Hammer Drill Tool

By: John | Date Posted: October 11, 2022

Hammer Drill Tool

A Hammer Drill is one of the most important power tools since it is much easier to operate than a regular hammer. You might be thinking about purchasing your hammer drill because of this. However, if you’re not familiar with these hammer drills, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

  1. Size of Hammer Drill

Hammer drill size is a crucial consideration before making a purchase. However, a hammer drill is not quite this little. Instead, the drill bit’s diameter determines the size of a particular hammer drill.

Although larger hammer drills are beneficial for industrial or large-scale operations, smaller hammer drills are more common in domestic settings. Options for hammer drill sizes include 1/2 inch and 1 inch. Naturally, a 1/2-inch hammer drill is more manageable and suitable for use around the house than its larger counterpart.

  1. Motor Power

Motor power is crucial for every electric power tool, as you probably know from previous purchases. Not only that, but the same holds for electric hammer drills. A strong hammer drill will rapidly work any task, even on tougher materials. While a hammer drill with less power may likely cost less, it may not be suitable for all jobs.

So, check the hammer drill’s specifications for information about its motor power; models rated 6A or 7A are ideal. You won’t need anything stronger than a 6A motor for your hammer drill. And, as you might guess, it also details the electrical requirements of a specific hammer drill.

  1. Motor Speed

The speed of a hammer drill’s motor is just as important as its power. The rotational velocity of a motor is what is meant by “speed.” Motor speed is measured in revolutions per minute (RPM), with higher RPMs typically resulting in greater efficiency. However, a 1-inch hammer drill’s motor speed is not going to be the same as a 1/2-inch hammer drill.

As with any other motor, hammer drills advertise their motor speed in revolutions per minute (RPM), such as 2200 RPM or 1800 RPM. Since some tasks call for a hammer drill with a higher RPM and others don’t, you can pick one based on your needs.

  1. Accessories

It’s nice that hammer drills can be used for various purposes. That’s because you may tweak and personalize them to suit your needs and tastes. This is simple to accomplish with the hammer drill’s supplied accessories or with those purchased separately. To complement hammer drills, drill bits are the most widely available accessory.

Each type of drill bit has a certain purpose, and you can select one that best suits your needs. Additional items, such as a storage case, are sometimes sold together with hammer drills. All of these extras are great to have while working with a hammer drill. The more attachments there are for a hammer drill, the better the deal you’re getting.

  1. Durability and Quality of Construction

Making sure your power tools are long-lasting and dependable is a top priority when shopping for them. And a lengthy warranty period is the most obvious approach to ensure this. Some hammer drills have a 2-year warranty, while others have 5-year warranties. That’s why you can keep using those hammer drills for years without worrying about wear and tear.

Furthermore, you should inspect the hammer drill for its overall quality of construction and the materials it was made with. A hammer drill’s durability is enhanced by using high-quality metals and polymers.

  1. Power Type

All of the electric hammer drills that are discussed here require access to an electrical outlet. However, hammer drills can be divided into two distinct categories depending on the power source.

Even though every hammer drill is powered by electricity, there are a variety of ways that it might be delivered. The most widely available types of hammer drills require an attachment to a power source via a cord or wire. This necessitates plugging them into a wall outlet. Although this eliminates the need to worry about running out of juice, it does so at the expense of your freedom of movement.

However, a battery-operated hammer drill has a shorter lifespan and must be recharged more frequently. Yet another benefit is that you can now use your hammer drill whenever and however you like.


You can get more done with a hammer drill in less time than with a regular hammer. Of course, you’ll need to be wary of a few things, as electric motors drive these. With these considerations in mind, we have included a list of some of the greatest hammer drills.

  1. DEWALT 20V MAX XR Hammer Drill, Brushless, 3-Speed, Tool Only (DCD996B)

DEWALT 20V MAX XR Hammer Drill, Brushless, 3-Speed, Tool Only (DCD996B)


  • Power Source: Battery Powered
  • Brand: DEWALT
  • Color: Yellow/Black
  • Voltage: 20 Volts

Dewalt is one of the most trusted and well-known names in the industry when it comes to power tools. This article’s hammer drill is only one of many power tool possibilities available from this retailer.

This article ranks the Dewalt DCD996B hammer drill at #2 because it is among the best-built hammer drills on the market. A three-year guarantee is included because it is a Dewalt product. The engine spins the drill bit at 38,250 BPM, and it’s half an inch in diameter. Therefore, it is suitable for usage on a wide variety of surfaces.


