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Nail pullers were not your typical household gadget, but they do come in handy at times. However, there are numerous models available, and selecting the right one for your venture is critical to its success. This can be difficult to decide which design you need, and which device you can buy.

As a result, we've assembled this detailed reference to the finest nail pullers. This contains both reviews and a short buyer's manual to the top models. With the information in this post, you'll be prompted to determine the right nail puller for your needs.

What Do You Look In A Nail Puller?

Nail pullers have become a popular sight on DIY store shelves, making equipment more usable and affordable. Is it, nevertheless, necessary to understand the requirements to consider when selecting the best nail puller? The key elements which should lead are the strength, the various features, the cost, and the consumer's opinion.

Reviews Of The Top 10 Nail Pullers In 2021

1.Crescent Nail Puller 56 

  • Weight: 176 kg;
  • Material: metallic steel;
  • Length: 48 cm.

The Crescent 56 Nail Puller has hardened jaws and a cast steel box joint. They are solid, making them ideal for removing virtually any nail. They're ideal for both amateur and skilled home ventures. They also arrive in a variety of jaw styles, allowing you to tailor them to your specific needs. The black-colored enamel finish is both aesthetically appealing and extremely durable. All in all, these nail pullers were designed to withstand strenuous use. They're not going to crack any time soon.

We also liked how these nail pullers handled flush nails, which are usually difficult to grasp. They could pull almost every nail, rendering them an excellent choice if you just want to buy a single nail puller.

They're also not prohibitively costly. When you need to conserve even more cash, you can buy them in bulk. However, this choice may be best suited to specialists, since most households do not require 4 nail pullers.


  • Available in both brief & medium designs.
  • On flushed nails, this product works well.
  • Forged
  • Jaws that have been hardened.
  • Affordably


  • It's possible that your nails could bend if they're too stiff.

2. Estwing DEP12 Double Ended Nail Puller

  • Weight: 55 kg;
  • Material: steel;
  • Length: 30 cm

Our top choice, the Estwing DEP12 Nail Puller, has a very different appearance. , nevertheless, a good job without breaking the bank. They are far less costly than most of their rivals, even though they frequently outperform their more competitive counterparts.

For optimum longevity, they all are crafted in one item. The circular heat adds a little extra torque, making nail removal simpler. They are designed to be narrower than most alternatives, making them more suitable for use in tiny rooms. These nail pullers it's a must when you're a construction worker in confined spaces.

This nail puller's nature also allows it to be used on broken headless nails. Even though the nail is broken and lacking its head, nail pulling causes minor damage to the wood.

These nail pullers are made for professionals. They are, nevertheless, inexpensive enough to fit into most homeowners' budgets. As a result, we assume that those are the finest nail pullers customers can afford.


  • One-piece forging
  • Compact and thin
  • Can be used to cut nails with no heads.
  • Quite long-lasting


  • Some issues in quality control

3.TICLW12 Clawbar Titanium Stiletto Nail Puller

  • Weight: 227 g;
  • Substance: solid titanium pub;
  • Length: 30 cm.

The TICLW12 Clawbar Titanium Stiletto Nail Puller is a great tool just for its looks. This nail puller, however, is not only attractive, but it also performs admirably. It is indeed made from lightweight strong titanium that's tough enough to withstand a few nails. The titanium architecture also reduces recoil shock compared to metal bars. 

It is a good security measure because when the nail eventually gives way, there won't be too much offer. The system creates intense prying strength, enabling even for the most stubborn nails to be removed.

Despite its presence, the nail puller is very convenient. It's light and airy, which we enjoyed a lot. This ensures you'll be less fatigued when utilizing it and your bag will be lighter than it otherwise would be.


  • Titanium
  • Effortless
  • Convenient to use
  • Aesthetically pleasing to the eye


  • Costly

4. FMHT55008 Stanley Nail Puller

  • Weight: 174 kg;
  • Material: carbon steel;
  • Length: 20 cm.

Whenever it gets to pulling and prying nails out of timber, the Nail Puller is small but strong. This claw bar is made of elevated spring steel, making it durable and long-lasting.

It's been heat processed and adjusted to render it much more appropriate for large work. It makes providing you with outstanding service for a longer length of time difficult. Its teeth are coated on the sides to allow precise entry while prying. On the striking side, the strike layer of this bar is smooth, enabling the claws to be forced further to the nail to reach engrained nails.

The ergonomic hold on the bar is both easy to wear and shields you from steel rods. The grip also serves as a shield against the elements.


