Bathroom Exhaust Fans

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The use of a bath exhaust fan helps to keep the bath dry and free of stink. Ceiling, wall, and window models are all available for purchase and installation.

Having an exhaust fan in the bathroom helps to keep the space odor-free. While that benefit is vital for those who are using the restroom, it is overshadowed by the benefits that an exhaust fan provides for the bath itself. It helps to ventilate the room and dry up the air, both of which are critical functions that cannot be stressed.

When moist air remains in a space for an extended period, it causes paint to peel, encourages mold growth, and corrodes metal fixtures.

It can even cause damage to the framing of walls and ceilings. It is so important to have adequate bathroom ventilation that residential buildings codes require each bathroom to have at least each openable window. A bath exhaust fan is also required by many local building codes.

What Is The Goal, And What Are The Benefits?

The primary purpose of installing an exhaust fan in a bathroom is to remove excess moisture from the room. These fans aid in the control and elimination of odors in the bathroom.

Additionally, they contribute to the overall safety of a home and its occupants by reducing the number of fumes emitted by cleaning agents that might potentially cause health problems. Bath exhaust fans will aid in the improvement of indoor air quality.

The Advantages Of A Bath Exhaust Fan 

1. It Helps To Eliminate Odours.

One of the most important advantages of getting an exhausts fan is that it helps to control odors. If an unpleasant odor develops in the bathroom, an exhaust fan can quickly and easily remove it.

Therefore, the ventilator will make sure to keep someone’s bathroom in good condition while also providing a clean environment for the next person to use.

2. Reducing The Amount Of Humidity In The Air

It is critical for the maintenance of a bathroom that the humidity is kept to a minimum. Bathroom walls can be damaged by excessive moisture, which can cause pain as well as wallpaper to peel peeling walls. It has even been known to cause gates to warp in extreme cases!

And most importantly, high humidity can lead to the accumulation of mold. These spores can spread quickly and could be difficult to eradicate As a result, it is critical to have bath exhaust fans installed to avoid this from occurring.

3. Reduce The Amount OfNumberrne Contaminants In The Environment.

Typically, aggressive chemicals are used to clean bathrooms that can end up causing a variety of health problems if inhaled. This is a major source of concern, particularly for small kids, the elderly, and those who are currently suffering from lung conditions.

Likewise, if the bath already has a physical problem, the supporter will aid in removing the buildup of mold spore in the air by circulating it. This, in spin, will aid in the slowing of the mold’s rate of growth as well.

4. Contribute To The Eradication Of Foggy Mirror Syndrome.

Bathroom exhausts fans will assist you in controlling the moisture in your bathroom and removing water vapor from your mirror and walls.

Bathroom Exhaust Fans Have A Variety Of Features.

Exhausts fans can be chosen based on their aesthetic appeal as well as their overall performance and efficiency.

Fans with lights, moisture sensors, and heat lamps are some of the bathroom fan features available on the market these days.

The use of a fan and light together is common. There are products on the market that provide a line of recessed fan/lights which are designed to look such as standard recessed lights. The installation of the ceiling exhausts fan is straightforward.

Have You Ever Forgotten To Turn Off The Master Bathroom Fan For The Entire Day?

You have the option of including a timed fan. Installing timer toggles can assist in reducing mold growth while also reducing energy consumption. In a recent update to a post titled Bath Exhaust Fan Countdowns: Perfect Solutions for Forgetful People, Conservation Mart stated that In terms of gaining the benefits of ventilation while also working efficiently, this is an excellent solution.

Additional features include humidity-sensing switches that automatically turn your fan in and out based on the relative humidity in your bathroom.

Best 5 Bathroom Exhaust Fans:

Your bath exhaust fan has the potential to be “smart.” There’s no need to keep your fan running all day.

