Open Shelving Kitchen Ideas For Beginners

By: John Garcia | Date Posted: January 6, 2022

Open shelving kitchen ideas: One type of home design is bold, daring, and distinctive. It goes well with white-washed wooden panels and black-tiled surfaces found in Scandinavian homes and exposed brick walls.

What exactly are we discussing? Open kitchen shelving! Inspiring kitchens can be achieved with the proper shelving design, as shown by our top forty picks. Sashing herbs over the top of your shelves will transform them into works of art. 

Use an acrylic C to frame rough-hewn wood for a more geometric look. Embrace the look of an uptown New York diner, complete with elongated shelves holding up white tiles and suspended pots. With these 40 professional looks, you don’t need to have as many cabinets in your kitchen.

Removing some white shelves and replacing them with shelves is one of the easier and more costly ways to upgrade your kitchen.

With these kitchen shelving ideas, whether you’re planning a complete overhaul or just a minor tweak, you’ll be on the right track.

Open Shelving Kitchen Ideas

Open shelving kitchen ideas: For a Rustic Look, Use Live Edge Shelving.

Soiled or reclaimed wood is often used to build floating shelve in a farmhouse kitchen. However, what if your taste leans toward the experimental or eclectic?

You will enhance the rustic appeal of your kitchens with the addition of live-edge shelves, which are planks of wood with a few of the bark still visible. Upgraded wood shelves will cost more, but they will make a more dramatic visual impact in your kitchen.

As an alternative to open shelving, consider using hanging storage instead.

Open shelving often envelops a range hood on both sides, creating a harmonious visual balance. As an alternative, consider using open shelving in your kitchen in place of hanging storage.

Assemble A Pantry Out Of Shelving

There’s nothing better than this for people who have a pantry but a backup wall in their kitchen. Open shelving is most effective when it’s less about aesthetics and more about practicality.

This proposal will help you organize your pantry, and the accessibility will allow you to understand precisely how many more definite dry goods you have remaining.

Remove Cabinet Doors To Save Money

Delete the doors from the cabinets in your kitchen, and you’ll instantly have a new look. Make your cabinets stand out by painting the interior a different color.

There’s a lot to be said for well-placed shelves.

As many believe, open-shelving kitchen ideas do not necessitate adding a considerable amount of shelves in the kitchen.

It is incorrect, and it’s incredible how much of a difference just a few small frames the size of a cabinet can make. If you prefer the look of floating shelves but don’t have the time or inclination to maintain them, this idea is for you.

Generate A Coffee Bar With Open Shelving

Make a coffee restaurant in your kitchen with open shelving if you wake up in the morning and crave a cup of joe. Getting a couple of cabinets above the coffee maker is a simple way, but it can also be as complex as the setup shown here.

Look At Open Shelving In A New Light

Make sure you know that open shelving isn’t just for the farmhouse style! There are various ways to customize your shelves to fit your style. Recognize gold and metal in more geometrical shapes for a more modern appearance.

Enhance The Sink Area With Open Shelving

Shorter cabinets are commonly found above sinks in traditional kitchen designs. Remove the cabinet and replace it with a few strategically placed shelves to open up the space.

Dish soaps and other items you don’t mind getting wet from the sink go great here. A wide variety of houseplants will flourish in this environment.

Get The Most Out Of An Awkward Corner With Open Shelving

Open shelving can be efficiently run the length of a wall and stopped at the end. As an alternative, think about making a perfect angle and using the corner space.

Microwave ovens and other less eye-catching kitchen gadgets go well in corners, where they are hidden from plain sight.

It is a good idea to rearrange your kitchen’s shelving system at least once a year.

The styling of open shelving kitchen ideas is one of the project’s most enjoyable and challenging aspects. Styling has become more accessible and fun when you understand how items fit together. A few pointers to remember:

  • For a cleaner appearance, stick to a limited number of hues and shades.
  • Use a variety of different-textured houseplants to add some greenery.
  • Cluster three items together.
  • To ensure that your gaze is attracted across the entire shelf, use a variety of shelf heights.

