Why You Should Get A Murphy Bed

With the limited living space that we currently have right now, it is important to find furniture that will complement the design of the room or space and allow for the efficient use of floor space. Murphy beds became popular just by doing that; these are specially designed beds that can be stored as a cabinet and then opened up when it is time to use it. The Murphy beds have a special mechanism that allows you to control the bed’s movement from opening to closing is similar to a hydraulic system.

However, it is for the same reason that Murphy beds are expensive, although it can be easy to operate since you just push a button, the price tag might make you think twice about getting one. How different it is from a regular bed is that if you have a cramped space, you can move it and hide it which for a regular bed is not possible. For guest rooms or small apartments, the Murphy bed is a sure fit, but if you have a good-sized bedroom, then there is not much need for a Murphy bed.

When and why you should get a Murphy, the bed is a matter of weighing the bed’s pros and cons and the price tag. But what if there is a much cheaper Murphy bed out there? Would you be interested in it?

What is a Murphy Bed?

Murphy beds are also called wall beds, hidden beds or pull-down bed, it was invented by William Lawrence Murphy at around 1910 and was patented in 1912 and 1916. The original concept was that the bed could be hidden and tucked away in the wall or closet when in not use, allowing the use of the floor space for any other purpose such as a living room, guest room, playroom, or others.

The bed mattress is often attached to the bed frame and is securely attached to prevent it from sagging when it is closed. In the years the came after it was patented, Murphy bed became a common term that it was no longer applicable to have a patent. The Murphy bed can come in various sizes and, at present, can include different modifications such as cabinets, tables, and office tables.

The original design involved having spring-loaded mechanisms that make the bed open and close with ease, and now with better materials, you can open and close Murphy beds even with one hand.

Since the patent has been rescinded, many manufacturers have come out with their design for a Murphy bed. Most may not call it Murphy beds, but the design concept is the same. It would be that other designs and brands may use different materials and any other enhancements, but if it is hidden or mounted to the wall, then it is a Murphy bed. Some offer competitive prices while others are quite cheaper than most since they have taken out the special mechanism.

Where To Find A Cheaper Murphy Bed?

With the Murphy bed becoming a common phrase or concept, every manufacturer now can make a Murphy bed and give it its name but can be classified as a wall bed or a pull-out bed. If you have money to spare, getting the Murphy bed with the fancy mechanical parts would be a good idea, but if you are not going to use the wall bed every day, then there is a cheaper option. One of your best choices would be to get a wall-bed or cabinet bed from loriwallbeds.com; they have a cheaper wall bed than most Murphy beds because they have taken out the mechanical parts.

Instead, they have designed a bed that can open and close by pulling out the bed from the wall-mounted cabinet without the lifting mechanism. The bed is made entirely from real wood and has excellent craftsmanship built to last a lifetime. It is all that you want from a Murphy bed without the exorbitant price tag. So head over to Loriwallbeds.com and order your very own Murphy bed, the process takes about a few minutes, but before you order, you might want to find out more about the Lori wall-beds to see if it is what you need.

Choosing the Right Murphy Bed Manufacturer

The Murphy bed designed and manufactured by the right company is a wall bed that you can lift to open and close. But since the bed is made from real wood, it is quite heavy and cannot be carried safely by one person alone. Thus, it might not be the best idea to get this type of bed if you live alone. Wall-beds are not always available in any physical store, and you have to order them from the website and wait for them to arrive at your doorstep. It will come in about four boxes and are quite heavy.

Although you can install it on your own, having someone help you with it will speed up the process. If you do it alone, you would take about six hours from start to finish, but if you do it with a partner, it can be done in about three hours. The bed does not come with a mattress so you need to purchase one from your choice of mattress suppliers and the size requirement for the wall-bed you ordered will be given to you. Having the mattress inside the bed will add more weight to the bed so that lifting it open and close might prove to be challenging and could be a safety issue.

The bed is sturdy and will hold two adults, and the manufacturer provides you with a lifetime warranty since this is how good their wall-beds are. If for any reason that you are not satisfied with the beds you have ordered, they offer a 60-day money-back guarantee, if within 60 days you are not satisfied with the product, you can return it, and the store will give you a refund.

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