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What is the best place to buy a measuring tape? Are you a professional who needs absolute precision when measuring? Are you working in the art industry or soft furniture? Everyone requires a different instrument for various tasks, so we tested and reviewed 10 tapes that can be your next best buddy in your toolbox.

When you're using a tool on a daily basis, you will develop a bond with it. While certain aspects of instruments are more valuable than others. When measuring tape is an important part of your hobby or job, you'll just want the best.

Of course, maintaining accuracy is crucial, as is its long-term reliability. It's pointless to rely on only one measuring tape that is easily broken when dropped. And it's also pointless to have it one that retracts so rapidly that the internal mechanisms fail or become stuck. This compact measuring system should be both secure and practical to use.

Reliability, Accuracy, ergonomics, throw and standout, visibility, affordability, and hook design were all factors considered. Here are the top ten reviews that assist you in finding the best retractable measure tape.

So, if you need a diligent eye for detail or just want an easy tool to keep around the house, here's some of the best items we reviewed - only for you…

1.Speed Mark Gripper Measuring Tape by Komelon

  • Case length 3″
  • Width 1″
  • Retractable
  • Weighs 11.2 ounces
  • Length 25′

The Speed Mark Gripper Measuring Tape by Komelon is our top pick, and it comes at a reasonable price. Although the anti-reflective blade (white) is a fantastic idea, the light grey numbers can be hard to read even at a small distance. Particularly if your sight is slightly impaired.

The durable rubber covering is manufactured from the United Kingdom (while the rest is made in the United States) and makes it easy to grip, though using this tape measure with one hand can be difficult due to the retractable function. The tape has a loop on one end for gripping and a belt clip on the other end to hold it close at hand.


  • Inexpensive
  • The rubber casing is very strong.
  • Acrylic coating
  • Steel
  • Unlikely to snap or bend


  • Slow retracting mechanism
  • The numbers are light in color and can be difficult to read.

2. Craftsman Measuring Tape

  • 3″ Case length
  • Width 1″
  • Retractable
  • 13.1 ounces Weighs
  • Length 25′

The CRAFTSMAN Measuring Tape has limited markings, which makes it easier to read because the numbers were larger than the other measuring tapes that we've reviewed. The foot dimensions are highlighted in red to make them stand out. 

It has a chrome finish and is topped with molding of rubber for better gripping, as well as the end hook is quite well-designed. Since the tape isn't really thick, it can bend when pulled out far, particularly up to its 25-ft length. So you'll probably need 2 people unless you're only measuring from a height or along the floor. It has a blade lock and a belt clip, so it's fairly regular tape that's simple to use.


  • The markings are simple to read.
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Grip mold made of rubber
  • Locking mechanism
  • Retractable


  • Not stainless steel, but chrome-plated plastic
  • Tape bends
  • When dropped, it easily scuffs and dents.

3.Etape16 Digital Measuring Tape

  • 3″ Case length
  • Width 1″
  • Retractable
  • 9.5 ounces Weighs
  • Length 16′

This eTape16 Digital Measuring Tape is a metric measuring tape that operates digitally and is our best value for 2021. 

It has 3 settings and saves readings in either metric or US units by pressing a button. eTape16 Digital Measuring Tape can also transform measurements into decimals and fractions, making it a good investment for such a low-cost digital tape with locking capabilities. On the broad LCD display, the numbers are simple to read, and we figured that you'd like the polycarbonate plastic casing, which is lightweight.


  • Features of a best measuring tape
  • Memory (short-term)
  • Calculations for various readings
  • Lightweight case
  • Great value for money.


  • Memory (short-term)
  • It doesn't meet the normal height of 25 feet.
  • When the tape is taken out quickly, digital reading didn't catch up.
  • There is no laser feature.

4.Stanley Powerlock Measuring Tape

  • 3″ Case length
  • Width 1″
  • Retractable
  • 0.96 ounces Weighs
  • Length 25′

It is the Stanley PowerLock Measuring tape and we like it because it's sturdy, simple to use, and also has the standard 25-foot tape length. The tape is itself pretty solid, not folding even though pulled out from about 8.5 feet. 

