Installing Solar Panels on Roof: How Is It Done?

By: Jan Hajek | Date Posted: March 6, 2021

Installing solar panels on the roof: when you are trying to get results from your house that count, make sure that you’re cognizant of your energy use. Solar panels offer great opportunities for homeowners to modernize their home technology and save some money.

So how is it done? What should you know about hiring the help of some solar roofing contractors in your city? We’re glad you asked.

Keep reading to learn more about installing Riverside-based solar panels on the roof to get your money’s worth and improve your home.

Why Are Solar Panels Such an Amazing Purchase for You?

It’s essential to get to know how solar panels can improve your home. For one, they are a form of sustainable energy that will help you save lots of money on your utility bills.

Owning solar panels from San Francisco can help improve your ecological footprint since you are turning away from electrical power that runs on fossil fuels. As a homeowner, you will also love the fact that you are no longer 100% reliant on your municipal electricity provider. Instead, you can keep the lights on when others in your neighborhood lose theirs during a storm.

This self-reliance and the green-friendly combination will allow you to add value to your home as few other upgrades could.

How Should You Go About Installing Solar Panels on Roof?

It’s vital to learn the steps for getting a solar panel installation. When you are ahead of the game with these details, it’s easier to handle the project from start to finish. You can also hire professional solar installers from a trusted solar system company in Pleasanton, CA that provides the most innovative and reliable solar energy solutions. Also, they will provide a strong dedication to their customers including all the heavy lifting so you can enjoy your time at home during your installation.

Here are some points you should know when you’re thinking about getting solar panels installed:

1. Assess Your House and How Solar Panels Might Serve You

Before you move forward with getting solar panels, research and understand the needs of your household. Getting a home energy inspection is your first order of business to see what it will take to convert your home to solar, what power levels you need, and how much money it will save you in the long run.

No two solar projects are just alike, so find out how this project will affect your home specifically. This will get the ball rolling with the rest of the process.

2. Find the Assistance of a Solar Panel Company

It’s also important that you research the available solar panel companies in your area. That way, you can hire the cream of the crop and take pride in the work that they provide.

There are several solar providers you can speak with that will help you with whatever kind of installation you need. Find out how long they have been installing solar panels, and get at least three references before you decide to move forward.

If you have a neighbor or a friend who has solar panels, ask them who did theirs. Schedule personal meetings with every lead that you find so that you can pick their brain and make sure you are getting the best advice and service.

3. Think About How Much You Can Afford to Pay for Your Solar Panels

Of course, you have to start getting realistic about how much money your new solar panels will cost you. Think about the full price, which will include the cost of the equipment, the professional labor rate, taxes, delivery fees, and the total cost of ownership for the long run.

When you seek price sheets for at least four to five different solar panel companies, you will begin to see a clearer picture of how much money you will need to set aside for the work.

4. Keep Your Tax Rebates and Other Incentives in the Forefront of Your Mind

Never forget that installing solar panels has benefits that will affect you in the long-term. Making this kind of upgrade makes your house more valuable, which grows your net worth thanks to the equity you’ve added.

You will also get more immediate value in the form of tax rebates. The federal government offers tax benefits each year to people who decide to switch to solar panels. They do this because it is a clean energy improvement, and adding incentives helps to get people on board for the future.

You will need to show proof of eligibility for these solar tax credits, so make sure that you keep documentation of the work. Depending on the company that does the work for you, they might get you pre-approved right away and apply the tax credit immediately to your balance.

Depending on the tax year, you might be able to save $5,000 or more with the help of a rebate. Making this change will help you make your home more modern and you will get some money back for your troubles.

5. Plan Out a Date for the Installation

Be sure that you get an installation date on the books for your solar panel work. You should definitely start talking to solar panel professionals early in the year to catch them before they book up during peak season.

Make sure that you choose dates that you can work around so that the worksite doesn’t impede on your quality of life.

What Will Happen During the Actual Solar Panel Installation?

Once you are prepared to move forward with the service, you should also make yourself ready for the actual installation. Here are some steps that will happen:

1. You Will Receive Paperwork for the Appointment to Sign Off On

Your solar panel contractors will have you read through the contract and sign off before they make any changes to your property. By this time, you should have researched the company and asked them to offer verification of their insurance.

Make sure that the contract includes an estimated completion for the project so that you are covered if the work goes longer than it was supposed to.

2. You and Your Solar Panel Contractor Will Handle Any Permits That You Need

Depending on where you live, you might need to get some permits or zoning changes before a professional can do the work. Your state-licensed professional should help you stay on top of these permits, and make sure that they are secured before the work date.

These permits will usually consist of timetables they are allowed to work to stay in accord with noise codes. Keep this in mind when getting an estimated time of completion for the work.

3. The Site is Prepared and Work Zones are Marked off

Expect your solar panel professionals to go through some preliminary steps for getting your home ready for the project. This will include laying down tarps and taping out areas where work will commence.

They will rope off these areas to make sure that you are aware of the potential hazards, and that only authorized persons enter the worksite. This is also the time that they will remove any furniture, lawn equipment, or any other belongings that will get in the way.

Solar panel professionals will also install rails and markers for the safety of their work crews.

4. They Install the Converter and Mount Your Wires

The solar professionals will connect a battery and converter box to store the solar power. Once set up correctly, they’ll run wires from the converter box to beds on your roof where panels will be installed individually. They’ll be careful not to damage the sheets and to optimize sun exposure.

5. Solar Panel Roof Experts Will Cut the Power on and Complete Your Project

Your solar panel professionals will probably need municipal approval before disconnecting your power. It’s best to schedule an early inspection to streamline the process. This inspection ensures the installation is safe and correct, benefiting your home without causing harm or additional risks. After receiving approval, your professionals will activate the system for you to enjoy off-the-grid power.

Understand the Points for Installing Solar Panels for Your Household

This article provides helpful tips for homeowners considering installing solar panels on their roofs. Many homeowners are now exploring solar energy. If you’re in this group, make sure to research thoroughly to achieve your desired outcome.

Thank you for reading!

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