How to Use Time Lapse Photography for Building Construction?

By: Jan Hajek | Date Posted: January 6, 2022

Creating a time-lapse video that shows the entire construction process from start to finish through construction time-lapse photography is the process of creating construction time-lapse photography.

By taking still images from a fixed location at regular intervals, the evolution of the construction is captured in a video format that is magically stitched into a step-by-step progression.

Construction companies can use construction time-lapse videos as an excellent marketing tool in this video-friendly age.

What Is The Point Of A Time Lapse Camera?

What Is The Point Of A Time Lapse Camera

Video time lapses can be used to showcase your work or preserve memories. It is, however, challenging to capture time lapses that last for an extended period. Time-lapse cameras can be found on most cameras and smartphones; however, recording over a long period of time can be difficult.

Time-lapse shows your entire project from start to finish, from contractor to subcontractor. It allows you to see the action as it unfolds.

You can add time-lapse to everything from your website to social media. These tips and tricks will help you capture your next project successfully with a time-lapse camera.

How should you position the time-lapse camera in relation to the sun?

You should avoid taking time lapses while the sun is in the frame, so looking north is always a good idea. Avoid taking time lapses at sunrise or sunset.

Watching dim to light, then dark again in rapid succession is a hard watch. Using the Camera’s timer, you can usually avoid sunrises and sunsets.

Are bad weather conditions an issue?

Are bad weather conditions an issue

Weather-resistant housing is available for outdoor work in any climate. We would recommend purchasing an IP-66 weatherproof Buildcam, which is weatherproof and can also handle years of dust and rain humidity.

You can also use the housing indoors because it allows you to remove the time-lapse camera, change batteries, and replace the Camera without moving it.

What Maintenance is Required?

Make it a habit to check your cameras regularly. A long-term project should be checked once or twice a month. The main thing to watch out for is strange, unavoidable occurrences that may affect the Camera. Cameras have been knocked down, painted over, and we won’t even mention the possibility of a bird ruining your footage.

Although rare, time-lapse camera projects fail most often due to unexpected events. When it comes to once-in-a-lifetime moments, two cameras are always recommended.

For this reason, two cameras are run outside until the building is sealed for building construction. The cameras can be placed side-by-side or at different locations to capture multiple angles.

What effect will it have on workers?

Time Lapse Photography for Building Construction

Everyday life includes cameras, and most often, time-lapse cameras are unnoticed. Contractors have reported less theft and less illegal dumping with cameras on job sites.

For indoor projects, we like to mount the window with a suction cup once it is in place. The cameras may be covered while being painted, but once the glass is installed, it’s generally not touched until the final cleaning is done.

How easy is it to edit?

Utilizing the timer function of the time-lapse camera can make editing easy. With the timer, you can record only working hours (8 am-5 pm) and create separate videos for every day.

How can I show my clients the final product?

Watching time lapses is fun because people see what happens as the days go by. If kept short, time-lapse videos are great for Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. The easiest way to engage your customers is by embedding YouTube videos into your website.

Time-lapse videos are particularly captivating when shown on trade show booth screens. As an ice breaker at a trade show, time-lapse cameras are often the first question booth visitors ask about.

Which Camera should you use for Construction Time Lapse Footage?

When it comes to building projects, you need rugged and powerful hardware that you can rely on. Without a doubt, we would recommend Buildcam as it offers all of the features a Company would need to get the perfect time-lapse footage. Some of the features that Buildcam offers are the following;

Buildcam – Engineered and Designed in consultation with photographers

Buildcam Engineered and Designed in consultation with photographers

Buildcam’s construction camera technology delivers studio-level results in collaboration with professional time-lapse photographers.

Excellent results from a high-quality camera

Their premium, brand-name cameras, lenses, and optics deliver superb image quality and results.

A weatherproof IP66 product

You can easily protect your Buildcam camera against rain, dust, and humidity with its IP-66-rated housing.

A power outage is not a problem

Your Buildcam camera will not be affected by overcast days or a sudden power outage. Power-efficient electronics allow the device to run on the internal battery for over a week.

Lightweight solar panel

A lightweight, compact solar panel provides full power for your Buildcam camera without the need for a large solar array or bulky battery box.

Easy to set up and use

You can set up Buildcam with the assistance of their customer support team: just mount the camera, plug in the power, turn it on, and login to start viewing your images.


What is the purpose of time-lapse photography?

Photographers use time-lapse photography to record long-term changes and movements. Photographers use a fixed camera to take a single picture at regular intervals to capture the growth of plants or the movement of glaciers.

What is a timelapse, and how does it work?

How Do Time Lapse Videos Work? The process of creating a time-lapse video involves taking a lot of photos of a particular scene over time. Video footage sped up from these images is then assembled seamlessly. As opposed to slow motion, time-lapse shows time moving faster than usual.

In time-lapse, how long are 2 hours?

An event lasting two hours can be achieved by setting an interval of 8 seconds between shots. How this works is as follows. Each second consists of 30 images. If you multiply 30 by 30, you get 900 images.

What is the minimum number of photos I need for a time-lapse?

A clip lasting 10 to 15 seconds is usually sufficient for an effective time-lapse. It takes between 300 and 450 photos to create one this length.

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