The Ultimate Space-Saving Tricks Every Homeowner Should Know

By: John Garcia | Date Posted: November 18, 2022

Small and simple homes can have a minimal environmental impact, while homeowners can learn how to be creative when space is tight. Many homeowners choose a smaller home to produce the least pollutants, reduce energy loss, and save money. Whatever your reason may be, limited space doesn’t mean you have to compromise on design.

A little visionary thinking and the right strategies can help you amplify your space and create a comfortable environment, even if the space is small. From switching furniture styles to clearing the space and implementing creative storage hacks, there are a few ways to make your space work harder to meet your vision.

The key to making the most of each square footage is being resourceful during the design and organization. Follow these tips and tricks to design, declutter, and transform your home to live large in a small space.

Don’t Stop Decluttering


Your decluttering process shouldn’t stop once you’ve settled into your new home. As you purchase more items and spend time in the space, more clutter will likely spread across your home and make the space look messy and overcrowded. Not only does clutter make your home look smaller and leave a bad impression on guests, but it also causes feelings of stress, fatigue and depression.

Gradually start decluttering and take it one day at a time. Tackle smaller spaces, such as tables, drawers, and items, in your immediate environment. Once you’ve cleared out the areas visible at first glance, start clearing our kitchen cabinets, bedrooms, and storage areas.

Free Up Floor Space

Homes can look smaller when there are too many things on the floor, especially if the space is already limited. Creating floor space can also give your home a modern look and add innovative elements to the design. Here are some ways you can free up floor space:

  • Shelves: Install floating shelves in your home to display items that may have otherwise been stored inside a bulky cabinet. This is a great way to showcase your items without taking up floor space.
  • Sliding Drawers & Cabinets: Instead of taking up space on the floor, sliding drawers and cabinets allow you to hide away items and bring them out when needed. This is an excellent option for the kitchen and dining area.
  • Over-Door Storage: Over-door hangers are great for hanging items if you don’t have enough room in your closet and want to avoid adding a coat rack to the room, as it can take up floor space.

Free Up Floor Space

Choose Convertible Furniture

Convertible furniture helps you manage space in your home and promotes easy navigation in limited spaces. It allows you to replace several pieces of furniture with a single piece that performs multiple roles. You can adjust convertible furniture based on your needs, including solutions such as table extension fitting, pull-out drawer tables, sliding worktops, etc. So, you can use it as a console table, work table, or dining table, depending on your individual needs.

One of the best things about choosing convertible furniture from a reputable brand is that you don’t have to compromise style or quality when making space in your home. Adding a solid wood extendable dining table to your home can elevate the space and help you create a layout for the room that works in your favor. When you need walking space, adjust the panels, and create a cozy table for your family members. If you invite people over, extend the table to turn it into a banquet table without taking up space when it isn’t in use.

Get Creative with Storage

From Cabinets to Shelves: A Guide to Choosing the Right Storage Furniture for Your Home

Living in a tight space doesn’t mean you have to give up your favorite items to make space. There are a few ways you can organize your home to make storage space.

  • Hidden Storage: If you need more closets or cabinets, you can utilize hidden storage to stylishly disguise items you’d rather not display. This includes benches and ottomans with space to store items or coffee tables with a hidden storage compartment.
  • Under the Stairs Storage: If you’ve watched Harry Potter, you already know what the area underneath the stairs can fit. So, why not utilize space under your stairs to store items you don’t need in sight?
  • Baskets: You can tuck away anything in a basket and top it off with a throw, so your guests can’t see the mess underneath. Utilize a wide range of different-colored baskets and store them on shelves or other areas to create a clean look in your home.

Brighten it Up

A room’s lighting source and paint can contribute to how big or small the space looks. You can do a few things to brighten up a room and give it the illusion of a larger space.

  • Add different lighting sources: Relying on the window to bring in light or using a single bulb can make the space look smaller. Add a few different lighting sources to the space, such as hanging lights, spotlights, lamps, and chandeliers, to brighten the room.
  • Switch up the paint: A dark color can make the room appear smaller, especially if there isn’t sufficient lighting. Choose light and white tones, as they reflect natural light and make surfaces appear more prominent to the eyes.
  • Maximize light with mirrors: Strategically place your mirrors near a light source, such as directly opposite windows, to reflect natural light whenever possible. This will expand the visual space and brighten a dark room to make it appear larger.

Get Creative with Storage

The artwork you choose can contribute to how big or small a room feels. Artwork with bold colors and designs can look great on your wall, but it can also make the room look smaller. Choose minimalist prints with a sole subject and focal point. The surrounding space will feel wide open when the painting focuses on a single subject. A light-color painting is also a great choice as it adds depth to a room. Art pieces with lots of white space or bright shades enhance the feeling of space, creating an illusion of a bigger room. For example, a painting with different shades of light pink against white may create that spacious effect.

Applying the Right Tricks

This guide discusses a range of helpful space-saving tricks to help you create an illusion of a bigger space in a small home. Choose the methods that best suit your budget, needs, lifestyle, and taste to transform your home!

Thank you for reading!


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