Window Roller Blinds Singapore

By: John Garcia | Date Posted: October 31, 2022

In Singapore, roller blinds offer the best value for money, making them a popular choice for most people.

Home and office owners use them extensively.

Among all types of Window roller blinds in Singapore, roller blinds provide the greatest width and height for tall and large windows.

Moreover, it is ideal for bathrooms due to its waterproof qualities and complete privacy.

Maintenance is also very easy with roller blinds, all you have to do is wipe, dust, or vacuum them periodically.

Roller Blinds in Singapore: What are the Benefits?

Closing Blinds

Each roller blind has a round metal tube enclosed by a retractable fabric piece that can be selected from various attractive fabric options. Pulling the cord up or down will make operating sleek-looking manual roller blinds extremely easy, even for your children. Compared to Roller shades, these can attach to four types of systems.

There are four types of chain pulleys: regular chain pulleys, spring chain pulleys, one-pull systems, and heavy-duty systems for larger blinds. Roller blinds offer the most versatile type of window shade in Singapore, with various fabrics ranging from sheer to almost total light exclusion. Roller shades can add a touch of charm to any space, whether it’s in the office or living hall, thanks to their translucent fabric. Additionally, blackout blinds will allow you to sleep better by blocking out excessive external light. Wet areas like the kitchen and bathroom benefit from their water-proof characteristics.

Reasons to Choose Blinds if you live in an apartment

Reasons to Choose Blinds if you live in an apartment

Increasingly, Singaporeans prefer to live in apartments because of the increasing pace of life, congested cities, and high property prices. Smaller living spaces can be difficult to adjust to, especially if you’ve just moved from a rural area of Singapore. However, you don’t need an interior designer to guide you because fortunately, roller blinds offer several advantages over most other window coverings when it comes to decorating apartments.

There are nine reasons why roller blinds are a good choice for your apartment:

  1. Increase Your Space

Getting the most out of your apartment’s limited space is crucial. The bulky fabric of bulky curtains, loose cords, and tassels occupy a lot of space. As opposed to roller blinds, which take up no extra space, roller blinds fit neatly into window recesses. A clean, thin construction allows them to be easily adjusted.

  1. Head Space

Curtains are not only physically large, but they are also psychologically large. As a result, your apartment feels more cluttered, so you are less likely to enjoy it.

Roller blinds help you create light and spaciousness with their clean, minimal lines.

  1. Lighting Options

Check customer reviews before buying window blinds online

You can control the amount of light in your apartment by using a combination of lighter sun shades and heavier block-out blinds. A block-out blind creates a darkened, restful atmosphere as well as allowing some natural light, with a glow still permeating the room.

  1. Insulating Roller Blinds

The installation of thermally insulated roller blinds in an apartment can help your apartment stay cool in the winter and warm in the summer, as well as cutting down on power bills.

  1. Increased Privacy

7 Things To Have In Mind Before Installing Window Blinds

Maintaining privacy is essential when living in an urban setting. Using roller blinds, you can easily and quickly determine how much of your apartment can be seen from the outside.

  1. Style and Colour Options

Roller blinds are available in hundreds of colours and fabrics. You will find blinds that suit the design of your apartment if you spend some time considering your options.

  1. Easy to DIY

Blinds are relatively easy to measure and install in your apartment compared to other window coverings. By adopting the DIY concept, Saving money and feeling accomplished can be achieved this way.

  1. Break Up Your Space

A roller blind might make a great partition between a sleeping area and a home office if you’re creative about dividing the space in your apartment.

  1. The Affordable Option

A roller blind is also an affordable, long-lasting option. Besides benefiting your apartment, roller blinds are easy to install, have great prices, and provide free measures and quotes.


How does a roller blind work?

Fabric Roller Blinds fit either inside or outside your window recess and are wrapped around a casing. Pull cords on roller blinds or side-winding chains attached to the blind casing are used to operate them

What are the advantages of roller blinds?

Roller blinds help regulate room temperatures by acting as insulators. Due to the sturdy construction of steel tubes and the high-quality fabrics used in roller blinds, they are well-known for their durability. The operating systems they use are also of the highest quality.

Roller shades versus roller blinds: what’s the difference?

To control light, blinds have tiltable slats. Fabric shades can only be made open or closed because they are solid pieces of fabric. On the other hand, light-filtering fabrics allow natural light to filter through while keeping your window fully covered.

Can you see through roller blinds at night?

A sufficient amount of light can allow you to see through roller blinds at night. The thicker the roller blinds, however, the greater the level of privacy. A blackout roller blind does the same; any light will be blocked completely.

Are roller blinds durable?

Partially or completely blocking sunlight is possible with roller blinds. The translucent properties of these curtains allow you to see outside without sacrificing privacy. The blinds will last for generations and are extremely durable. A roller blind fabric is usually treated with UV resistance to prevent fading or wearing out.

Are roller blinds cheaper than vertical ones?

Due to their simplicity in design and installation, roller blinds are much more affordable than other types of blinds, such as Venetians and verticals.

Which is better, roller blinds or roman blinds?

The cleaning process for roller blinds is much easier than for material roman blinds. To avoid stains or shrinkage of the material, Roman blinds must also be dry cleaned.

Are roller blinds cheap looking?

You can give your windows a clean look with fabric roller shades at an affordable price. Their versatility makes them suitable for all kinds of homes, but modern homes are particularly well suited to them.

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