5 Fitted Kitchen Trends to Check Out for 2021


There are two types of people in renovating or remodeling their homes: those who have everything planned out perfectly and those who do not know where to start. If you’re the latter, then you have come to the perfect place to get some ideas about your future kitchen! Whether you’re wondering how to find fitted kitchens near me or “best kitchen ideas,” all your queries will be solved right here!

How to Design and Build the Kitchen of Your Dreams?

Kitchens aren’t only meant for cooking; it has become a place where people spend most of their day, and where they can socialize as well. So, it is important to have a comfortable, functional, and spacious kitchen. A carefully planned kitchen can be beneficial, and when you plan it right the first time, chances are you will not want to look for any updates.

Whether you should go for a kitchen island or fancy worktops depends on your needs and requirements. Hence, before you start planning your remodeling, it is best to note down what you wish to incorporate in your new kitchen, which aspects you wish to improve and what additional features you want from your kitchen. It is important to remember that your kitchen can add value to your home.

Thus, look at it as an investment for the future.

What are the Trends You Should Follow?

Trends come and go, but in some cases, they can add functionality to your kitchen. While redecorating your kitchen to fit a new color scheme may not be a priority, it can be beneficial to look at recent trends and find ones that offer several benefits. In this way, you can ensure that your kitchen will have everything you need. If you plan to renovate your kitchen for 2021, you can take a look at the following trends:

Easier Access to Hot Water

In 2021, people have hardly had to leave their homes. As workplaces have moved to the work-from-home model, people have found themselves reaching for a cup of tea or coffee more often. Hence, the importance of having easy access to hot water has increased.

While waiting for the pot to boil may not seem like much of an issue, it can quickly eat up your time when you have to do it several times throughout the day. Thus, when remodeling your kitchen, you may want to opt for direct hot water access.

Compact and Functional Kitchens

Space is a precious commodity, and often, people do not have enough space to get to the kitchen of their dreams. However, compact kitchens are set to be a trend for 2021 and even further! Opting for a compact kitchen doesn’t mean that you have to settle for less; rather, they use innovative ideas to make the available space’s best use.

Dark and Dramatic

White was the favorite color of many interior decorators over the last few years. However, the new trend for 2021 is set to be dark and dramatic. Moving on from the lighter kitchen themes and opting for dark themed kitchens may be the best idea.

Not only does it make your kitchen appear elegant and matches well with other decorations on your home, but it also helps you hide stains and accidental spills. For some people, maintaining a pristine kitchen is a herculean task; cue dark-themed kitchens to save their day!

Dark kitchen

Mix and Match

Life is better with a little variety, and your kitchen seems to agree. Want a lighter countertop with dark cabinets or vice versa? 2021 agrees with you! A beautiful kitchen is all about blending different materials and colors. Wooden doors and brass handles or metal frames for your cabinets, go with what you like without trying to match every aspect of your kitchen!

Two brown wooden bar stools

Simple and Contemporary

An overstuffed kitchen is everyone’s nightmare. Hence, it is no surprise that simple and clean kitchens continue to stay in style. A functional kitchen is one that is simple yet fulfills all of your needs. Innovative ideas can help keep your kitchen minimal yet functional.

Contemporary designs are those that favor sharp edges, clean lines and help make your kitchen feel roomier. A kitchen where every item has its place and is neatly stored away can make cooking a stress-free affair.

Turned on pendant lamps above kitchen island

Planning a remodeling can be stressful and expensive. Cost-cutting tips can be your savior when you want to save precious bucks. Often, hiring a local fitter may help you save significantly.

To find the best kitchen fitters in your area, you can google “fitted kitchens near me” and read through the reviews for local companies. Peruse the reviews to find a company that meets your requirements and fits your budget! They will often help you better understand which trends may be the best choice for you.


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