What Does It Takes To Create A Cozy Living Room?

By: Jan Hajek | Date Posted: November 16, 2020

Having a great living room that’s cozy and welcoming can be a challenge. But with the right elements, you can create a space that’s comfortable for everyone who enters. Here are some tips on how to make your living room warm and inviting:

Tips to Create A Cozy Living Room

1. Smooth Shapes And Rounded Edges

Smooth Shapes And Rounded Edges

Smooth, curvy lines and shapes will define a cozy living room that exudes an inviting feel. Sharp, hard edges with many straight lines make the area feel rigid and inflexible.

They make people feel the need to sit up straight and take things seriously. However, you will make the living room a more carefree setting by injecting a relaxing ambiance using the furniture, décor design, and radiators from Radiators UK.

For that cozy feel in your living room, use furniture that feels as though it is embracing you. Some of the options for this include a sofa you can sink into when seated or a comfy couch you can curl up in and feel warm. Check out Sofamania for a great selection.

Round coffee tables and other such furniture encourage people to gather around, thus promoting socialization. That is why rounded corners on armchairs and sofas create a more tactile and welcoming feeling.

If you have hard surfaces, add some squishy cushions and soft rugs on the floor.

2. Add Some Colour And Tone

Add Some Colour And Tone

White walls can brighten up the living room during the day and make the areas feel airy. However, they also can feel stark and cold under certain lights.

If that is the case with your walls, consider adding a subtle hint of a contrasting hue to warm up everything. For instance, updating the walls to a light beige or off-white can transform the room, making it feel more natural, cozier, and inviting.

Working with colored accessories can also help introduce a new tone. Layer up the hues to break up the expanse of material on the couches, sofas, or chairs, creating exciting pops of color.

Complementary colors on opposing sides of the spectrum will help strike a balance in the overall presentation. You can click here to find some natural-looking furniture to perfectly complement your space.

3. Turn Off The Overhead Light

Turn Off The Overhead Light

Spending your evening under an overhead light on full brightness can make you feel awake and restless when all you want is to relax and unwind.

Consider installing a dimmer switch and layering the lighting with different light sources to create a warmer and more inviting feel. You can use plenty of accent lights with softer and more diffused illumination to set a cozy scene.

For that cozy living room ambiance, use wooden lamps that will be the focal point. Place them on shelves, side tables, or sideboards – helping to draw eyes around the space to the cozy, inviting corners. Click here to know more about how to get the lighting right and to set the perfect mood.

4. Create Moments Of Intimacy Using Furniture

If you strike a balance in your furniture’s presentation, you will have the pieces conversing with each other. But you must take the time to consider how you will use the space, ensuring it feels more natural.

You can achieve this by placing some items at an angle or opposite someone. Pushing everything against a wall is the default layout for most people when creating a greater sense of space.

However, it is an arrangement that can make a person feel as though they are in a waiting room at the dentists. You can counter this by clustering the pieces together, giving the living room a more intimate feel.

For instance, you can set the armchair at an angle, positioning it opposite the sofa.

5. Block Out The Outside World

Did you know there is such a thing as introvert interiors? When you talk of a room that feels cozy, it means you have an area ideal for some peace and quiet as you enjoy a refreshing moment.

It is a thing that can have you thinking of spending much time away from the noise, people, and the stress of daily living.

Linen hanging over the windows will help manage the natural lighting while providing a sense of privacy.

But consider installing curtains with discreet technology that will not dominate the overall ambiance. Also, get rid of the things that break the silence you wish to enjoy in the evenings.

Start with turning your phone on silent and jamming to some mellow tunes to help you hunker down and relax.

You may also want to try out special window blinds: Select Blinds Canada. Your room will immediately become more cozy and pleasant to stay in.

6. Use Warm, Uplifting Scents

Use Warm Uplifting Scents

Musty linen scent, and stagnant air that is richly saturated by the smell of cooked food, might not help you get cozy in the living room.

You can set the perfect mood by introducing soothing aromas that take you on a journey, creating little moments of escapism.

Air the living area during the day and light a scented candle in the evening, or spritz a suitable room spray.

You can use the scents to remind you of how wonderful it feels to be relaxed. You can evoke a feeling of the outdoors by introducing a Smokey, woody aroma.

Fresh green notes and fragrant lavender in the living room can help create a spa-like feeling. Research shows that smells have a significant influence on your emotions. Light scented candles, and you will send little signals to the brain that it is time to unwind.

What Makes You Feel At Home?

Some people prefer introducing outdoor life inside by bringing in some plants and other things borrowed from nature. For others, it is a matter of tweaking the room by playing around with the lighting and bright patterns to give it life.

Whichever the preference, it is often influenced by how we were brought up, the things that connect you to home. That is why people want to surround themselves with what they know, the things they love.

Therefore, give your choices some thought so that the items you decide to surround yourself with will have a deeper meaning to the room even as you strive to make it feel cozy and welcoming.


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