The length is very impressive and this is made easier by the tape coating of mylar polyester. It's the best accurate measuring tape for the money, and it's also very light, making it an excellent value tool from the world-famous Stanley company. As compared to certain other measuring instruments, it performs admirably, and the end hooks at the tape's end grips securely.


  • Simple to grip
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Corrosion resistance is promised.
  • Tape to a length of only under 9 feet.


  • Maybe you'd like a more industrial style or rugged.
  • Since it is very frail, its long-term viability is in doubt.
  • There are no metric measurements.

5.Self-marking DIY Measuring Tape Quickdraw

  • Case length 3″
  • Approx 1″ width.
  • Retractable
  • 15.2 ounces weighs
  • Length 25′

If you need something durable and rugged on a budget, the QUICKDRAW DIY Self Marking Measuring tape is the one that you can go for. It has a built-in graphite marking pencil that acts on a wheel. You don't really have to fumble searching for a pencil while measuring. 

It's a precise measuring tape that's a good weight only at over 15 ounces –and as a result, it feels incredibly robust. The locking function is simple to use with your thumb, and the graphite marker assures that you make precise marks on the object you're working with – leaving no space for human error.

We like the concept of 'true view,' which allows a user to view the accurate reading that appears under the case, ensuring that you reach the exact spot every time. We believe it is a durable option for carpentry,  DIY, crafts, and several other workshop projects because it is inexpensive and suits every budget.


  • Cash-back guarantee for 30 days
  • Precise
  • Simple to use
  • It's perfect for rare use.
  • Durable


  • About 9 feet, the tape can bend over.
  • It is not intended to last long or be used often.
  • Graphite substitute feed is a pain to work with.
  • The percentage of 5* reviews are low.

6.STANLEY FATMAX Measuring Tape

  • 3.5″ Case length
  • Approx 1″ Width.
  • Retractable
  • 16 ounces weighs
  • Length 25′

This magnetic measuring tape is both cost-effective and beneficial. The 33-725 Measuring Tape is a decent value for money for someone on a budget who needs a handy measuring tool with both metric and inch markings that seem to be black on yellow and readable.

The stainless steel blade is strong and can be extended to approximately 7 feet without bending. The magnetic end hook has a strong magnetic field and can stick to metal very well. We like the tiny measuring characteristics that make this worthwhile adding to the toolbox, despite the design's simplicity. 


The Kutir Measuring Tape Scale unlike other tape scales has double-sided markings, and that's something you don't see very often. The tape measure's rubber coating not just to make it easy to hold, but also protects the internal workings if it's dropped. It has marks for every 25 foot on it.


  • Most durable equipment
  • Accurate Precise
  • Has an Stanley Powerlock
  • A tape measure of 25 feet


  • It's not as long as others.
  • Lock is tiny tough to use

7.Two-in-oneTacklife Laser Measuring Tape

  • Laser measuring feature
  • 0.75″ width
  • Retractable
  • 10.4 ounces weighs
  • Length 16′

The 2-in-1 TACKLIFE Laser Tape Measure is our pick for the good 2-in-1 measure, if you've the money, it's an important tool for a professional. This model's laser distance is an incredible 131 feet, and if anyone likes the combination of manual and laser tapes, this is an excellent option.

The 16-ft tape has a magnetic hook that can be removed, a locking retracting model is both sides, and also has a pull distance of nearly 7 feet without warping or bending. It is easy to switch from tape to laser.

The case is designed well with an LCD display that can be manually operated and used to display fractions and decimals. It has 2  sensing holes for better precision, and when it comes to good power tools, this is a show stopper that will make the job a lot easier. The 2-in-1 Tacklife Laser Measuring Tape is one to strongly consider if someone likes automatic tape measures and needs accurate readings.