With this hammer drill, you receive a three-setting LED light, which is a great feature. This can be a handy flashlight for when you need to work in the dark or in a tight space. Plus, this is a battery-operated hammer drill that runs on 20V batteries, making it a unique option. This hammer drill has a brushless motor, so the batteries should last for a while.

DEWALT 20V MAX XR Hammer Drill, Brushless
  • DEWALT-built high power, high efficiency brushless motor of DEWALT 20V hammer drill delivers up to 75% more runtime vs. 18V NiCad brushed motors
  • The cordless hammer drill features heavy-duty 1/2-inch ratcheting nitro-carburized metal chuck with carbide inserts for superior bit gripping strength
  • 3-Mode LED provides lighting in dark or confined spaces up to 20X brighter than previous model
  • LED Spotlight Mode features 20 minute shutoff function allowing for extended work time in dark or confined spaces


  • Thanks to the LED in the drill’s base, there are no shadows at the drilling point.
  • The keyless chuck locks and releases more securely than standard drills.
  • An optional side handle can be removed to provide additional leverage when drilling.


  • The three-speed selector sometimes gets stuck, and the reverse button could use some work.
  • You will need to purchase a battery independently.
  1. Milwaukee 2804-20 M18 FUEL 1/2 in. Hammer Drill (Tool Only) Tool-Peak Torque = 1,200

Milwaukee 2804-20 M18 FUEL 1/2 in. Hammer Drill (Tool Only) Tool-Peak Torque = 1,200


  • Power Source: Battery Powered
  • Brand: Milwaukee
  • Color: Red

Milwaukee’s 2804-20 M18TM Fuel hammer drill continues the company’s tradition of excellence among power tool manufacturers. The firm claims that its power state brushless motor would deliver 60% more output than similar models.

It’s one of the smallest hammer drills available at a length of 6.8 inches. The small form factor allows for less taxing work in confined settings. Weighing in at 4.5 pounds, it’s on the heavy side compared to other drills, but it does come with a belt clip that can be attached near the battery if need be.


If you want to avoid stripping or overdriving screws, the M18TM Fuel drill’s two-speed settings, half-inch chuck, and fourteen clutch settings give you plenty of leeways. In addition to its excellent performance, the battery can be fully charged in about 30 minutes, making it a convenient tool for any task that must be finished promptly.

Milwaukee 2804-20 M18 FUEL 1/2 in. Hammer Drill
  • Power state Brushless motor: purposely built for the M18 Fuel 1/2" Drill driver to provide up to 60% more power than the competitive set
  • Redlink Plus Intelligence: ensures optimal performance and provides overload protection to prevent damage to the tool and battery during heavy applications while...
  • Red Lithium XC5.0 battery pack: delivers more work per charge and more work over the life of the pack than competitors
  • Up to 60% more power: 1, 200 in-lbs of torque


  • Overall, it’s a great drill. Its size is smaller than others, yet the power it delivers is tremendous.
  • Lightweight and easy to hold
  • The power it provides hasn’t been compromised despite the reduced size.


  • According to users, the speed selector switch doesn’t always stay in place.
  • In spite of the heatsink, the handle gets warm after a few uses.
  1. Makita XPH12Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless 1/2″ Hammer Driver-Drill, Tool Only

Makita XPH12Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless 1/2


  • Power Source: Battery Powered
  • Brand: Makita
  • Color: Black Blue, Black
  • Voltage: 18 Volts

Makita is a leader in brushless motor technology, and their XPH12Z type of cordless hammer drills offers you 530 in.lbs of torque and up to 2,000 rpm for drilling and fastening tasks whether they are in concrete, metal, wood, or metal alloys. The Makita “Star Protection Controls” on this hammer drill enable data flow between the battery and the tool, shielding it against overload, overheating, and over-discharge.


A slide on top of the drill and the variable speed trigger both control the two speeds. You will receive 0-500 rpm at low speed and 0-2,000 rpm at high speed. To choose adjustable torque settings that are appropriate for the task at hand, turn the clutch dial. Due to the brushless motor, the power consumption can be changed by adjusting the torque and running time. In concrete, the drill automatically increases power and reduces speed.

