Top 5 Reasons a Stairlift in Your Home Can Be Beneficial

By: John Garcia | Date Posted: April 27, 2022

Are you considering a stairlift for your home but not sure if you need one or not? Here are a few signs a stairlift for your home will make complete sense.

If you have someone in your home who has issues with mobility, a stairlift makes a perfect solution to the problem. Having a stairlift can be an alternative to installing expensive elevators or lifts.

You can fit a stairlift into your existing staircase, making it easy for them to go up and down without help. Stairlifts are quick to install, hence they are widely used across the US.

In this article, we will discuss five reasons why you may need a stairlift in your home.

Why You Might Need a Stairlift


There are quite a few reasons stairlifts can be a practical choice for your home. If you are having difficulty reaching the upper floors of your home, a stairlift can be the best solution.

Some of the reasons you might find it challenging to go up the stairs are:

  • If you have arthritis
  • If you have any other illness or disease
  • If you feel weak
  • If you have injuries to the back or spine
  • If you can’t carry heavy items
  • If you have knee injuries

Contrary to what many people believe, a stairlift is not something meant only for older people. Younger people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, for instance, can use stairlifts to get upstairs. Someone who is unable to lift heavy items can simply sit on a chair and carry the box upstairs.

Signs You Need a Stairlift in Your Home

Unstable Mobility of Your Special Child, Parents, or Grandparents

If you notice any of these signs, you know it is time to get a stairlift for your home.

You Avoid Going Up the Stairs

Are you avoiding using the stairs? Do you see yourself dreading the prospect of having to climb all those steps to get to the second floor? There may be quite a few reasons for this, as we mentioned in the previous section. But whatever they may be, it is a clear sign that something needs to change, and what better option than a stairlift?

You Are Getting Older

As you get older, it becomes increasingly difficult to climb stairs, forcing you to spend more time on the ground floor. As old age catches on, you will find that it takes a whole lot of extra effort for you to climb to the second floor and that the experience might be very painful and exhausting. If you see this sign occurring more frequently, it is time to get a stairlift.

You Keep Falling on the Stairs

Falling on the stairs while climbing may happen to anyone occasionally. But if you see that you are stumbling or falling multiple times while climbing the stairs, this is a clear sign that you need to explore other alternatives to getting to the second floor, such as stairlifts. This becomes more crucial if you have hurt yourself badly due to a fall on the stairs.

You Need to Take Several Breaks While Climbing the Stairs

If you notice that you are not able to get to the top of the stairs without taking a break or two, this is a clear sign that you need to use an alternate method.

You may need to take breaks for many reasons, such as having knee pain or just being out of breath, but whatever the reason may be, you need to think of options such as stairlifts to address mobility issues.

You Feel Dizzy or Faint While Climbing the Stairs

Feel Dizzy or Faint While Climbing the Stairs

If you get dizzy while you are climbing the stairs, or worse yet, you have passed out or fallen while climbing, this is a clear indication that you need to get a stairlift.

A Few Common Concerns with Stairlifts

A Few Common Concerns with Stairlifts

If you are contemplating whether getting a stairlift would be the ideal choice for you, then read on to know a few common concerns surrounding stairlifts. Go over the things you need to consider before installing a stairlift so that the decision does not become a financial burden later on.

What If I Have an Unusual Staircase?

Stairlifts are designed to accommodate a variety of staircases, and most likely, your staircase is included. They are designed to work with the natural shape of your stairs, whether it is a curved or straight design. Some staircases will also attach directly to the actual stairs, eliminating the need to have a wall behind them.

How Much Space Will the Stairlift Take Up?

Many people are concerned about the amount of space the stairlift will take. The chances that the stairlift will block the stairway are low as they can be tucked away or folded up.

To accommodate the stairlift and someone sitting on it, the stairs need to be at least 30 inches wide, so if that’s the case, then you are golden.

How Can I Buy a Stairlift?

You need to contact a lift installer and tell them what your requirements are. Most companies offer to come to your home for a free check to see your stairs.

They will give you a more accurate quote, which will help you to make up your mind. They will design the stairlift for your staircase, and once it is approved, they will install it for you.

Will the Stairlift Devalue My Home?

The value of your home may be slightly brought down once you decide to remove the stairlift later on. This will depend on whether removing the stairlift has done any damage.

The holes will need to be fixed and the carpet on the stairs will need to be replaced. But there might be buyers who are actually looking for houses that have a stairlift, so in that case, having a stairlift will actually increase the value of your home.

Just be sure to do your homework to iron out all the things that you need to keep in mind before you get a stairlift.

Summing Up

Having a stairlift at home could significantly impact the quality of your life. It will enable you to have mobility and get to different floors instead of staying restricted to one.

Being able to identify these signs will help you decide if you need a stairlift at home. Once you’ve chosen and installed the right type of stairlift for your needs, you will be free to move about your home like you used to.

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