A Guide for Using Asphalt for Driveway Construction

Asphalt for Driveway Construction

If you want an affordable and durable way to pave your driveway, consider using asphalt as a raw material. Asphalt driveways are a popular choice for residential and commercial buildings: they Look like the standard road in our streets. A construction involves combining asphalt, tar, sand, and stone. The raw material will undergo intense heating to liquify it for construction.

On the other hand, the preparation will depend on what you want to do to your driveway. An asphalt company will have solutions to your specific needs. It includes filling cracks and new driveway construction.

Why Choose Asphalt Driveway?

Provably you may wonder why asphalt is bypassing concrete as the raw material for pavement and driveway construction. Although some people use the name interchangeably, the materials are different. It is beneficial to learn the differences to ensure you make the best decision for your home. Here are ways that asphalt and concrete doffer;

  • Aesthetics; appeal differs from one person to another. Asphalt is black due to tar, and it will seem like an extension of the road into your property. On the contrary, concrete has a lighter shade and will appear grey. It makes it easy for concrete to stain than when paving with asphalt.
  • Adhesive; asphalt uses tar to hold the components together, while cement does the same for concrete driveways. The latter option is more expensive to buy than the former.
  • Durability; it is essential to consider the weather elements when constructing the driveway. The climate will impact the surfaces and cause degradation. Concrete is more susceptible to the factors than asphalt as it cracks due to cold weather. Still, heat will cause expansion and cause breakage. However, when using asphalt, the tar will melt, making the driveway sticky but will maintain the construction in good condition.
  • Maintenance; asphalt will require constant care during its first months after construction to extend its service life. Sealing is vital after heavy rains to prevent the impact of water on the surface. Professionals in the sector expect asphalt driveways to last for 30 years and more. On the other hand, concrete will last longer in extreme weather conditions but are susceptible to other things like staining. Still, it is easy to repair wear and tear in asphalt driveways than the alternative.
  • Cost: it is much cheaper to construct an asphalt driveway than to use concrete as a raw material. However, the prices can rise when petroleum products sell at a higher rate. Apart from the construction cost, it is advisable to factor in future costs like maintenance to make the best decision for your driveway.

What are Your Options?

What are Your Options

It is essential to set up the appropriate base for your asphalt driveway for longevity. There are likely problems in the future if you install it on unstable ground. It is best to have an expert design the driveway to ensure you follow the requirements to ensure quality work. Shortcuts can be expensive in the long run. So, you need to identify qualified individuals for the job. Vetting a company before hiring their expertise in driveway installation helps avoid firms who offer a shoddy job. Here are the options you have when constructing the driveway around your property;

  • Remodel an existing driveway; you can remodel without needing to spend much on the exercise. If your driveway has small cracks, the specialists can fill the spaces and transform the surface. They will place a new layer on the existing asphalt driveway. However, it is vital to consider thongs like the door and gate to avoid limiting their movement by raising the surface.
  • New installation; consider it when you do not have the pathways on your property. If there is extensive damage to an existing asphalt driveway, it is best to remove it and construct a new one. It is an affordable way to pave a new place and transform the outdoors. Unlike building on bare soil using asphalt as raw material, you can opt for a base to make the driveway last longer. It entails using a stone at the bottom and placing the asphalt on top of it.

What to Expect

Asphalt driveway construction does not take a lot of time. However, it depends on the area you want to pave and the process you will take. The challenging job is installing the base when using the technique. After preparing the under the surface, laying the top layer will take less than an hour for a small area. Still, smoothening the surface and making it compact will take time to ensure you get the best outcome with the home improvement project.

Apart from construction time, it takes longer for asphalt to completely dry. Although you can use the driveway after two days, it may take up to a month for asphalt to dry. It is necessary to avoid damaging the driveway as you use it after construction. Car tires can leave marks on the surface if it is not dry.

The best season to construct is during the spring or summer since water can hamper your work and damage the items. During the cold season, it will be challenging to work outdoors. The technicians might not smoothen the surface properly, leaving it rough. Working during the hot weather keeps the asphalt in a liquid state for a better job. Still, you will use more raw material if you work during the winter.

Selecting the Right Contractor for your Asphalt Driveway construction

If you want to get the best outcome with your driveway construction, getting the best contractor for the job is advisable. Below are some factors to consider;

  • A background check; do not hire any contractor without knowing more about them. Thanks to the internet, you can get information from the comfort of your smartphone or computer. Research a company to identify the right one to hire.
  • Consider certifications and licensing; companies with the required documents in their industry show their compliance and expertise. Check for relevant licenses and certificates to ensure that you are working with a professional. Ensure the documents are up to date.
  • Customer reviews; client feedback can help you know about a company and the customer service. You can get the information from review sites over the internet to help you make the right decision.

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