Makita XPH12Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless 1/2
  • BL Brushless motor delivers 530 in.Lbs. Of max torque
  • Efficient BL Brushless motor is electronically controlled to optimize battery energy use for up to 50% longer run time per charge
  • The BL Brushless motor eliminates carbon brushes, enabling the BL motor to run cooler and more efficiently for longer life
  • The electronically-controlled BL Brushless motor efficiently uses energy to match torque and RPM to the changing demands of the application


  • It’s more portable and less heavy than its predecessors but just as effective.
  • It’s great that one tool has a drill, a driver, and a masonry hammer drill.
  • It’s manageable because it’s lightweight


  • A few users have reported that it remains in hammer mode but ultimately corrects itself.
  • A decent drill, although the handle could be a little more robust.
  1. BOSCH GSB18V-490B12 18V EC Brushless 1/2 In. Hammer Drill/Driver Kit with (1) 2.0 Ah SlimPack Battery

BOSCH GSB18V-490B12 18V EC Brushless 1/2 In. Hammer Drill/Driver Kit with (1) 2.0 Ah SlimPack Battery


  • Power Source: Battery Powered
  • Brand: BOSCH
  • Color: Black Blue, Black
  • Voltage: 18 Volts

The Bosch GSB18V-490B12 brushless hammer drill is sold as a package that includes a 12-inch hammer drill/driver, an 18V 2.0Ah battery and charger, accessories, and a carrying case. With a clutch with 20+1 settings, it is designed to handle the toughest projects, including metal, concrete, and masonry. As a result, you will have fewer broken screw heads, less overtightening, and longer drill life.


The effective EC brushless motor has a no-load speed range of 0 to 22,000 bpm and can produce 1940 In.lbs of torque. With a variable speed trigger, the two-speed gearbox can offer speeds between 0-460 rpm in high-torque mode and 0-1,800 rpm in high-speed drill mode. The improved, all-metal chuck can accept bits up to 1/2 inch in diameter and provides exceptional bit hold and torque transfer.

BOSCH GSB18V-490B12 18V EC Brushless 1/2 In. Hammer Drill/Driver Kit
  • Powerful hammer drill/driver design – made with a brushless motor to deliver runtime and power for tough applications
  • EC Brushless motor – efficient power that delivers 490 In. -Lbs. of torque and outstanding runtime
  • Precision clutch with 20 plus 1 settings – provides driving accuracy for reduced fastener damage
  • All-metal chuck – for more durability, along with first-rate bit retention


  • Having lights that tell you how much power is left in the battery is a great idea.
  • An extremely powerful drill with every function a DIY enthusiast would require
  • A battery, charger, drill bit holder, belt clip, and carrying case are included along with the drill.


  • It is impossible to attach the extra bit holder to the drill.
  • According to users, the chuck has been known to stick occasionally when opening or shutting.
  1. DEWALT ATOMIC 20V MAX* Hammer Drill, Cordless, Compact, 1/2-Inch, 2 Batteries (DCD709C2)

DEWALT ATOMIC 20V MAX* Hammer Drill, Cordless, Compact, 1/2-Inch, 2 Batteries (DCD709C2)


  • Power Source: Battery Powered
  • Brand: DEWALT
  • Voltage: 20 Volts
  • Speed: 1650 RPM

You’ll get everything you need to start with this DeWalt hammer drill. You’ll have everything you need to get the job done, including a 20V Max* brushless compact drill from Atomic, two batteries, a charger, a belt clip, and a robust carrying bag.


According to the task at hand, you can effortlessly switch between the hammer drill and the regular drill modes. If you’re working with delicate materials, you can adjust the speed using the variable speed trigger. Whether you’re drilling into concrete, brick, wood, or metal, the ratcheting chuck will ensure that your bit is securely fastened for the duration of the operation.

The drill’s makers clearly put some effort into their product, as the ergonomically shaped handle improves the user’s grip, stability, and overall experience.

  • Hammer functionality of DEWALT 20V hammer drill enables users to complete masonry drilling applications.
  • The cordless hammer drill is compact at only 6.9-inch front to back designed to fit in tight spaces
  • Lightweight at only 2.5 lbs.
  • LED foot light for superior visibility


  • In a tool bag, the drill comes with two batteries and a charger.
  • It’s great because it’s much easier to carry around than other drills, and the built-in illumination on the front is helpful, too.
  • It’s versatile enough to serve both as a regular drill and a hammer drill.


  • Changing from speed 1 to speed 2 requires some work and maybe even both hands.
  • Disappointingly, there is no way to tell how much power is left in the battery.

Hammer Drill Tool

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