“Even though a humidity sensor will include a manual supporter switch, if your device is configured correctly, it should automatically turn on and off the fan, relying on the humidity level in the room when necessary. In addition, most sensors allow you to specify how long they should run for when they detect a specific level of humidity.”

Exhaust fans equipped with heat lamps are another option. The fan and heater can work together or independently to provide you with ventilation and warmth when you need them.


Not all exhaust fans are effective, even though the majority of new homes have them already installed.

It is critical to install a bathroom fan that is capable of performing all of the required activities. to just get something out of it.

Even though there are numerous benefits to using bathroom exhausts fans, many people have failed to do so regularly.

The most common reason for this is that the fan is too loud and annoying. This is a common issue that exists whenever the fan also isn’t properly installed. The cause of the problem is unknown.

Furthermore, inadequate insulation is frequently used in poor installations, which can allow heat to pass into the attic space. Fortunately, this can all be avoided by using the proper exhaust fan and installing it in the proper location.

The most important aspect of ventilation & installation is ensuring that the air is transported outside. Mold can develop in old houses that have the furnace vented into the attic as a result of the moisture that collects there.

Step 1: Determine the size of your fan

If your manufacturer specifies the number of CFMs per square foot, use the equation: Length x Width = Sq Feet to calculate the number of CFMs. If your manufacturer specifies the number of CFMs in cubic feet, multiply the length, width, and height of the unit to get the cubic feet recommended.

Step 2: Choose the location in which you will blow off the steam of the air 

Your exhausts fan must be vented to the outdoors.

Step 3: Become acquainted with your electrical options

Consult an electrician if you are not confident in your ability to complete this step.

Step 4: Disconnect the old exhausts fan from the system.

ENERGY STAR® is the “govt symbol for energy conservation, providing simple, credible, & unbiased information it which businesses and consumers rely on to make well-informed choices.” Efficient Bathroom Exhausts Fans ENERGY STAR® is a trademark of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

The Energy Star label indicates that a product “satisfies stringent energy efficiency standards established by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.”

Greenheck SP-80-VG, a premium plus bath fan, is one of the certifications they recommend as being one of the premium bathroom fans.

This fan uses an EC motor that, according to Energy Star, “is extremely energy effective and provides the installer to precisely match the ventilation requests of a given space.” The fan also has a balance feature that allows it to meet the ventilation needs of a given space. [source]

This results in improved efficiency and comfort while producing less noise.

It also has lights, three different speeds, and a decibel level of 0.3. Installing enough ventilation will aid in the management of moisture and the elimination of unpleasant odors.

Simple Toilet has compiled a list of the top exhaust fans available in 2018. Their research included conducting a survey and reading customer reviews to compile their list, which they titled Modern Bathroom Exhausts Fans Reviews & Guide.

The Following Elements Were Taken Into Consideration When Compiling The List:

Fan Maintenance And Care Are Important.

Is It Past Time To Clean The Bathroom Exhaust Fan That Has Been Neglected?

If you notice dirt on the fan, you are likely past due. If you observe more steam on the mirror than normal, you are likely past time for a shower.

Do You Need To Run A Simple Test And See How Well Your Exhausts Fan Is Performing?

Hold a roll of toilet paper up to a fan to make it spin faster. As long as it’s being sucked up by a fan, it’s still in operation.

Making sure that you have a clean and working fan in your bath is just as vital as performing any other cleaning task in your house. Machines such as washing machines, refrigerators, and so on Put an end to putting off work.

It is necessary to have airflow and exchange. At the very least, clean your fan once a year.

Follow These 10 Actions To Maintain A Dirt- And Mold-Free Fan:

Step 1: Disconnect the fan from the power source by turning off the circuit’s breaker or switch. There is no electricity permitted.

Step 2: Make sure to remove the cover. Gently lower the fan cover to the floor. If there are metallic pins/spring hooks on either side of the fan cover, gently push them to remove the cover. Depending on the model, you may only see a single tab.

