12 Easy Space-Saving Hacks for Your Mobile Home

By: Alex | Date Posted: March 23, 2021

Most of us have dreamed about building and owning a house. But homeownership is becoming increasingly difficult in today’s economy. However, a mobile home is a low-cost option that can make your dream of having a home a reality.

Unlike a regular house, a mobile home offers you the flexibility to move your house if you want to. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about dealing with notoriously unpunctual contractors. Reliable manufacturing companies construct most mobile homes without any unnecessary delays.

That being said, one obvious drawback of a mobile home is the limited space. Even if you buy the most luxurious mobile home out there, the space will still be significantly smaller than a regular house.

But don’t let that discourage you! It is possible to easily design and decorate a mobile home that offers you the utmost comfort. In this post, we’re sharing some ways you can make the most of the space available. Take a look.

1. Get Storage Cubes

Storage cubes are an excellent solution for mobile homes. These cubes look like a regular pouf, but it doubles up as extra storage space. You can use it to keep spare linen, kitchen items, toiletries, and so on to ensure there is no clutter in sight. And of course, these cubes can be used as additional seating when you are expecting company.

2. Try Color Blocking

Color blocking is an excellent way to make your mobile home appear larger than it is. Painting certain house sections in a different color can add depth and make your home look spacious.

3. Buy Suitably-Sized Furniture

A king-sized bed is probably not the best option for your mobile home. When you’re looking for furniture, make sure you choose based on the size that will be suitable for your home. Moreover, it would be helpful to build custom furniture for your mobile home to maximize space. It is also worth considering foldable furniture to save more space.

4. Furniture with Storage

Often people move into a mobile home because they want to downsize and live a simpler lifestyle. But that doesn’t mean you can or will let go of all your possessions. You still require space to keep clothes, pantry goods, toiletries, and so on.

Whether you are buying a bed or building a coffee table, make sure every piece in your home has built-in storage. If you can’t find any options with built-in storage, find creative ways to modify such furniture. For example, you can buy wicker or plastic containers and store them under your bed.

  • Storage Baskets

You can’t let the space under your bed go to waste. Get storage baskets that you can easily slide under the bed.

  • Murphy Table

Murphy Table


If you’re working with a tiny mobile home, you may have to sacrifice certain furniture pieces. But just having a bed isn’t enough to create a well-functional home. You might start feeling suffocated if there is no space where you can eat your meals or work comfortably.

While a dining table may be out of the question, a Murphy table is the perfect alternative. Install a Murphy table that you can set up when you want to work or enjoy a meal. And you can fold it when you’re done. Win-win!

  • Rolling Kitchen Counter

Does your kitchen barely have any counter space? This can make cooking a huge hassle. Fortunately, you can buy a compact rolling kitchen counter. When you’re done cooking, you can place it in a corner to clear out space. This multi-functional piece of furniture can be used for preparing food and as extra dining and storage space.

  • Slide-Out Unit

Do you have some space between your refrigerator and kitchen counter? Make the most of this space by installing a slide-out storage unit for your spices, oils, and other jars.

12 Easy Space-Saving Hacks for Your Mobile Home 2

Minimal Patterns

To give your mobile home a charming touch, you may be tempted to incorporate vibrant patterns and colors. But too many patterns can make your home seem smaller. It would be best to stick to a minimal pattern and color palette. A neutral color palette will make your home appear bigger.

Consider a Loft Bed

Loft bed

Your bed is likely to take up most of the space, so how about you free up this area completely? A loft bed is an excellent solution if you want to have a separate sleeping area. You can utilize the space under your loft bed to set up a workspace or a recreational area.

Command Hooks

Command hooks are one of the most convenient as well as affordable storage solutions for mobile homes. You can use it to hang everything from coffee mugs to outerwear and keys.

Add Narrow Shelves

Narrow Shelves

If you are looking for additional shelving space, add narrow open shelves. Open shelves provide storage space without making your mobile home look cluttered or crowded.

Don’t Overlook Nooks

You may overlook certain small spaces thinking they don’t hold any storage potential. But tiny nooks can be used for custom storage solutions. You can make the most of such spaces for storing small knick-knacks.

Utilize Vertical Space

Hanging storage bags and other vertical storage solutions are a must for mobile homes. You can easily hang them up behind a door or any empty wall. This storage solution can be used to sort clothes, cookware, or even shoes.

The Bottom Line

It’s no secret that mobile homes are gaining popularity for individuals and families; if you own your own land, Make sure you find the best energy provider to enjoy competitively-priced energy rates. If you don’t own a piece of land, you will likely have to pay parking fees in addition to various utilities.

When you are moving into a mobile home, it is crucial to downsize considerably. Go through your belongings and get rid of anything that isn’t essential. The fewer things you own, the easier it will be to transition to living in a smaller space. Hopefully, these ideas help you decorate a spacious and aesthetically-pleasing home.

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