Wondering How Effective It Is To Use A Bulletproof Ceramic Plate For Protection?

By: John Garcia | Date Posted: October 11, 2021

What do you know about the bulletproof ceramic plates? When you’re looking into materials and devices that might be required to save your life, the search can quickly get stressful. Wading through sales copywriting and snazzy advertising is only the beginning; you need to know if what you’re looking at is actually going to do what it claims it can do. Sometimes, what you’re looking for won’t give you a second chance to try again. The following will explore just one element of bulletproof protection—ceramic plates. The goal here is to explore the use and effectiveness of ceramic plates when it comes to protecting against bullet-caused harms. It is important to note that in most situations, the effectiveness of a bulletproof item or material relies heavily on it being used correctly.

Before We Begin: Safety Precautions

If you have any reason at all to suspect that you have been targeted by someone with the intention to harm you using a gun or any other method or have reason to believe that you have been targeted specifically for a crime of any sort, it is of the utmost importance that you reach out to the local authorities. You may, of course, wish to take security measures, but these do not replace reaching out to law enforcement.

Likewise, when it comes to gauging a material’s bulletproof effectiveness, it is critical that you do not attempt to test things out at home. Devices and materials designed to protect you from harm when being fired upon are for emergency usage only. This means you shouldn’t play around with them. They are not toys.

If you are often around people who are carrying or operating firearms, it is critical that you and everyone involved understanding the basics of firearm safety. Firearms should never be directed at something that you do not have an intention of shooting (keeping in mind that bullets can penetrate both ceilings and walls, typically the safe direction is down as you cannot be sure what is on the other side of the wall or upstairs); when not in use, firearms should be kept unloaded in a secure, locked location. The safety of your firearm should never be relied on; you should only ever be using the correct ammunition for your specific firearm. You should also be wearing eye and ear protection when shooting as permanent damage to your sight or hearing is a real concern.

Understand How Bulletproof Efficiency Is Measured

Bulletproof Ceramic Plate

If you are wondering how effective something is when it comes to preventing damage from bullets, you first need to understand the levels used in rating bulletproof products. The National Institute of Justice (sometimes referred to as NIJ) has developed a system whereby bulletproof items can be understood and give items a level ranking. Their systematic exploration is considered official in that it is the information used for those selecting body armor and other protective gear for law enforcement officers. The organization measures body armor by ballistic performance.

In addition to this, the manufacturer of the body armor and plates you’re looking at might have their own leveling system. Before you begin shopping, be sure to understand this leveling system and ask for clarification if anything is confusing to you. If the particular scenario you are imagining is not described in this leveling system, don’t simply assume that what works in one situation is going to work in another. Ask the manufacturer.

Understand Additional Factors

Life is complicated, and so is bulletproof protection. There are several additional factors that your manufacturer can explain to you. When thinking about bulletproof ceramic plates or other items, you want to ask after the life-cycle of the armor; how long does it last? Are there things that can be done to it that help extends or shorten its life? How should it be worn? It often doesn’t matter how effective an item is if it isn’t worn correctly. Are there care standards you need to meet to keep its effectiveness functional? Are there additional items that need to be used alongside the one you are considering for optimal performance? In many instances, ceramic plates are used congruently with bulletproof vests. Only together are these two items at their full strength.

What Are Ceramic Armour Plates?

Ceramic armor plates are plates designed to work along with a bulletproof vest to increase the protection provided. Ballistic plates combined with a level IIIA (or 3A) bulletproof vest tend to be considered the highest level of protection available (often resulting in level four protection). Ceramic plates are one option for ballistic plates.

Ceramic plates are designed to fit neatly into the pockets of a bulletproof vest (before purchasing a specific set of plates, you’ll want to be sure that they fit with the vest you own or are thinking of buying).

Ceramic is often selected compared to other options because it often contains the bullet (steel, for example, often deflects the bullet meaning it could end up bouncing off something you don’t want it to). It is also one of the lighter options available.

Other Considerations

Depending on where you plan on wearing ceramic plates within your bulletproof vest, you might want to consider the weight of the plates. Some add only a few pounds, but others will add considerably more. You need to understand that you might find yourself moving more slowly or getting tired more quickly when carrying the extra weight around.

Similarly, the number of ceramic ballistic plates you need will depend on what sort of environment you’re intending on wearing them within. It might be worth noting that SWAT team members are typically only shot at from the front and so tend to wear only one plate in the front pocket. People in warzones often wear two: one on the back and one on the chest.


As you can see above, ceramic plates are a very effective part of bulletproofing when used in congruence with a bulletproof vest. This being said, if the vest and plates don’t fit you correctly, the effectiveness can be hindered.

The above information should help you understand that ceramic plates can be an excellent component of bulletproofing but that their effectiveness depends on you correcting fitting, using, and caring for them.

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