Step 3: Cleaning the fan shield in a sink with soap and hot water is step three. Alternatively, vacuum the vent cover to clean it.

Step 4: Disconnect the light fixture from the wall outlet.

Step 5: Removing exposed screws and motor from your fan, depending on its model. It’s time for a good cleaning, so come on in.

Step 6: Using a moist towel, wipe off the fan blades & surrounding motor parts. And if you’re not comfortable removing the motor, you may simply vacuum the interior of the fan housing as well as the area surrounding the motor.

Step 7: Thoroughly clean the exhausts vent as well as the area around it. Allow for complete drying of the area before reinstalling your vent cover.

Step 8: Replace the exhaust fan in its original location.

Step 9: Reconnect the electricity to the house.

Step 10: Take pleasure in a cleaner and more efficient exhaust.

Do You Require A Visual?

Our mates at One Positive Thing have put together a step-by-step guide complete with images.


If you take good care of the bath exhausts fan, it will take good care of the air quality in your bathroom.

Your home is comprised of heating & air conditioning systems that are critical to the comfort and very well of your home and extend far beyond your bathroom’s temperature control.

A component of HVAC (heating, ventilation, & air conditioning), ventilation is responsible for providing comfort and good air quality. It is critical to select an HVAC contractor that is knowledgeable about proper ventilation, and also heating & cooling systems.

1. Ceiling Fan Vent For Bathroom Shower Ceiling Ventilation With Led Light 1.0 Sones, 110 Cfm, Etl Certified Quiet Shower Fan Light Combo

Ceiling Fan Vent For Bathroom Shower Ceiling Ventilation With Led Light


 Mounting Type: Ceiling

Color: White

Voltage: 110 Volts

The Ventilation Fan has simplified the process of installing a bath exhaust fan. It is designed not only for new home constructions but also for remodeling installation because of its low housing depth of 5-5/8 inches.

When testing, it supports a quick and simple bracket that makes the installation process considerably easier. As a result, we can install the information without having to go through the attic or climb on top of the ceiling.


You’ll be blown away by how well it does its work. Because of this, in a damp bath with a musty smell, we were amazed at how quickly it eliminated the smell.

The unfavorable odour was extinguished within five minutes! Even at full speed, the machine was able to complete the task quickly and easily, but you may still hear a faint sound. Even so, the fact that it performed such an excellent job is all that matters. 

Ceiling Fan Vent For Bathroom Shower
  • 【Housing dimension】please note the panel size is 11.9 x 11.9 inches/ 30.2 x 30.2 cm (L x W), install size is 10.8 x 10.8 inches/ 27.5 x 27.5 cm (L x W), duct...
  • 【ETL Certified bathroom vent fan replacement】stable and durable, fans reduce air leakage by up to a half, resulting in good home performance via blower door...
  • 【Integrated fan with LED lighting】15W night light and effective fan components with permanently lubricated motors can be combined or individually wired to wall...
  • 【Household ventilation fans】quiet, energy-efficient exhaust fan and light combo 110 CFM and 1.0 Sones, 110V 45W(with 15W LED Light), 50/ 60 Hz to help control...


  • A ceiling-mounted exhausts fan with a powerful CFM.
  • An Energy Stars rating ensures that the airflow is efficient and that no energy is wasted.
  • It’s a breeze to set up.


  • M, the blower’s motor produces a faint whine.

2. Homewerks 7140-80 Bathroom Exhaust Ventilations, 1.5 Sones, 80 Cfm, White Ceiling Mount

Bathroom Exhaust Ventilations


Brand: Fiada

Speed: 3000 RPM

Voltage: 120 Volts

Homewerks 7140-80 have a fan’s built-in control that may be used to adjust the fan’s speed. It’s a lifesaver if you’re bothered by the 35 dBA noise level. Its matte black die-cast body, which has no welded seams, is another thing we love about it.

