Home Decor Trends 2021: What You Need to Know

By: Alex | Date Posted: December 24, 2020

Are you getting ready to redecorate in the new year? Are you wondering how you can make your home stand out?

If you’re redecorating, the last problem you’ll want to have is investing in furniture or decorations that are out of date. You’ll want your home to be on the cutting edge of style while you’re updating.

Here are some of the finest home decor trends 2021 is promising.

Comfort and Tradition

For better or worse, one thing 2020 brought us a lot of was time at home. Folks have spent a lot of time with their immediate families, even when they’re working or commuting from the kitchen to the home office!

Even though many of us are back at our worksites, some continue working remotely. This means an increasing need for a home to become a place of comfort and style.

This year’s furniture trends have a really cozy feel, with lighter woods, simple carvings, and natural materials. You don’t want anything to look to angular or contemporary.

Furniture that’s heartily cushioned looks like a great place for anyone to curl up with their favorite book or song. And it’s a welcome retreat when so many of us are spending more time in our abodes and looking for something to do!

Shiplap Paneling

One way to get your walls in “shipshape” is to invest in the latest wall trend: shiplap! This long plank paneling is normally painted white and resembles old-school ships.

Shiplap adds a rustic, bohemian vibe to your space. Yet, the clean white surfaces are easy to dress up with homey art and floral arrangements.

If you’re looking to add some extra outdoorsy charm to one of your rooms, consider some shiplap paneling and a dash of creativity.

Fresh and Cool Kids’ Rooms

Your child’s room can be one of those spaces; it’s tempting to keep the same, especially as they get older and pickier about what it looks like.

Today’s home decor trends for young people include bright colors, full bedding, and even swings and canopies! There’s no limit to how creative you can get when designing a cool space for your youngster to embrace their hobbies, chat on the phone, and learn remotely. Check out these ideas for teenage girls for more suggestions.

Get Granny Chic

Now might not be the best year to throw away your grandma’s out-of-date rosy tea towels. The comfort and charm evoked by floral “granny” styles are trends for home decor, making a comeback.

Consider, for example, dainty flowers on your wallpaper or art with gold-painted frames. Soft throw blankets with exquisite details can also add comfort and style to your home.

It’s important not to overdo it with “granny” touches, or your home can begin to resemble an antique store. Yet second-hand shops could be great places to find sweet, charming touches that will immediately personalize your living space. If your house already has somewhat rustic features like exposed beams or original floorboards, you can bring out its natural personality with vintage pieces.

Get Granny Chic

Earthy Shades

If you’re looking to repaint your walls, opt for choices that help to bring the outside in. 2021’s earthy trends mean that you’ll want to go for a more natural palate. Consider tones like warm greens and deep reds to add comfort and style.

If you’re painting by yourself, you’ll want to remember to use professional tips such as taping off your trim and painting it first. If you’re working with a professional painter, you can work with them to choose a natural shade that will complement your walls rather than overwhelm them.

Indoor Plants

If you’re going to be spending a lot of time at home, you can’t go wrong with bringing in some green. Believe it or not, they may help reduce your stress levels, boost your productivity, and improve your outlook on work and life.

Most indoor plants require basic maintenance such as watering and sunlight exposure. If this isn’t your gig, quality artificial plants can bring the outdoors in without adding items to your list of chores.

Knotted Fixtures for Lights

Lighting trends in 2021 are going natural as well. Braided or knotted rope-like textures can be used for bringing light fixtures together.

Natural light fixtures can add lots of personality to a neutral space without spoiling your rustic vibe. And with items like hand-blown bulbs, you can add plenty of light to a living or working space.

Multipurpose Your Spaces

Your home may not have enough room for a separate home office or schoolroom for your kids. As a result, many households have begun to create “nooks” within existing rooms that purpose themselves as workspaces.

You may have a fold-out desk in your kitchen with a corkboard that gets your full attention when it’s time to work. Or you may be placing a chalkboard and computer desk in your playroom, so kids are ready to learn during the school day.

This year will require creativity and the ability to reuse spaces for greater productivity. With the right thinking, you can make your house a place where everything happens successfully.

If this coming year looks like one where you and your family will be spending more time at home, you’ll want to know all about the best home decor trends 2021 has to offer. With the right furniture and accents, your home could be a cozy nook where your family works, lives, and studies in style.

Don’t stop getting smart about your home now. For more great ideas, please read our blog today.


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