  • Excellent measuring precision
  • Batteries supplied
  • Save energy by turning off the auto.
  • Nylon coated
  • Magnetic hook that can be removed
  • It's a great complement to some hand tools.


  • Only lasers, not tapes, can be read digitally.
  • Requires batteries
  • Perhaps a 25-foot tape measure blade would be preferable.

8.MulWark 26ft Measuring Tape

  • Case width 3.5″
  • Width 1″
  • Retractable
  • Weighs 14.4 ounces
  • Length 26′

The MulWark 26ft Measure Tape is incredibly affordable, and it features both side metal blades with inches, metric,  feet, and other readings, as well as a measuring length of 26 feet, well exceeding the usual 25 feet. 

It has a tough exterior, and its magnetic hook is beneficial because it grips and sticks to many surfaces, letting you operate more precisely. It's ideal for  DIY, carpentry, and more technical ventures, and it can neatly match and measure corners. It provides a reliable and precise reading and can stretch to around 7 ft in length without retracting.

It fits comfortably and tightly in your palm thanks to the rubberized molding around the plastic shell, and it's odorless.according to MulWark that this tape measure is also rustproof, so it can last for years and provide accurate readings. When it comes to regular tapes and hand tools, this one offers the best value for money.


  • ABS case
  • Retracting mechanism that is smooth
  • The magnetic hook is extremely efficient.
  • Tape test that is extra-long
  • With the initial receipt, you get a lifetime warranty.
  • With a thumb, it's simple to operate.


  • When retracted, it has the potential to distort.
  • If it is not withdrawn carefully, it can be harmed.
  • When measuring long distances,  twists and bends are common.

9.DAYOU Thicker Blade Measuring Tape (40%)

  • 3.5″ Case width
  • Width 1″
  • Retractable
  • 16 ounces weighs
  • Length 25′

The DAYOU 40 percent Thicker Blade Measuring Tape, the best measuring tape on our list with a big blade and a fantastic 25-foot length, is worth its price. It offers measuring tapes with large numbers for quick reading and a nylon wrap blade coating that makes the tape scale much harder than tapes made of non - coated metal and performs better than tapes that are merely nylon coated. Carbon steel lies under the coating, indicating that this is a long-lasting product.

It's supposed to be wear-resistant and rustproof, so it can last for years in your toolbox. The firm lock is a double-sided measuring tape with imperial and metric measurements that resembles the power lock characteristics of the Stanley measuring tape. This is worth purchasing and a fantastic investment.


  • Without bending, it can stand approximately 8 ft
  • Since it's blue, it'll be easy to spot in the toolbox.
  • Simple to grip
  • Big numbers on a bright white tape
  • It's kept handy with a belt loop.
  • If dropped, the rubberized case renders it less likely to be damaged.


  • There isn't a magnetic tip.
  • White tapes may cause glare in some lighting.
  • On the underside of tapes, the metric is difficult to read.
  • Perhaps a wide blade would be preferable.

10.Milwaukee Magnetic Measuring Tape

  • Width 1″
  • Retractable
  • 0.16 ounces weighs
  • Length 25′

The Milwaukee Magnetic Measuring Tape, as our top choice, is perfect for measuring and has a magnetic hook, as the name indicates. Milwaukee tape measures have a regular 25-foot measuring range, a lock identical to the Stanley power lock, a strengthened case that protects the inner methods, and a nylon coated tape safety. It's a dependable tape measure, and at its price – that's also for those on a tight budget who do want a conventional style tape measure.

The Milwaukee Magnetic Measuring Tape is extremely light, and at around 3.9 inches long, it's a decent size for one-handed use. The finger stop is a useful function that allows you to rebound the tape slowly rather than quickly, preventing harm to the tape and internal mechanism, and also your fingers!


  • Designed to withstand the rigors of everyday use
  • Recoil/Smooth retraction
  • Markings on both sides
  • Sturdy
  • Locking mechanism
  • High quality


  • The stand-off isn't as effective as it could be.
  • The magnet hook cannot be removed.