Steel blades and oiled bearings are among the other features. Contains all the necessary information to ensure that it performs at the highest level for its size. In general, it looks great, and there is hardly any vibration, even at full speed!


If you want to improve the efficiency of your home’s HVAC system, it is the product for you. It’s only 6″ in diameter, yet it packs a powerful punch.

265 CFM is enough to handle the airflow in areas such as attics, workshops, basements, and kitchens, as well as restrooms.

Homewerks 7140-80 Bathroom Exhaust Ventilations
  • Bathroom exhaust fan replacement: 50CFM, 0.65 amps, 3000 Rpm, 120 volts, 60Hz
  • Shaft = 3/16" x 1 3/4", wire length = 6" with 2-prong plug
  • UL certified bathroom vent fan motor replacement kit: stable and durable
  • Features: continuous duty, air over


  • Intuitive controls make it easy to operate.
  • Installation between ducts is a snap, thanks to the ridged body.
  • A cable management kit and mounting screws are included.


  • The 35 dBAs noise level doesn’t seem to be accurate because it sounds a lot louder when it’s running at full power.

3. Nutone Broan 50cfm 120v Universal Bath Vent Fan Replacement Electric Motors Set

Universal Bath Vent Fan Replacement Electric Motors Set


Power Source: Corded Electric

Special Feature: Quiet Bath Fan

Room Type: Bathroom

The  Universal Bath Vent exhaust fan is among the most powerful on the market, despite its small size. 176 CFM @ 40 dB is the maximum airflow that can be achieved. You can tell it has a noticeable 1.40 sonic output, yet the airflow this device can produce will still leave you speechless.

It outperforms  Universal Bath Vent’s 110 CFM. As a result, it’s perfect for any place where odour is a problem, including the kitchen and the smoking room.


That being said, it falls well short of other models like the  Universal Electronics SLM70, which can last at least 70,000 hours. In spite of this, once you see how efficient it is, you will be delighted. It can remove extra moisture and stink from a medium-sized bathroom in about three minutes.

Nutone Broan 50cfm 120v Universal Bath Vent Fan
  • OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE: This Homewerk's bath fan ensures comfort in your home by quietly eliminating moisture and humidity in the bathroom. This exhaust fan is 1. 5...
  • BATH FANS HELPS REMOVE HARSH ODOR: When cleaning the bathroom or toilet, harsh chemicals are used and they can leave an obnoxious odor behind. Homewerk’s bathroom...
  • BUILD QUALITY: Designed to be corrosion resistant with its galvanized steel construction featuring a grille modern style.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: This exhaust bath fan is easy to install with its no-cut design and ceiling mount ventilation. Ceiling Opening (L) 7-1/2 in x Ceiling Opening (W)...


  • A lot of airflow.
  • Good heat resistance and a high-efficiency thermal fuse.
  • The program has a wide range of uses and is very straightforward to set up.


  • Is limited to a few years of use.

4. Ultra-Quiet Bathroom Exhaust And Ventilation Fan (90 Cfm) By Bv

Bathroom Exhaust And Ventilation Fan


Power Source: AC

Room Type: Bathroom

Recommended Use: Shop, Indoor

Home renovation items and equipment from BV are widely available in North America, with the BF-01 Ultra-Quiet Bathroom Ventilation & Exhaust Fan the most popular. The heavy-duty motor of this exhaust fan is authorized by UL and HVI 2100, and it also has lifetime lubrication & thermal safety. With a 90 CFMs airflows rating, it has the power to remove humidity, dust, mildew, and other impurities from the air.


In addition to keeping your bathroom dry, it can effortlessly ventilate an area of up to 90 sq ft. As a whole, we were awestruck by its constancy.

The BV Ultra-Quiet Bath Ventilation & Exhaust Fan, on the other hand, is a lot less expensive than other fans with similar qualities.

