Flood Basement Maintenance

By: John Garcia | Date Posted: December 16, 2022

When your basement floods, you need help as soon as possible. Continue reading to learn how to safely remove the water and repair the damage it has caused. The amount of water in your basement has no bearing on the dangers it poses to the health and safety of you and your family. Preventing water damage to your basement now might save you a lot of money in the long run. When you discover water in your basement, it’s normal to be alarmed, but the most important thing to remember is to keep yourself and your family safe.

Basement flooding can be caused by a variety of things, including inclement weather, ruptured pipes, and poor drainage. Our flood cleanup advice is here to help, regardless of whether you’re suffering from a flood right now or just want to be prepared.

How to Prevent a Basement From Flooding!

Floods are a mess, and a basement flood is simply unacceptable! Basement flooding can be a financial disaster for homeowners who aren’t prepared.

In most cases, flooding occurs as a result of a sump pump failing to remove extra groundwater due to faulty sealing around windows and doors or power failures. In addition, gutters that are clogged or unsecured might lead to leaks. Floods can damage your home’s foundations as well as the flooring and contents of your basement. Mold and rot can also develop if flooding isn’t noticed early enough or handled properly!

So, let’s speak about how to keep your lovely home free of flooding!

  • Ensure that your gutters are clean and free of debris and leaks by starting with a visual inspection of your roof.
  • A sump pump is a must-have if you don’t already have one. In some newer sump pump systems, there are two pumps, one that can run on electricity and one that can run on a backup power source. When purchasing a sump pump, make sure it works properly.
  • A plumber can inspect your basement and recommend the best sump pump for your home’s needs!
  • The French drain is an alternative if you continue to experience flooding despite taking the aforementioned precautions. A French drain is a gravel-filled ditch that encircles your house. A perforated pipe at the trench’s bottom collects the water that has fallen into it. Once it reaches the pipe, the water is sent far enough away from the house not to be a threat.
  • The water should not flow into the yards or residences of your neighbors if you install a French drain.
  • It’s possible to keep your home dry and safe from flooding by being alert, using the necessary tools, and getting to know your property.

How to clean up a flooded basement right away

If your basement has more than a few inches of water, it’s advisable to call in a company that specializes in water damage restoration for assistance. Call your insurance company if you have flood insurance to file a claim. You can use the following steps to clean up a small amount of water if you need to.

Your health can be jeopardized if the water is contaminated with dangerous microorganisms. Follow these measures to clean the basement when the flooding has ended, or the water supply has been shut off:

Shut down all electrical devices.

Prior to going down into the cellar, make sure the electricity has been turned off. If you can’t get to the circuit breaker, you’ll need to hire a professional electrician.

Keep yourself safe

Hazardous substances such as raw sewage, chemicals, and contaminants can be found in floodwaters. Before entering the basement, make sure you have on waterproof boots, plastic or rubber gloves, and other protective clothing. An N95 or N100 face mask may be acquired at most hardware stores if you’re dealing with mold, according to FEMA.

Ensure that the basement is dry

Remove the water from the basement as a first step in the cleanup process. Mold can form in as little as 48 hours, so you need to move fast. A sump pump or a wet/dry vacuum can be used, depending on the volume of water to be removed. Once the canister is full, it may take numerous visits to empty it and a significant amount of time and effort to remove even two inches of water.

Once the water has been removed, powerful fans can help speed up the drying process by providing additional airflow. Purchase a basement dehumidifier to keep the area dry and avoid the growth of mold. You don’t have to bother about dumping buckets of water or regulating the humidity level with a SaniDry from Basement Systems.

Remove wet furniture, things, and materials.

Moving wet things to a well-ventilated place outside of the basement will help them dry more quickly. Drain and remove damp drywall and insulation. Mold can quickly grow on these materials, thus, it’s crucial to get rid of them fast. Remove wet carpeting as well, as it can impede the drying of the floor beneath. Outlets exposed to flooding should be thrown away, according to the National Electrical Manufacturers Association. For insurance purposes, you should photograph any damaged property.

Clean the floor, walls, and other surfaces

Remove any traces of filth from the walls and floor by wiping them down. In accordance with EPA mold remediation recommendations, surfaces can be cleaned with water and detergent once the residence has been dried and water-damaged goods have been removed. When it comes to mold removal, it’s best to leave it to the experts.

Consider waterproofing the basement.

Any basement has the potential to become inundated. To prevent future floods and water damage, install a sump pump and perimeter drainage system in the basement. Even if the power goes out, a battery-powered sump pump from Basement Systems will continue to remove water from the basement. The optimum sump pump system for your home’s needs can be recommended by a local Basement Systems waterproofing consultant.

Consider installing Smart Vent Foundation Flood Vents if you reside in a high-risk flood zone. Because they prevent hydrostatic pressure from building up and damaging foundation walls, ICC-ES-certified, engineered flood vents safeguard homes and buildings from flooding. Find out whether your area has a Smart Vent dealer by contacting Basement Systems.

