Why Attic Insulation is Worth the Investment?: 11 Reasons

By: John Garcia | Date Posted: October 12, 2021

Attic insulation is essential for any home. Even if you don’t live in a cold climate, having an insulated pet pipe can provide a range of further benefits aside from keeping your home warmer during the winter. Insulation for your attic should be at the top of your priority list whether you’re building a new property or making updates to your existing home. Some of the main reasons why attic insulation is worth the investment include:

Reduces Energy Bills

Attic Insulation Reduces Energy Bills

Everybody likes saving money on their regular household expenses, and reducing your energy bills is certainly one of the top 5 ways attic insulation will improve your home. Without insulation in the attic, it is easier for the external temperature and cold air to get into the property through the roof, which results in your heating system working harder to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. In the summer, this works the other way around, and your air conditioning will need to work harder to keep you cool. When your attic is insulated, it keeps outdoor temperatures outdoor where they belong, resulting in less stress on your HVAC system.

Reduces External Noise

Attic Insulation Reduces External Noise

Insulation doesn’t just protect your home from the weather outside – it can also act as a sound barrier. External noise can come through your roof from planes, traffic, gardening machines, and the rain, leaving you living in a rather noisy environment in a place where you’re supposed to be able to relax. While a good roofing system can also help to reduce the impact of external noise in your home, it can only do so much. Insulating your attic will help to keep your home quiet and peaceful, no matter what is happening outside.

Improves Your Comfort

With attic insulation, you can enjoy a more comfortable home life. Insulation that is installed at the top of your home in the attic prevents cold and hot air from traveling upwards, which ultimately leads to a more consistent temperature in your home throughout the day, no matter the season. Whether you’re running your heating system or your air conditioning, you won’t have to keep adjusting it.

Protects the Structure

Attic Insulation Protects the Structure

Insulation in the attic can also serve as a protector against moisture seeping through the roof and into your property, which in turn can help to keep it structurally sound for longer. While a modern roof is designed to keep moisture out, roofs are not always foolproof. And if you have an older roof, there is a much higher risk that moisture will be able to get in through it. Insulation in the attic will slow moisture down and can often act as a barrier to it getting through. While you’ll still need to repair the leak, there’s a smaller risk of damage to the structure of your home or any belongings that you store in the attic.

Improves Air Quality

Attic Insulation Improves Air Quality

Several pollutants can enter your home from the outside, like smoke, dirt, mold, and radon. When you install an attic installation, you get to prevent air pollutants’ health effects. When you feel symptoms like headaches, fatigue, and respiratory problems without any apparent reason, there is a good possibility air pollution is something you have to look at.

Increases Home Value

When you install attic insulation or you just upgrade it, you instantly add value to the property. It is something that interested home buyers will not see but it is a very strong point to show when you try to sell. Since attic insulation reduces energy costs, keeps the home more comfortable, and protects your roof, home value increases are instant.

Creates An Extra Useful Space

Most attics are simply used for storage purposes because they are very cold or very hot. This is a shame since we are talking about a large area of the home you could use for something else. With the use of spray foam insulation, extreme temperatures are removed from the attic. This means you can create a new bedroom, a family room, or a playroom. Uncomfortable storage space simply turns into a room you can enjoy and that would add more value to the property.

Prevents Winter Ice Dams

When attic insulation is proper, ice dams can be eliminated or at least reduced. Icicles and ice dams are responsible for thousands of dollars of real estate property damage to the home’s exterior and interior.

Keeping Pests Away

Modern attic insulation is pest-resistant. It helps keep several unwanted pests away from your home. This is important since attics offer a perfect area for several types of pests to build a nest. Before you even know it you can end up with birds, squirrels, or mice living inside the attic.

When you have old insulation, there is actually a high possibility you already have some pests present. Talk to a specialist to inspect the attic and replace the old installation as soon as you can.

Preventing Structural Damage

Attic insulation is very important when it comes to preventing water vapor from hitting the structure of the house. Moisture damage is very important since vapors can seep right into ceilings, walls, and the roof. This can lead to eroding cement, mildew, mold, and wood rot. Attic insulation can thus prevent the appearance of structural damage, which is very expensive to fix.

Improves The Efficiency Of The HVAC System

When attic insulation is improper, the HVAC system ends up having to work a lot harder when it comes to keeping the home cool or warm. With attic insulation, the temperature control system does not need to work so hard to wear and tear are decreased. This translates into obvious savings because you pay less on your utility bills but you should also think about how much money you save since you do not need to repair your HVAC system as often.

Attic insulation might not be the most exciting upgrade to your home, but it’s certainly an important one with plenty of reasons not to skip it. Many others can be mentioned except those above and you can be sure you will quickly figure them out.

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