  • Spring steel with an elevated carbon content is a long-lasting material.
  • Simple to use
  • Compact
  • Can be used to cut nails with no heads.
  • Heads with an ergonomic build to fit into tight spaces


  • Only tiny nails are appropriate.
  • Claws with low leverage can be inconsistent.

5. 21-2028 CORP Shark  Nail Puller

  • Weight: 39 kg;
  • Material: carbon steel;
  • Length: 28 cm.

The Corp Shark 21-2028 is constructed of a rugged steel alloy that lends it its hardness and capacity to endure extreme conditions. If you're digging out rough nails, the rugged steel is balanced to avoid it from chipping or bending.

Its 11’ length offers enough strength to pull tiny to moderate nails without exerting much more effort. Much torque is provided by the squared heads, rendering the operation simpler.

The hooks are sharp enough to grasp lodged and limbless nails, making them useful in building construction.


  • Compact and durable
  • Excellent for thin nails.


  • There is no rubberized grip on this piece.
  • Long nails don't have enough leverage.

6. Nail Puller By Dead On Equipment EX9CL

In the construction sector, dead on equipment is famous, and it only contributes to the reality that their devices are extraordinary. It has functions that aren't seen on several other nail scrapers.

The exhumer EX9CL is made of durable products that can withstand a ton of use. Its rugged and long-lasting design is suitable for professionals who are using nail lifters daily.

Its claws can penetrate and reach for deeply embedded nails, and they're small enough to enter some hard-to-reach locations. It measures 10-5/8” in length and can pull nails at 3” in length. Their claws can penetrate and strive for deeply rooted nails, and they're slim enough to get into tight places.

This arrives with additional features like a nail hook on the edge and a round saw wrench, rendering it a useful complement to your toolkit.


  • Long-lasting
  • A round saw wrench is one of the extra features.
  • Only for cramped spaces


  • Big nails have no leverage

7.  Da Bar - Dalluge Bushnell & Vaughan 4320  Nail Puller

  • Weight: 39 kg;
  • Substance: superior hardened steel;
  • Length: 25 cm.

If you're searching for a device that could be used as a standard nail puller, Vaughan & Bushnell Bear Claw is a cost-effective and easy way to get nails at any moment. This nail puller is constructed of forged and polished steel with a wide claw for quick choking and limited wood damage. It is forged from a single chunk of steel, making the instrument more durable.

Furthermore, it has a low likelihood of fracturing a weld under high tension. Not only is it long-lasting, but the structure also makes it easy to remove even the most difficult nails. The rust-resistant black finish, combined with the rocker arm, offers excellent leverage.


  • Provides some leverage
  • Seems to have a chrome coating for improved durability.
  • Slender paws that are lightweight and compact to prevent harm


  • Likely, you won't be able to handle headless nails.

8. Nail Puller DeWalt DWHT55524

DeWalt is a very well high-quality tool supplier. DeWalt's DWHT55524 Bar is composed of strong materials that make it durable and long-lasting. This has limited leverage because it is only 10 cm thick and is ideally used to remove small & mid nails that require minimal force.

This tool includes a nail exposure, which helps you to extract the nail with the minimum amount of damage to your wood. If the exposed nail has been revealed, the claws will easily grasp and remove it. The claws are slender and beveled, enabling them to reach the wood and slip under rugged nails, minimizing damage and making work easier.

This has a smooth face to avoid harm to the nails when scratching or taking them out. This contains an I-beam tube that suits small and medium-sized nails well. Since the shaft is constructed of light steel, much more pressure must not be added to it, but it can split. The shaft's sides aren't rounded, it might be a little harsh on the side.


  • There's a nail exposure on it.
  • Claws with beveled edges


  • When too much pressure is applied, it will break.

9. Bates Nail Extractor Tool

  • Weight: 18 kg;
  • Material: high carbon steel;
  • Length: 18 cm.

This is yet another famous and excellent Bates product, with two nail pullers and pliers that can be used for a variety of tasks. It is made of high-quality, long-lasting carbon steel to provide more energy while being smaller in scale. It is also capable of drawing principles.

The soft plastic grip helps to prevent rust and provides excellent grip when needed. The plastic grip also strengthens the grip of your hands during service and decreases fatigue caused by repeated usage.

This could also be used as a plier for reducing cables and pulling wires. This version is preferred by construction workers and carpenters due to its versatility in new flooring installation and construction.


  • Made of high-carbon steel
  • Arrives with a plastic grip
  • Can cut nails


  • The handles are too short.

10. Crescent NP11 Nail Puller

The NP11 Crescent Nail Pulling Pliers are shorter than other nail pullers, measuring just 11 inches long, but they do the job. These are constructed of steel that allows them strong and long-lasting so you can carry them for a long time in any setting.

