How to Adjust the Water Temperature in the Shower. Eliminating the Problem of Too Cold and Too Hot Water

By: John Garcia | Date Posted: November 3, 2022

Few people enjoy the sudden change of water while taking a relaxing shower after a hard day’s work. If you are also tired of the unexpected change in water temperature during bathing, you should understand this problem and fix it once and for all. Most often, the root of the problem lies in a sharp drop in water pressure (due to the use of another plumbing element in the apartment by your household). But often the problem also arises due to malfunctions in the operation of the axle box, or cartridge, or due to supply water pipes’ clogging. In some cases, it is important to invite an experienced plumber who can understand the causes of sudden temperature changes and quickly eliminate them.

Basic Reasons for Abrupt Water Temperature Change

Check the water level and Check your Boilers Pressure

What are the main causes of a sudden change in shower water temperature? Often there is a situation in which temperature jumps are observed strictly in one mixer. In this case, the true problem may be hidden in a particular plumbing fixture. The solution to such a problem should begin with the crane box or cartridge repair or replacement. Repairing one of these devices in the vast majority of cases instantly eliminates the problems of unpleasant temperature changes. If your actions are unsuccessful, it is worth checking the water pipes for dirt and cleaning them if necessary (on your own or using the competent plumber services).

Often, it is mechanical pollution that can cause unstable water temperatures in the shower. The mixing valve can also be the root of the problem with temperature fluctuations. In such a situation, a simple mixing valve shower adjustment manipulation will surely eliminate the trouble.

If temperature drops do not occur regularly, but only occasionally, the cause can be found in breakdowns and malfunctions of the pumping station near your home. Sometimes the elevator supplies water in an unstable manner, so residents experience an unpleasant effect in the form of water temperature fluctuations. To eliminate this reason, you will need to contact the management company or housing and communal services, that is, the organization responsible for the water supply of a particular building.

What to do with regular temperature drops? Often, such a problem is fixed immediately after the installation or improvement (repair) of the water supply system of a particular building. The basic reasons for this problem are the following:

  • The use of pipes of smaller diameter in the process of replacing a single section of the pipe or the entire system.
  • Incorrect measurements of the pipelines’ diameter at the design stage of the system.
  • Narrowing the diameter of the line, or installing a heated towel rail without a bypass.

Optimal Troubleshooting Options

Optimal troubleshooting options

How can such a problem be successfully fixed? Much depends on the root cause of its appearance. So, you can say goodbye to sudden temperature changes by installing one of the following devices:

Mixer Thermostat 1

  • Thermostatic valve.

Thermostatic Valve 1

  • The gearbox on the stand.

The first solution to the problem lies in the special device in the face of a thermostat mixer installation. This device will be able to maintain the optimum water temperature, according to the level you set with maximum accuracy. It is enough just to fix the water temperature that suits you once with the right handle, and use the left handle to open and close the water supply. Contact a trusted organization working in the plumbing in Toronto field, to choose the appropriate type of device and install it qualitatively. Subsequently, you can set any water temperature that satisfies you, from cold to hot. The device is equipped with the option of protection against accidental scalding (to set the water above 50 degrees, you will need to press the appropriate button). The thermostat also allows you to conserve water by giving you the ability to regulate the water flow to a comfortable level. The mechanical device of thermostats is reliable and stable. On average, it can last up to 10 years or more, with the careful operation.

Installing a thermostatic valve is another solution. Such a device implements compensation for temperature differences by mixing cold water with hot water. As a result, limitations in the pressure difference can be avoided. You can mount this device on a riser, under a tap or mixer, focusing on the expected effect. When choosing a valve, you should pay attention to its technical parameters: water flow and the available operating temperature range. The flow rate shows the concrete number of consumers that can be connected to one thermostat.

Alternatively, you can also install the reducer on the riser. This is the optimal solution that allows you to eliminate the problem of temperature differences not on one device, but in the entire residential or office space. It is important to understand that the reducer is only able to reduce pressure, so it’s best to use it strictly in the hot water circuit (pressure is always higher here). When choosing a gearbox model, it is worth evaluating such technical parameters as the minimum available temperature difference and water flow.


The unpleasant problem of sudden temperature fluctuations in the shower is easily solved with the help of one of the above-mentioned devices. Assess the extent of the problem and install the correct appliance, remembering to consult with a competent plumber beforehand.

Remember that the main problems from the shower faucet can arise for three reasons:

  1. Poor quality water in the water supply (the problem is solved by installing a coarse water filter).
  2. Insufficient water pressure in the water supply (the problem can be solved through the company providing the water supply).
  3. Failure of gaskets or mixer hose (the problem is solved by replacing it with a new product).

And finally, it is important to note that it is better to take care of the quality of plumbing in the house in advance than to look for plumbing repair services later.

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