Ultra-Quiet Bathroom Exhaust And Ventilation Fan
  • Super quiet performance. Silent-Clever Technology with only 0.8 sone
  • Mounting opening: 9.25" x 9.0". Height: 7.5" Stainless steel 4" duct collar
  • Ventilating area for bathroom space up to 90 sq-ft
  • HVI 2100-certified and UL Approved. Quality & performance assurance.


  • Up to a 90-square-foot bathroom can benefit from this ventilation system.
  • HVI 2100 certification and UL approval are also on board.
  • The 4-inch stainless duct collar is built to withstand the harshest conditions.


  • There is just one CFM setting available.

5. Air King Bfq140 High-Performance Bath Fan, 120-Cfm

High-Performance Bath Fan


Brand: Air King

Mounting Type: Ceiling

Indoor/Outdoor Usage: Indoor

Air King is a well-known manufacturer of high-quality bathroom and electrical appliances. The Air-King Devices SLM70 Bath Fan is a bathroom remodeling exhaust fan from Omega that we’re excited to share with you.

A 3-inch tube is used in both the Air King Technologies SLM70 Bath Fan and the Broan 688/689 ventilation systems we examined throughout the testing procedure.


To top it all off, the 70 CFM of this SLM70 makes it a perfect choice for medium-sized bathrooms because of its strength and efficiency.

An eight-year or 70,000-hour guarantee is included with the purchase of this product! Because of its low cost and long-lasting motor, this is a genuinely amazing deal. It’s both a high-quality product and a reasonable price.

Air King Bfq140 High Performance Bath Fan
  • Snap-in mounting system is great for new construction or installations with attic access
  • High performance ventilation at a budget friendly price.
  • Plastic housing is quiet and will not rust, perfect for areas near salt water or with high moisture. 1-Year parts only included.
  • Right or left hand ducting; Housing: ABS Plastic


  • It has a Motor drive fan that is rated to run for 70.000 hours at a time.
  • Does have LED indicator lights to tell you when it’s powered up..
  • The motor is brushless DC, which means it will last longer and use less power.


  • Has a distinct rumble.

Bathroom Exhaust Fan: Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What Is The Right Measurement For A Bathroom Exhaust Fan?

For an 8-foot ceiling, increase the room’s square footage by 1.1.1. The height of a ceiling multiplied by.1375 is a rule of thumb for rooms with ceilings higher than eight feet. Multiply this amount by the room’s square footage.

The recommended CFMs will be achieved. Example: A 10′ by 12′ room with 10′ ceilings. The minimum acceptable CFM may be determined using any of the two methods.

2. Is It Possible To Put My Exhaust Fan In The Shower Or Immediately Above The Tub?

UL-listed exhaust fans for tub and shower installation on a GFCI circuit can be mounted above or in the shower. Most Air Kings exhaust fans & exhausts fans with light are affected by this issue. A tub or shower cannot be built above a unit that has a heating function.

3. What Is The Location Of The Ventilation Fan’s Exhaust Port?

The exhaust exit is the place where the air exits the fan housing and enters the ductwork, where it is cooled. When installing your fan, make sure the exhaust outlet is pointed toward the exit venting on your roof/wall so that airflow isn’t impeded by twists in ducting.

4. Is It A Big Deal That My Exhaust Fan Is Surrounded By Insulation?

YES. The insulation contact rating of your device should be checked. sR40 is the maximum IC rating for most Air-King exhausts fans, exhaust fans with lights, and heater combo units. Verify the energy efficiency of your individual unit, as well as the unit’s surrounding insulation. The specification sheet, which is available on this website, contains this data. 

5. Is It The Ideal Place To Put My Bathroom Exhausts Fan Is In The Bathroom?

In most cases, an exhaust fan for the bathroom should be installed as close to or within the shower/ tub as feasible. In order to optimize the unit’s efficacy, do this. In a powder room, units should be placed just over the toilet for easy access.

Best 5 Bathroom Exhaust Fans:

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