Open Shelving’s Pros And Cons

Though it’s existed for years, the open bookcase kitchen trend isn’t showing signs of going away any time soon. However, if you’re looking to bring fresh, advanced vibes into your home, this might be the look for you.

To me, the design is warm and inviting.

Open shelving has a clean, uncluttered appearance that immediately grabs the attention of anyone entering your home at some point. They feel more at ease because they don’t have to ask anyone for help in the kitchen if they need something.

It’s Relatively Simple To Put Together.

There aren’t any doors to get in the way of your peripheral vision. Open shelving is a great way to get your kitchen supplies structured in a more time- and space-saving manner. Taking anything from those shelves and putting it back where it belongs is a piece of cake.

You’ll have a much more spacious and welcoming kitchen thanks to it.

It is possible to make your kitchen appear much more significant by utilizing only a few shelves to store small items. If your kitchen is on the smaller side, open shelving may be a good option for you.

All of your kitchen utensils are visible at a glance.

Finding what you need to complete your daily tasks can take considerable time, especially if your kitchen is disorganized and cluttered. Open shelving is a simple solution to this problem because it allows easy access to frequently used items such as Tupperware, meals, spices, etc.

It Expands Your Capacity For Storing Data.

Open shelves, unlike closed cabinets, have no divisions, allowing you to maximize your storage space. It’s possible to store items on shelves if they’re too long for your lower cabinetry.

Your dinnerware can be used as a piece of art.

Open shelving can look better if you display your most beautiful dishes on the shelves. It’s better to show off your collection to the world rather than keep it hidden away in the dark recesses of your cupboards.

It’s A Bargain.

No worries if you’re on a tight budget! Closed shelving is much more expensive, but open-shelving kitchen ideas are a part of the price. This style is one of the most practical options, and it can also assist you in saving the environment by consuming less wood for storage.

Best Open Shelving Kitchen Ideas

No products found.

1, In The First Place, We Have The Decobros Supreme Can Rack Organizer.

The Decobros Supreme Can Rack Organizer


  • Brothers of Brand Interiors
  • Color Chrome
  • Type of Steel: Alloy

All those cans are a pain to store. Thanks to the supreme stackable rack event organizer from DecoBros, you can now keep your can in style.

To put it another way, the bottom panel is 14-3/4 inches in height, and each subsequent tier drops another 18 inches, allowing for the storage of 36 more enormous cans or shelves, which is enough to fill up an entire car with various-sized glass jars.

We should also point out that this DecoBros version comes with adjustable dividers, allowing you to alter the amount of space between rows (or pretty much any other height) according to the type of food you’re preserving.


If you’re planning to buy multiple products and want a consistent look throughout the kitchen, this kitchen organizing committee is the best option. Despite its three-tiered design, each level’s wires are strong enough to hold the heavy cans you typically keep on hand for emergencies.

No products found.


  • Suitable for canning
  • Three levels
  • Assembling is not required.
  • Sturdy


  • It’s not as versatile as it used to be.

2. Organizer Rack Made Of Simplehouseware For The Kitchen



  • Each row should be stored with three wraps.
  • Clearance from the Top to the Bottom

Because of its versatility and dependability, the SimpleHouseware Cooking Wrap Organizer Rack comes in first place on our list. Those who value order in their upper and lower cabinets will appreciate this option.

Open shelving kitchen ideas: It keeps everything from plastic wrap to foil packets neatly arranged, all while taking up the least amount of cabinet space possible.

You can store cling folds, foil, bakery sheets, or other pre-packed wrapping items commonly used for leftovers in two tiers of shelving.


If you have a kitchen, this under-cabinet shelving unit is perhaps the most basic necessity and the least desired item you buy. Saving 6-10 inches per row instantly opens up space during meal prep without sacrificing counter space.

No products found.


  • With anti-slip backing,
  • Versatile
  • Restricted area
  • Two-tiers
  • Assembling is a breeze.


  • A little flimsy.