Best Flood Basement Maintenance

Stanley – SL18116P Wet/Dry Vacuum, 6 Gallon, 4 Horsepower Black

Stanley - SL18116P Wet/Dry Vacuum, 6 Gallon, 4 Horsepower Black


  • Brand:     Stanley
  • Model Name:  SL18116P
  • Capacity:       6 gallons
  • Controller Type: Hand Control

Other features include a robust handle for easy transportation, a large on/off switch with a waterproof design for safe and quick access, a convenient, built-in 10-foot built-in power cable and wrap, and an accessories holder to keep all tools organized. 14-kPa. 85 cubic feet per minute of airflow A 6-foot hose with a diameter of 1-1/4 inches, two extension wands, a crevice nozzle, a 10-inch floor nozzle, a cartridge filter, and a dust bag are all included in the kit. Shipped without wheels mounted in order to reduce the size of the package.


Wet/Dry Vacuum Stanley’s SL18116P Wet/Dry Vacuum, 6-Gallon 4.0-Peak HP Wet/Dry Vacuum provides maximum suction power for heavy-duty pickup. There is a powerful back blower port that immediately transforms the vacuum into power. Moving in any direction is a breeze with swiveling casters on the wheels.

Stanley - SL18116P Wet/Dry Vacuum
  • ❤【LARGER CAPACITY】Stanley SL18116P Wet / Dry Vacuum has a larger capacity over 22 L, makes small clean-up jobs a breeze for you as you don’t have to empty...
  • ❤【VERSATILE & POWERFUL】Thanks to the 4 peak HP motor, this vac offers powerful enough suction needed to almost any cleanup jobs in vehicle, jobsite, workshop,...
  • ❤【3 in 1 FUNCTION】With this versatile vac you can vacuum both wet liquid spills and dry debris, dust, saw, dirt or blow leaves away(use blower port), just...
  • ❤【FARTHER CLEANUP】With over 16 ft of cleaning reach(6 ft hose, 10 ft power cord and 3 pieces of extension wands) it’s easy to do a farther cleanup for you...


  • If you don’t have 120V available, it is a good option
  •  It works well in our basement
  • Tons of power for such a portable vacuum.


  • This is not an everyday use of wet/dry vac.
  •  It is very cheap thin plastic. Not happy with the poor quality.

AquaSafe Flood Bags, Water Absorbent Flood Barrier and Super Absorbent Pad, 16″ x 22″, Pack of 20

AquaSafe Flood Bags, Water Absorbent Flood Barrier and Super Absorbent Pad, 16" x 22", Pack of 20


  • Brand Name: AQUASAFE
  • Item model number ‏ : ‎ AS20-FB

AquaSafe Flood Bags are lightweight and compact, making them easy to transport and deploy. Handcrafted, Durable Polypropylene Bags, a Hydrophilic Filler, and Cross-Stitching to Prevent Tears are just a few of the features that make these bags stand out among their competitors:


Flooding and water damage can be prevented more effectively and efficiently using this solution. There is a Water Absorption Pad and a Sandless Sandbag.

Keep a supply of cleaning supplies on hand to deal with water-related disasters, such as overflowing toilets, leaking sinks, and liquid spills.

Deployment time is reduced by 40%, and coverage is increased by an additional 40%.

AquaSafe Flood Bags
  • Commercial and Residential Use: AquaSafe Flood Bags Provide an Effective Solution and Superior Protection from Both Flooding and Water Damage; They Can Be Used Both...
  • Quick and Easy to Use: Compact and Lightweight; Weighs Less Than 1 Pound and Measures 1 x 16 x 22 Inches When Dry and 5 1/2 x 16 x 22 Inches when Activated, and...
  • Application: Provides Protection Against Flooding; Stack to Create a Berm or Water Barrier; Acts as a Liquid Diversion or Erosion Control System or a Super Absorbent...
  • Expertly Constructed: Strong Cross Stitched Seams to Prevent Tearing, Extremely Durable Needle Punched Polypropylene Bags, Porous Texture for Quick Absorption and...


  • They can also be dried out by sitting in the sun and reused. 
  • The bags absorb about 5 gallons of water. 
  •  They are better than sandbags. 


  • Totally useless, and become an added yucky mess. Don’t bother
  • High pricing for low-quality goods

Dehumidifier for Basement with Pump and Hose 50 Pint for 4500 sq ft With Energy Star Certified & Smart Wi-Fi

Dehumidifier for Basement with Pump and Hose 50 Pint for 4500 sq ft With Energy Star Certified & Smart Wi-Fi


  • Brand: DuraComfort
  • Color: White
  • Capacity: 1.7 Gallons

Electrical dehumidifier for homes up to 4,500 square feet in basements From 35 percent to 80 percent RH, the DuraComfort dehumidifier gathers 50 pints (70 Pint 2012 DOE Rating Standard) and is suitable for medium to large spaces. For basements, homes, garages, bathrooms, office rooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, storage rooms, and RVs our portable dehumidifier can safely and effectively eliminate excess moisture and a strange smell.