Features to Think More When Using Measuring Tape

A measuring tape is your best buddy, but it could also break or make your toolbox. A measuring tape can help you if you're a professional builder, handyman, DIYer, or craftsperson, carpenter, because of its ability to be ultra-precise.

When shopping for a new measuring tape, there are many features to consider, so forget about thinking that the cheapest or most expensive will suffice, and instead consider the following considerations to make sure that the new power tape will complement your tool kit exactly.

We'll go through some fundamentals, such as how reliable and long-lasting a new measuring tape should be. We take a quick look at the throw and standout capabilities as well as the architecture and ergonomics.

If you're repairing a rusted tool or searching to buy one for a particular project, these were some of the standard things to look for.


Even simple tape measures should be reliable when enduring the drops and daily violations that come with the manual procedure, but professional-grade tape measures should be the most accurate possible. Even if there is a small margin for error, it may result in a significant increase in job costs at any place.

Manufacturers must build their gauges so that they read correctly in and out of the end hook. After a lot of use and recoiling, the end hook can become bent and weakened, so checking after your measuring tape may not be in your priorities list - but it should be if your job relies on accurate measurements! If the hook changes, the method isn't working properly.

To summarise, your tools need careful maintenance. If the tapes and end hooks  are broken, your hand goes to your pocket, your tool expenses go up and your shopping list goes up,!


The reliability of the tool is determined by its ability to sustain pressure, wear, and usage and tape measures must be able to sustain continuous abuse. The hooks on  Milwaukee Magnetic Measuring Tape and the Stanley PowerLock Measuring Tape models held up better to violence than others - recanting some measures on our list quickly caused the hooks to move, meaning that precise measurements were no longer possible.

However, not every tradesperson requires absolute measurements, and professionals who do must exercise caution when using a measuring tape.

The hook of a robust measure will be riveted to ensure that it is strong and stays in place. They'll have very strong magnets and a screwed-in slot.


For various reasons, readings should be clearly recognizable, and their border and print must be clear to read. The markings on the Measuring Tape by Kutir Measure are bold, making it easier to read.

Because of its special nature and calibration, the MulWark on the list shows an accurate zero reading. Look for tapes like the eTape16 Digital Measuring Tape, which are bright yellow in color with black bold numbers, much like a classic style.

The grey-on-white text on tape variants like the Self Marking DIY QUICKDRAW Measuring Tape didn't quite work for us, despite the fact that it has some features to aid accuracy and reading.

Overall, if you're not looking for a laser-based quality test, the text and color will be critical so that you will be able to read the markings correctly and get reliable readings.

What Is The Normal Tape Measure Size?

Most of the measurement instruments we've just looked at have blades that are 25 feet long, but the other normal size is usually 12 feet. A builders tape is a 25-foot tape with 16-inch intervals and markings in feet, as well as the standard markings. It is most often used in the building industry. Home crafters and users will benefit from a shorter duration, and the great tape will have both metric and imperial markings.

Laser readings can calculate even greater distances, and they can be easier to deal with for items like calculating room boundaries if they are of good quality and perform well.

What Is The Best Way To Read A Measuring Tape?

The majority of us are already capable of locating and interpreting the markings. Simply put, a few pointers for beginners:

On a basic tape, the inch measurement is the greatest mark with the boldest number, typically in black. As the numbers reduce, a 2nd biggest mark, the 1/2 inch stage, will appear, followed by the 1/4 inch mark.

Bring the tape's end to the object end or area you want to calculate. Extend it to the appropriate length and take a measuring tape reading. Larger tape measurements will display markings in feet, indicating every 12”, and certain builders' tapes will also display every 16”.

What Is The Best Way To Tell If My Measuring Tape Is Accurate?

Steel tape measurements are generally fairly reliable and were designed with precision in mind. A measuring tape can be inaccurate, particularly if you are not using it correctly.

If you're not a specialist and want an accurate from the producer in which the readings are correct, you don't need to spend a lot of money on a reel.

Thank you for reading!

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