that you can purchase the sails whenever you want from the reputed online stores. They have some standard versions already made depending on what the latest trend is in. But, sometimes, the standard ones might not fit your bill well and you might want something different. For that, going for the custom shade sails will be a great option to consider. Now, you can be associated with the manufacturing section of the shade sail by providing your design and shape ideas.

Not just protecting your outdoor space from the sun, but these shades are now available in waterproof fabrics too. So, even if it is drizzling outside and you still want to sit outside to enjoy nature at its best, you can easily get to that. However, with so many colors, suppliers, and styles, it might be a bit too much to make the right decision on the first go. But some research can help you big time on that!

Identifying the structure:

Identifying the structure

Always identify the structure where you want to attach the shade sail. Attaching the sail to the current structures like garages or houses is always a good start. If that doesn’t feel suitable for you, then you can buy posts for holding the shades for you.

  • Make sure to install at least one corner of your sail lower than the rest. It will allow the rainwater to not accumulate and just runoff.
  • In case the sail is not taut enough or installed at an improper angle, then rainwater will start to accumulate on waterproof fabric, which will cause it to tear or stretch.
  • It is highly recommended to go for around 30 degrees angle of incline for every possible shade sail you have invested in. That will provide enough angles for the rainwater to flow well.

Sail washing:

After using your shade sail for a long time, it is recommended to wash the sails and install them back. This will protect them from UV degradation and causing harm to their lifespan.


Having a good maintenance plan for any outdoor property can help you save many dollars on repairs and replacements. So, it is advised to check on your shade sails for any tears or damage, once every three months. In this way, you will be able to prevent damages and breakage of the sail for a more extended period of time.

Before ordering your custom shade sails, make sure that what fabrics are they made from? Are these colors fade-proof? Looking for the right things on the internet can surely help you get better sails in good shape. As mentioned earlier, installing them properly is also necessary to make sure they work well. Still, if you are looking for more outdoor ideas for your property, make sure to consult with experts and professionals to find out what all needs to be done for ensuring a good investment.

Well, the sails you have found are well suited for your outdoor space. Now comes the installation part. However, it is always better to consult with professionals in this area so that everything works out for you in a comprehensive manner.

Using the right tools to protect your shade sail:

When you are working with professionals, they will always guide you on how to use the right tools for installation. But using any object that is pointy can harm both the waterproof fabric and aluminum structure of your shade sails. So, it is advisable to use proper safety gloves with appropriate safety tips. Also, always wear protective eyewear while working with any tools used for the installation process of shade sails.

Reinforcing the corners:

If you are installing these sails for commercial purposes like covering a large open field, the strong winds could damage them easily. But using corner pockets can work well in such cases to protect your shade sails from any damages.

Using tapes:

The tarpaulin fabric used in shade sails can tear easily, especially if there are strong winds or there is a lot of sandstorms around. So, using good-quality leather tapes for reinforcement works well. Also, it is highly recommended to use tape for tying the sail around the aluminum structure. This way your shade sail will last for a very long time.

It is important to consider all of the above factors when it comes to working with shade sails. By doing so, you can be sure that any weather conditions around won’t damage them easily and they will work well for years together!


You have to focus on the space too, which you want to shade using the sails. Most of the time, people already have an idea where they want to place the shade sail. It is only after deciding on the space that they move forward and plan to buy one. But, one good thing about shade sail is that they are flexible and can be moved from one place to another, unlike the permanent shade solutions. So, if you want to move the shade from time to time, you have the liberty to do that with ease! You don’t have to be a master in this craft for its maneuver because it is damn easy!

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