What Is The Top Kitchen Trends For 2023

By: Jan Hajek | Date Posted: February 26, 2021

What makes you feel calm and inspired? Just like that thought that came to your mind, beauty is a feeling that surrounds our emotions and fills up the spaces of our homes. Imparting colors and aesthetics to our places is one thing, but letting your home mirror your real self is another.

Whatever choices you prefer to reflect your personality, however when you hold that brush and make a design sprouting from a deep mindset. That is you. Inspired by what we admire, what reminds us of something we desire, and what we cherish, that is how our homes should look while balanced with the designs that scream the glory of the times.

The food though is a necessity but it is also capable of flying us back to memories of having that very dish with our mom on the oakwood creaking table at one fine supper time. The sizzling of delicious steak cooking and filling the house with the herbal aroma of steak marinade and side dishes. What will you serve that steak on? What kind of table? What does the rest of the kitchen and dining area look like?

Making small changes won’t put your budget in the red zone if you don’t want to go full rampage and build a new model. It is the small differences that leave the biggest mark anyway. Just like you grew over the years, so should your home. And what better place to start than the kitchen which is the heart of your home?

Now the question that peeps up is “what are the kitchen trends for 2023?”. To answer that, start ransacking through our thorough searched findings to dig out the top kitchen trends for 2023 from vinyl flooring to cabinetry, to start making those overdue tweaks around the kitchen right away. Because why not?

The Handless Contemporary Story

To get an accommodating, timeless yet versatile kitchen trend scheme, the handless cabinets would be the best pick. Offering maximized space to maneuver around and a minimalist free-flowing layout, the handless cabinets impart a clutter-free, streamlined look to your space.

With the employment of J-curve pull handles or solid stainless steel, channel recessed in the top cabinet line, your fingers readily curve into the gap and onto the back of the drawer or door to pull open. Thus, creating a gripping but handless design that leaves no fingerprint marks at the front to wipe clean later.

This layout can be accentuated with contrasting colors and countertops textured with matte or gloss finish. While the vinyl or oakwood flooring will do the rest of the trick. Consequently, imparting an ultra-chic look that oozes sophistication.

The Handless Contemporary Story

The Sultry Dark Drama

The Sultry Dark DramaGoing to the opposite pole of the spectrum by employing shades of navy, black, and hues of deep grey, the dark drama gives off a sultry, rustic home charm.

This interior design houses the power to create a rather bold and inviting adaptation of classical times by promptly pairing up with stone, timber, and glasswork.

If you prefer a darker central look then you have navy, charcoal, and dark grey on your palette. However, if you want it to go a bit softer then switching to blue or mid-grey will do the sophisticated yet sultry central look for you.

Look for an online shaker grey cabinet supplier to help you create a cabinet to match your classy kitchen. While the oakwood or slate floors will add depth to your kitchen, it is the polished dark-stoned countertops that will seal the deal for you.

These dark aesthetics can readily be punctuated by metallic accents in hues of brass warmth or chrome bright on the handgrips or faucets of your kitchen islands.

To help you pick the best aesthetic complementary faucet check out the faucet manufacturer to find your pick.

The Woven Light Drops

If you are a nature freak that wishes for sustainable layout décor, this woven light drop design kitchen trend is for you. Employing bamboo and rattan materials, the woven light-hued light pendants will make your kitchen space glow with a nature-like breezy and calming aura.

Not only is bamboo more sustainable than its plastic alternative but is also 100% biodegradable. Thus, engaging bamboo-built clocks beside the light drops will keep the silence intact with no ticking sounds.

The layout can be further nature-fied with bamboo cutting boards, eating bowls, and oakwood flooring. With a modern splash with flat-panel cabinets, medium-tone wood cabinets, white concrete polished countertops, and a drop-in sink this layout can have the nature drama your kitchen needs to match up with the top kitchen trends of 2023.

The Woven Light Drops Kitchen

The Retro Pop

No one is backing down from admiring the cherry red furniture, classic checkered flooring, and glossy fridges that add up to be the ultimate retro dream look. With so many ways of tying the knot between the retro and modern amenities, creating a space that visits vintage and modern eras alike wouldn’t be much of a hassle.

How so? Well, the lemon yellow tiles readily ditch the traditional backsplash to get you the retro color commitment. Or it is the contrasting vintage appliances, pendant lights, and wicker chairs that will seal the perfect kitchen trend design meant for you.

But what if retro could be material? The linoleum cabinets paired with dark marble countertops can offer you a visit to the subtle summer hues of green. This will easily outmatch the kitchen trends for 2023 out there. Moreover, the wood paneling sporting a glossy finish with a 70s-inspired wallpaper will allow the retro tints to sit beautifully beside the complimentary modern hues in your kitchen studio.

The Retro Pop kitchen yellow

The White Walkers

Yes, we made a rather subtle reference to game of thrones here. Owning a kitchen studio with hues of white is a layout that is free from the shackles of time. Not only is white neat and calm but also easy to switch up as white serves as a great backdrop for color and texture layering up work.

What gives this white monochromatic scheme a character is the employment of veined marble countertops, bar stools, pendant lights, and all-white surfaced cabinets. Or you can go with soft grey-hued cabinetry, oakwood, or hardwood flooring along with brass or subtle black Lacanche range cooker and culinary to balance out the expression.

The White Walkers kitchen

The Floating Shelves

The open or floating shelf layout, this kitchen trend isn’t only sophisticated and simple but also offers additional space to utilize besides the opportunity to set out the best culinary pieces or plant pots to add a natural vibe to your kitchen studio.

With a warranted function in our kitchens, the open shelves are perfect spots to place the daily use pots and pans. This not only offers convenience with everything on display and ease of access but also a wall-mounted storage design that imparts a modern outlook.

Try floating shelves sporting a finish similar to your cabinets to add contrast and character to the scheme. How to style them isn’t a hassle either. Go with one or two pottery or culinary choices to avoid giving off a cluttered and unfocused look. Wood, ceramics, metal, or glass, take your top two picks amongst these and style your kitchen studio accordingly.

The Floating Shelves kitchen

The Final Verdict

The heart of your home i.e. your kitchen should boast the colors of the people it houses. What we recommend apart from these sleek styles is that you employ a range fan to maneuver through the ample heat produced in the kitchen. Since the range fans actively fan out the heated air to the outdoors.

Besides being your experiment lab to have your takes on the recipes and create memories. Like you, your kitchen should wear well, age well, and continue to grow for the better with you in ample ways. For it dishes out the very recipe of your emotions and serotonin bursts, all served hot and fresh. Therefore, take your pick from the top kitchen trends of 2023 we listed for you right away.


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