As a company, we are aware of the need to conserve energy. This dehumidifier has a low-rated power of 50W, which means that you may use it for a year and only pay about $25 in electricity costs. So that you can immediately feel the comfortable humidity environment at home. With 360° easy-rolling wheels and ergonomic recessed handles, you can move it easily.

Dehumidifier for Basement with Pump and Hose 50 Pint
  • 💧【ENERGY STAR MOST EFFICIENT 2023 Certified】The DuraComfort dehumidifiers have earned recognition as the ENERGY STAR Top Efficiency performers, showcasing...
  • 💧【WIFI FUNCTION TO ACHIEVE REMOTE INTELLIGENT CONTROL】Download the DuraComfort app on your smartphone to control your home dehumidifier on the way from work,...
  • 💧【DEHUMIDIFIER WITH PUMP-THREE WAYS DRAIN WATER】3 drainage options for your draining choices.With pump auto Drain:It comes with 5m (16.4 feet) drain hose for...
  • 💧【DEHUMIDIFIER FOR BASEMENT HOME UP TO 4,500 SQ. Ft】 DuraComfort dehumidifier adjusts humidity from 35%RH-80%RH, collects 50 pint (70 Pint 2012 DOE Rating...


  • This is so easy to move around due to the 360 swivel wheels and top handle.
  • This is very suitable for large rooms. 
  • It’s really working and pumping gallons of water directly into the sump Easy to set up Wi-Fi.


  • Really dissatisfied with this buy.
  • Keeps going into error mode E3

Watershed Innovations HydraBarrier Supreme, 24 ft in Length by 12 in Height

Watershed Innovations HydraBarrier Supreme, 24 ft Length by 12 in Height


  • Brand: Watershed Innovations
  • Item Weight: ‎16.61 pounds
  • Size: ‎24 Foot Length

HydraBarrier is a good alternative to sandbags for spill containment and other uses where water needs to be controlled or stopped.  This barrier is 24 feet long, 20 inches wide, and 12 inches tall. When empty, it only weighs about 18 pounds. When fully loaded, it can hold up to 180 gallons and weigh 1440 pounds. Empty the container when finished and fold it up for storage, then use it again as needed.


Products with electrical plugs are designed for use in the US. Outlets and voltage differ internationally and this product may require an adapter or converter for use in your destination. Please check compatibility before purchasing.

Watershed Innovations HydraBarrier Supreme
  • HydraBarrier measures 24 feet in length by 20 inches in width and 12 inches in height
  • Weighs just 18 pounds when empty
  • Fill with a standard garden hose
  • Holds up to 180 gallons weighing 1440 pounds when full


  • Very happy with the size/quality. It’s nice and durable. 
  • Highly recommend this system. Worked well.\
  •  It’s already saved our garage from being flooded at least once so we are super pleased.


  •  Sandbags are cheaper but are a one-time use option
  •  Much more difficult to stack and then remove after the storm.

Quick Dam Grab & Go Flood Kit includes 5- 10ft Flood Barriers in Bucket

Quick Dam Grab & Go Flood Kit includes 5- 10ft Flood Barriers in Bucket


  • Style: Flood Barriers 5/Bucket
  • Brand:  Quick Dam
  • Item Dimensions: LxWxH 14 x 14 x 17 inches
  • Product Dimensions: 14 x 14 x 17 inches
  • Item Weight: 11.77 pounds

Water Activated Flood Barriers, Rated #1 in Flood Control and Grow to 3.5in high in minutes, just get them wet. Contains up to 50ft of Flood Protection in each Bucket. Use to control, contain & divert flood water. 


Protect your home or property in times of flooding. Quick Dams expand and activate in contact with water. Just lie in place and let the water do the rest. Absorb, contain, and divert problem water away from your home and property before it becomes a problem. Keep on hand for emergency situations. Use around doorways, garages, leaking tanks, construction projects, and anywhere water is a problem.

Quick Dam Grab & Go Flood Kit includes 5- 10ft Flood Barriers in Bucket
  • Water Activated Flood Barriers, Rated #1 in Flood Control
  • Grows to 3.5in high in minutes, just get them wet
  • Contains up to 50ft of Flood Protection in each Bucket
  • Use to control, contain & divert flood water


  • This is the best product for quickly diverting water away from your property. 
  •  Very light and easy to put in place
  • Longer and easy to use


  • Bucket was damaged
  • It will never deflate in order to store it properly.

Flood Basement Maintenance: Frequently Asked Questions

Is this for one-time use only? Can we reuse it again?

No I’ve had mine down for a couple of years and still working.

Will this restart automatically after a power failure?

No, it won’t. You need to turn on it again.

Do you have to use bags with them?

Bags are not mandatory to use. However, they are recommended.

Do I wet it after in place to activate, or just leave it flat?

I didn’t and it naturally got wet when the water started coming in.

Do you have to use bags with them?

Bags are not mandatory to use. However, they are recommended.

Thank you for reading!


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