This has two grips making it simple to grasp, roll, and loosen the nail without any need for additional assistance. The grip helps you to retrieve nails regardless of their size or injury, making them versatile and useful in a lot of circumstances.

The tool's handles are coated with rubberized coating, which keeps your hands clear of sores when you're using them.

After grasping the goal nail, one must use force to extract it. Because of the pliers' small size, they need a lot of force to operate with deeply rooted nails, which can be challenging.


  • Durable,
  • lightweight
  • Your wood is clean.
  • Not limited to a certain nail size


  • Isn't strong enough
  • Nail bender

Buyer’s Guide

Until you start working, decide how much nail layout power you like to have. Just a few more nail scrubbers can reach beneath the surface to retrieve a nail, and only some can search unless the nail layer, as well as the head, are removed.

It is much safer to purchase a bigger nail extractor shaft, as this implies you would need less force to loosen the nail, but there are a few other considerations to keep in mind when purchasing a great nail puller.

Power And Strength

Few nail pullers are only for wood, while others can operate on any surface, depending on how close the nails are to the surface. It is determined by the extractor's capacity. A friction nail puller is used to remove nails simply and productively.

This friction force is present in longer pullers to minimize the applied force to retrieve nails. Narrower handles may not have as much power as longer handles. We recommend using a puller with a very long shaft.


Often opt for a nail puller with a big, sturdy alloy grip and rubber pliers. Because you'll be able to reach easily and safely, you'll be able to effectively use your strength to take the nail out. Please don't pick broad size management because it will hurt your palms and make it harder.


The more convenient a nail extractor is to hold and use, the better. A lighter is far more practical because it involves working with the entire extruder regularly without becoming exhausted. However, please ensure that the product's structural stability and durability are not affected by the lightweight nature.


An ergonomic approach to boost productivity and reliability while lowering stress levels. As a result, an extractor's grip design will help users' hands feel less fatigued. To improve grip and minimize pressure on your palms, most pullers in the industry are covered with latex or related compounds.


A huge amount of physical force is often needed to pull a nail. As a consequence, if the puller is unable to endure the pressure, it can quickly be bent or perhaps even split. As a result, the device must be made of forged steel. Often, ensure that the handle only slips into a metal object. In any case, it must be painted or enameled to protect the device from rust and corrosion. When these features are mixed, an extractor becomes long-lasting.

Versatile Traction Layer

A versatile nail puller can remove a nail from any surface other than wood without causing damage. In comparison to a traditional nail puller, a motorized nail puller could easily complete the task without causing scuffs or cracks on any ground. 


The gripper model and the lever form of pullers are the two types of pullers commercially available. You must select among the two choices. Move to the lever style if you do have sufficient space; it takes less energy because it acts like such a lever. The abutment style, on other hand, fits well in a smaller space but takes a lot of frustration to eliminate the nail. As a consequence, compactness is a key part of an extractor for it to adjust to any setting.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Gives Nail Pullers Strength?

The nail pullers may be manually controlled, pneumatically operated, or magnetically operated. Electricity powers electromagnetic nail pullers; physical nail pullers involve manual force; hydraulic nail pullers are operated by the pressure of air.

Does The Size Of The Nail Puller Matter?

It most certainly does. A nail puller's size is relevant because it defines the amount of leverage it can have. The term "leverage" is essential since it refers to the amount of force needed to extract any given nail. The quicker a puller is, the more strength it has.

Would It Be Feasible To Use A Normal Claw Rather Than Nail Pullers?

You could use a conventional claw hammer when you don't want to reuse your products. However, as opposed to nail pullers, they can do a ton of harm and take considerably longer to pull the nails.

Is It Possible To Drill Nails Out?

Yes, you can drill out nails from wood and timber with a cordless drill nail puller and a counters borer tool.

What Does It Mean To A Nail Exposer, And How Does It Work?

An amazing chromosome applied to a nail puller is a nail exposer, which drills across the nail to reveal it with minor casualties to the timber. If you want to reuse your materials, it will be useful.

What Nail Puller Is Suitable For All?

The perfect nail puller is characterized by the features you need for your venture. If you narrow down your choices based on price think about the characters and attributes you need. As a result, you would not end up with equipment that you don't like using.


Nail pullers are essential, whether you're a specialist or just a casual DIYer. They're helpful because they find things simpler to remove mistaken fasteners without harming your wood.

Every nail puller will have its specific set of advantages and disadvantages, so choose the best suits your requirements. For versatility on various ventures, it's often best to use a flexible nail puller.

We expect that you will be able to locate the nail puller you are searching for after reading this article.

Thank you for reading!

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