3. It Is A Three-Drawer Sliding Cabinet Arranger From Simplehouseware.

A Three-Drawer Sliding Cabinet Arranger


  • Material Metal
  • Color Silver
  • New and Improved Household Products

Aspects Of Installation Wall Mounted

Is there a place in your home that’s too small for your belongings, whether it’s in the kitchen or bathroom? This sliding cabinet basket event planner drawer from SimpleHouseware will help you eliminate all of your containers and expandable dish racks!

A few baking tools, such as rolling pins and whisks, can be stored in the two-deep drawers of this kitchen event planner. When it comes to heavier items such as jars and tools, one latch is more durable, while the other is more prone to slipping out.


When it comes to your under-cabinet storage, you can’t go wrong with a simple grayscale color scheme. This organizer’s sturdy metal construction provides easy access for those who have ever struggled to find something in a cluttered drawer.

No products found.


  • Two-tier
  • The continuous motion of yanking out
  • Stylish
  • A lot of storage space
  • Inexpensive


  • Putting it together can be tricky.

4. Nailhead Dining Chairs Slide Out Organizer Kitchen Cabinet Push Out.

Nailhead Dining Chairs Slide


  • Type of Steel: Alloy
  • Color Chrome
  • Brand Lynk
  • The Chrome Finish Type

Cutting boards, pots and pans, and baking supplies would make life so much easier if they were always at hand. Using this under-cabinet shelving, you can keep all of your baking supplies in order.

Towel-lined tray slides in and out on a patent-protected Proglide industrial-grade metal ball glide system, having left a nonstick surface in its wake. To install, simply use the easy-mount design, which connects to any cabinet door quickly and easily.


Open shelving kitchen ideas: You can store everything in one place with this sort of under-cabinet shelving, which doesn’t take up a lot of space. All your cooking trays will stay right where they need to be, and you can easily slide people out when you need to use them.

No products found.


  • Cartons, bakeware, and chopping boards are all appropriate.
  • a lot of force
  • Steel made of stainless material
  • Cleaning up is a breeze.
  • A lot of storage space


  • Pricey

5. Check Out The Lynk Expert Event Coordinator Pull Out And Under The Cabinet Shelf For The Best Sliding Shelves.

The Best Sliding Shelves


  • Brand Lynk
  • Color Chrome
  • Material Chrome

If you’re looking for a way to store and arrange heavy items in your lower cabinets, this reduced pull-out shelf is ideal. Don’t put it off any longer if messiness is the story of your life.

Lynk’s slide-out shelf has a patented Fit-Anywhere-System so that it can be installed quickly and easily by anyone, from a novice organizer to a seasoned pro.


An adjustable divider system and non-slip surface make this best-selling organizer ideal for storing all of your kitchen essentials. As soon as you use this pull-out shelf, you’ll never go back to a basic under-cabinet storage unit again.

No products found.


  • Simple to set up
  • Steel made of stainless material
  • Durable
  • The setup is quick and straightforward.
  • Simple, one-handed removal


  • When attempting to remove it, the slide is less than ideal.


There are numerous best under-cupboard shelving systems to maximize your storage space. However, there will always be a solution that meets your requirements.

Open Shelving Kitchen Ideas: Frequently Asked Questions

Under A Kitchen Sink, What Is The Way To Organize?

You can store heavy items on top of the under-best kitchen shelving with a slip-resistant bottom.

With the best under-cabinet storage, you’ll get the most out of your available storage space. It would help if you organized your kitchen sink functionally and conveniently.

I don’t know where to put my cleaning materials under my bathroom sink.

If you keep cleaning supplies in your kitchen cabinets, your kitchen design shelving should be a perfect fit. Look for non-slip bottoms and adjustable shelves in the best kitchen shelving under sinks to accommodate different cleaners.

How Do Users Build A Rack Under The Sink?

Build the best cooking shelving unit to fit perfectly into the cabinet for maximum efficiency. Consider building it from wood with wheels attached to one edge to make it easier to move.

How Can I Make The Most Of The Interior Under My Sink?

The most accessible place to do this is to use the under memory bag with mesh sides to cover the base of the cabinet. It is a great way to maximize storage space while also concealing clutter.

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